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Campy Only's Cinelli
Campy Only restored this classic, 1972 Cinelli Speciale Corsa. Click here for photos and info.

Lots more retro machines in the Retro Archives!
Retro Archive 1

Retro Archive 2

Tons of Historical info on our Campy Timeline!

Campy Catalogs--Complete scans available online

Now online: the 1987 catalogs. Lots of rare stuff you've probably never heard of

Official specs for Super Record, Nuovo Record and Gran Sport
(See the 1983 entry in the Campy timeline)

... And now, the Bikes!  More bikes in the archives:
Retro Archive 1 Retro Archive 2

hinault.jpg (32071 bytes)hinault2.JPG (33123 bytes)
Craig Maclachlan's Hinault 753 is equipped with an 8-speed gruppo. Check out the nice Cobalto brakes.

IMG_0086_1.JPG (347189 bytes)
IMG_0088_1.JPG (381313 bytes)
Brent Avery's 1978 Sabatini "Record" is almost entirely as it was when he brought it home new from the shop.

wpe5.jpg (242018 bytes)
Great photos of George Bazis' recently restored 1980s Raliegh.  Click here for more pics

wpe1.jpg (111556 bytes)
David Coker bought this 1988 Paramount in 1991, even though it was S-equipped. It's all Campy now.

wpe1E.jpg (81784 bytes)
Ress Bautista's Tommasini, equipped with C-Record and Delta brakes. Home for this bike is in the Philippines.

wpeB.jpg (361087 bytes)
Kevin Ruberg's Peugeot. Here's what he says about it

wpe8.jpg (140371 bytes)
wpeA.jpg (73914 bytes)
Geoff Parker of Melbourne, Australia, bought this Vitus Carbon Kevlar 9 in France in 1989 and has ridden it ever since. Nice Delta brakes.

img_0002.jpg (197493 bytes)
img_0004.jpg (736421 bytes)
An unusual Moulton folder and a Roberts track bike--both Campagnolo equipped. Owner is Desmond Wright.

0.jpg (155384 bytes)
1.jpg (149138 bytes)

2.jpg (221069 bytes)
4.jpg (262336 bytes)
5.jpg (253250 bytes)
6.jpg (207756 bytes)
7.jpg (239567 bytes)
This Campy-equipped Bonavia track bike has been racing for a long time.
For more info: click here

cmaster2.jpg (155332 bytes)
cmaster3.jpg (160814 bytes)
Nice example of a late '80s Colnago, with first generation 8-speed and Delta brakes. Owner is Michael Abene

wpe3B.jpg (44644 bytes)wpe39.jpg (37292 bytes)
Lots of cool retro details on Manfred Fratzl's 1984 Puch. Hometown is Vienna, Austria.

IMGP0018.JPG (222394 bytes)IMGP0013.JPG (252778 bytes)IMGP0005.JPG (217578 bytes)IMGP0004.JPG (248068 bytes)IMGP0003.JPG (227850 bytes)
Mike Bishop bought this Austro Daimler Vent Noir II in 1980 with GS equipment. He's upgraded to Super Record, C Record, Nuovo Record, and Chorus.

eddy1.jpg (1129765 bytes)eddy4.jpg (1984783 bytes)
Pat Turner or Olympia, WA, bought this unusually large Eddy Merckx 7-Eleven team edition a few years ago and replaced a mix of parts with period correct Campy.

1967_atala.jpg (49399 bytes)
Samuel Delany bought this Campy-equipped 1967 Atala new, and it has followed him around ever since.

1975_Witcomb.JPG (256462 bytes)
Brian Murray's 1975 Whitcomb is all original except for a newer crankset.

wpe3.jpg (102060 bytes)
wpe5.jpg (92046 bytes)

wpe7.jpg (84625 bytes)
wpeA.jpg (42338 bytes)
wpeC.jpg (56809 bytes)
wpe10.jpg (48501 bytes)
wpeE.jpg (60560 bytes)
Alain Jalabert put a brand-new 50th Anniversary Gruppo on his refurbished 1983 Marinoni. Niiice.

BB-id_800.jpg (100008 bytes)
Ever wonder what some of these bikes look like before they make it to the Gallery? Dave LaMar's father has owned this Masi since it was new in the mid-60's. Click here for more photos.

wpe29.jpg (152307 bytes)
Alexander Basuin's Gazelle Champion Mondial, from the Netherlands

wpe3.jpg (35443 bytes)
John Barringer's Haral is one of only a dozen in the US. Read more

wpe10.jpg (53545 bytes)
Kevin's 1989 Peugeot

wpe10.jpg (445345 bytes)
Wilson Hubbell's 1964 Bianchi Specialissima sports that company's proprietary integrated headset. Universal brakes, since this bike pre-dated Campagnolo's brakes.

dscn2601.jpg (63993 bytes)dscn2603.jpg (53212 bytes)dscn2604.jpg (46488 bytes)dscn2605.jpg (50209 bytes)dscn2607.jpg (60154 bytes)
dscn2606.jpg (58527 bytes)
Nels Cone of Seattle, WA, says this of his all-steel Concorde

mini-DSCN0417.JPG (133772 bytes)
Very nice Campy-equipped Saronni
We've misplaced the info about this bike--email us!

mini-Lotus Record Angle 2.jpg (178090 bytes)
Chrome lugs and a C-Record gruppo grace this Lotus Record
We've misplaced the info about this bike--email us!

VELO TVT LEMOND Z 16.JPG (567872 bytes)VELO TVT LEMOND Z 55.JPG (562700 bytes)
Ronan Pensec rode this Z Team bike in the Tour de France

wpe14.jpg (48613 bytes)
wpe16.jpg (62458 bytes) wpe19.jpg (48768 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (67718 bytes)wpe1D.jpg (40220 bytes)
Michael Wainfield bought this Legnano in 1975--it is still mostly original.

ItalTorelli3.jpg (180600 bytes)
Cool Italian transport! George Argiris' 20th Anniversary edition Torelli

picture 139.jpg (2233843 bytes)
Glenn Swanson found this 1988 Masi 3V on the local Craigslist in Honolulu, Hawaii. Full C-Record.

78_guerciotti.jpg (1010248 bytes)
Super Record equipment makes Kevin Butz's 1978 Guierciotti go.

hetchins.jpg (61419 bytes)
Tom Schwoegler restored this "curly stay" Hetchins.  More photos here

wpe1F.jpg (19561 bytes)
Mike Barnhart's 1990 Pogliaghi still uses mostly original Athena parts.

medici_custom.jpg (44462 bytes)
Except for the usual stuff (tapes, tires, etc.) this custom 1985 Medici is just as it was when a then-16-year-old Dana Coelho bought it. Cool.

1983 catalog_800.jpg (273305 bytes)
Great photos of the Gran Sport gruppo on James Booth's 1983 Raleigh. Click here for photos

wpe15.jpg (111556 bytes)
When David Coker bought this 1988 Paramount, it was all S-equipped. He has since changed over to (almost all) Campagnolo. Says David, "I LOVE THIS OLD BIKE!"

wpe27.jpg (209073 bytes)
Russell Jone's 1984 Strawberry was built by a local Oregon framebuilder.

wpeC.jpg (213803 bytes)
wpeE.jpg (216660 bytes)
Dean's 1969 Cinelli carries an "Especiale Corsa" designation, reflecting the special-order no-chrome frame. All original except for the rims.

galler2.jpg (66463 bytes)
Cleave Law is the original owner of this 1975 Bianchi.
More info

galler3.jpg (47838 bytes)

fam-10.jpg (168586 bytes)
The maple leaves on the head tubes leave no doubt about Andy Lamarre's country--but the Campy equipment on his stable of bikes makes it clear that Italy has a place in his heart as well. All are Marinoni.

mini-Parsons LS.jpg (108423 bytes)
mini-Parsons RS.jpg (111237 bytes)
Now here is a Retro bike--a very clean fixed-gear town bike originally built for the track in 1953!. 
Click here
for more info about this bike

p1010001.jpg (381772 bytes)
p1010005.jpg (398779 bytes)
P1010007.JPG (385330 bytes)
P1010016.JPG (389950 bytes)
Yet another Colnago from the Golden Era. Full Super Record (except for a Cobalto front der). Cool high flange hubs. Owner is J Blake.

57424g.jpg (9976 bytes)57424.jpg (20622 bytes)
Here's a rare piece--A Campy workstand.

hetchins1.jpg (195912 bytes)hetchins2.jpg (125481 bytes)hetchins3.jpg (135118 bytes)hetchins4.png (2486753 bytes)
Pete Page of  Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, U.K., sent these photos of his 1957 Hetchins "Magnum Bonum." Lots of cool stuff, including a very early Record derailleur.

1FIORELLISIDE.JPG (183614 bytes)
1FIORELLIDRIVE.JPG (190204 bytes)
Anthony's Fiorelli features a Gran Sport cotterless crankset and a steel rear derailleur.

cinelli speciale corsa 60's 001.jpg (552633 bytes)
George Bazis sent photos from Greece of his 1968 Cinelli Speciale Corsa. Click here for more photos.

bottecchia.jpg (93083 bytes)
Derrick Bourgeois' 1972 Bottecchia is mostly original

wpe35.jpg (943142 bytes)
A nice retro-flavored Eddy Merckx. Look closely--those are genuine Campy brake lever hoods. Owner is Harry Rönnberg

wpe4.jpg (30417 bytes)
wpe6.jpg (50907 bytes)wpeA.jpg (30296 bytes)
Erik Swanson polished out everything on his retro Schroder, originally purchased in Europe.

cap003.jpg (136028 bytes)
cap005.jpg (46847 bytes)
cap009.jpg (68891 bytes)
Several images from the 1948 Italian film, "The Bicycle Thief" The first shows an interior shot--over the young boy's bed is a poster for the Giro d'Italia. Second shot is of several period bikes. Third is of a small peloton that flashes across the screen toward the end of the film--look closely, and you can see several cambio corsa-equipped bikes.

galler1.jpg (35069 bytes)
You'll have to go to Croatia to see Nenad Ciglar's 1988 Pinarello. C-Record parts and Delta brakes

mini-Bianchi2a.JPG (112527 bytes)
Steve Samuelson looked back in time to build up his '95 Bianchi. Mostly Super Record, with 7-speed index shifting. He built the wheels himself. Says Steve, "Not even Tylenol stops Campy fever!"

wpe22.jpg (41949 bytes)wpe2B.jpg (56602 bytes)wpe29.jpg (52061 bytes)wpe2D.jpg (43520 bytes)
Bob Rogen's newly built Della Santa does a great job of re-creating the classic era.

wpe1D.jpg (62987 bytes)wpe1F.jpg (61361 bytes) wpe22.jpg (37830 bytes)
wpe24.jpg (55010 bytes)
Very nice retro-styled, Campy-equipped fixie from Gary Boulanger of Cycles Gaansari in Ohio. The special parts took Gary a year to find (click here for a complete list)  Visit Gary's web site: 

dscn3511.jpg (110543 bytes)
Campy Only's Retro Benotto has undergone the full Joe Bell treatment. Click here for more photos

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