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Campy Only's Cinelli
Campy Only is restoring a classic, 1972 Cinelli Speciale Corsa. Click here for photos and updated info as we put this great Italian classic back on the road.

Lots more retro machines in the Retro Archives!
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Tons of Historical info on our Campy Timeline!

Campy Catalogs--Complete scans available online

Official specs for Super Record, Nuovo Record and Gran Sport
(See the 1983 entry in the Campy timeline)

Gios Torino SR`82 002.jpg (118043 bytes)
Gios Torino SR`82 006.jpg (63773 bytes)Gios Torino SR`82 007.jpg (95685 bytes)
Gios Torino SR`82 008.jpg (111620 bytes)Gios Torino SR`82 009.jpg (102721 bytes)
John Murray of Queensland, Australia, completed a total rebuild of his 1982 Gios.

Dsc_0005.jpg (3295278 bytes)Dsc_0002.jpg (1549640 bytes)
Rory Frederick's 80s-era Colnago

575572220203_0_ALB.jpg (31388 bytes)
This 1975 Richard Sachs is one of the oldest still in existence. Click here for more photos

IM0005563.jpg (105582 bytes)
IM0005772.jpg (79827 bytes)IM0005802.jpg (91401 bytes)IM0005782.jpg (82107 bytes)
Andy Lamarre's Marinoni was built in 1978 and repainted by Marinoni in 2004. Check out the cool "maple leaf" cutouts in the shift levers (for Andy's home country of Canada)

ItalVega.jpg (154712 bytes)
Tim Osburn has ridden this Italvega for 20 years.

P1010781.jpg (180805 bytes)
P1010785.jpg (155957 bytes)P1010793.jpg (130321 bytes)
Tom's 9170s Austro-Daimler Ultima Super Leicht features a Superleggero gruppo with Ti bb, seatpost bolt, and pedal spindles. 19.5 pounds!

CampyMoto.jpg (320188 bytes)
Dave Whitney's 1974 Motobecane Grand Record, one of many Campy-equipped bikes in his collection

derosa3.jpg (30052 bytes)
derosa1.jpg (38642 bytes)derosa2.jpg (50665 bytes)
From Sydney, Australia, comes the nicely restored 1982 Super Record-equipped DeRosa Professional. Owner is Geoff Laidler

eric1983.jpg (52041 bytes)
Another blast from our past--Campy Only's Eric Norris in July 1983 atop the last summit on the Markleeville Death Ride (as it was known in those days--now it's just the Death Ride).

paeng_1.jpg (63564 bytes)paeng_2.jpg (79103 bytes)
paeng_3.jpg (60337 bytes)paeng_4.jpg (106258 bytes)
Reader Paeng Nepomuceno is a world champion bowler and the proud owner of a 1984 Richard Sachs.

my fiorelli 3.JPG (108452 bytes)
Orv Moody's 1985 Fiorelli includes Retro and Mod equipment.
Click here for more photos

mini-IMG_2194.JPG (98495 bytes)mini-IMG_2193.JPG (89185 bytes)mini-IMG_2195.JPG (121844 bytes)mini-IMG_2196.JPG (110322 bytes)mini-IMG_2197.JPG (61421 bytes)mini-IMG_2199.JPG (90313 bytes)mini-IMG_2202.JPG (102436 bytes)
This '83 Raleigh Professional is a great snapshot of a pro's bike. Here's how owner Sean O'Harrow of Cambridge, England, describes it:

In 1983/4 the US Olympic Team ordered 25 frames from Raleigh in
Nottinghamshire (UK), but took possession of only 24. This one is number
25 and was built up in 1985 for Denys Riley, who was Works Manager for
Raleigh at the time (unfortunately for him, he was the man who had to
close down the factory!), to do the London to Brighton annual cycle run.
Riley had it painted in the Raleigh-Panasonic professional team colours
in the same year that Phil Anderson did so well for that team (when he
won the Dauphine Libere, Tour of Switzerland, Tour of the Med, GP of
Frankfurt, etc.). It is a Raleigh Professional with completely original
equipment, including full Campagnolo (original world-logo hoods),
Reynolds 531c tubing, Mavic GP4 rims, and Isca Selle Tornado saddle. I
have put on modern Continental sew-ups so I can ride it, but I have kept
the original Clements.

wpe25.jpg (34746 bytes)
A blast from the past--the 3-arm GS crankset

rechterzijde jan 2005.JPG (129073 bytes)
DSCN0281.JPG (391724 bytes)
rempartij jan 2005.JPG (115535 bytes)
voorrem jan 2005.JPG (72249 bytes)
Rob Horstmanshof rides with friends in Duiven, Holland, where his Colnago is the only steel bike in the paceline.

MVC-023S.JPG (38495 bytes)
Wayne Plaquet's 1986 Ciocc is fully restored with NOS C-Record equipment

Made in Italy decal - seat tube.jpg (274199 bytes)
This 1963 Masi Special has been fully restored--a truly great retro bike!
Click for more photos--30 images!

1981 Colnago Oval CX.JPG (112909 bytes)
Remember pantographing? Brendan O'Connor's 1981 Colnago Oval CX has it in spades.
Click here for more photos

SLX1.jpg (334909 bytes)
deltabrakes.jpg (41972 bytes)SLXfront.jpg (58039 bytes)SLXrear.jpg (47452 bytes)
Nice Delta brakes on a very nice DeRosa SLX owned by Craig in Dallas, TX

pog009.jpg (73219 bytes)
This 1976 Pogliaghi retains its original NR gruppo, plus some cool ti bits.

Bottechia photos 001.jpg (236428 bytes)
Bottechia_photos_004.jpg (222881 bytes)
Mark Anderson's Bottecchia is set up in great retro fashion with Croce d'Aune


IMG_0171.JPG (1236576 bytes)IMG_0172.JPG (1114458 bytes)
It's "toe clips forever!" for Bill Jollie in Madison, Wisconsin. Here are his 1974 Raleigh International (24 lbs) and 1982 Basso (18 lbs!)

Stephan Andranian's 1985 Gitane Replica.JPG (326873 bytes)
Gitane Replica 85 - Crankset and Chain Stay.JPG (326306 bytes)Gitane Replica 85 - Derailleur Hanger & Vitus Dropout.JPG (328113 bytes)
Stephen Andranian's 1985 Gitane Relica is Super Record- equipped. Note the period-correct Look pedals and the retro water bottle.

PICT0315.JPG (36801 bytes)
Lynn Thackeray's PDM team Concorde features a Croce D'Aune gruppo with Delta brakes.

derosa.jpg (91239 bytes)
derosa_deltas.jpg (75204 bytes)
Yes, it has Ergo levers, but the Delta brakes make Phil Vilardi's DeRosa a little retro.

Basso.JPG (62685 bytes)
C_Record.JPG (63465 bytes)Cobalto.JPG (55370 bytes)
needle_on_the_Record.JPG (70951 bytes)
Anthony's Basso "Loto" sports an uncommon Synchro-7 setup, with C-Record and Cobalto brakes

img_0172.jpg (160594 bytes)
Check out this very rare Mario Confente fixed gear.
More photos here

em1.jpg.JPG (111289 bytes)
em2.jpg.JPG (154355 bytes)em3.jpg.JPG (99073 bytes)
gios1.jpg.JPG (110687 bytes)
gios4.jpg.JPG (104937 bytes)gios5.jpg.JPG (66614 bytes)
Two bikes on a snowy day in Spokane, Washington--Eddy Merckx and Gios. Reader Paul Turner is waiting for the snow to clear ...

Dscn2475_800.jpg (187246 bytes)
Campy Only has added a new "retro" bike to our stable. This 1990-era Benotto frame features a Cinelli bottom bracket and cool retro-look chrome plating. Mix of SR and NR equipment.
More photos and info here

79_holdsworth.jpg (47512 bytes)
campag_rally.jpg (38181 bytes)
Look for Martin Tann's 1979 Holdsworth on the roads between Wibledon and Heathrow--he uses it for his daily commute. Still mostly original, including the Rally derailleur.

Click for more photos
Reader Dennis Stover is the proud owner of a vintage 1974 Richard Sachs
Click here for more photos

Sebring 1-09-05 0133.JPG (641386 bytes)
Joey's all-original DeRosa features Deltas and C-Record. He has logged 75,000 miles on this bike since 1988.

DSC00350.JPG (580697 bytes)
DSC00348.JPG (153512 bytes)
C-Record and Deltas on Rob Griffin's '89 Merckx Corsa Extra. "Sweet ride"! Hometown is Long Beach, CA

gios11.jpg (204537 bytes)
gios2.jpg (97664 bytes)gios3.jpg (53543 bytes)
gios4.jpg (106739 bytes)gios5.jpg (102965 bytes)
gios6.jpg (71545 bytes)
Lots of cool early parts on Rudolph's Gios Torino.

P1010045.jpg (83198 bytes)
30 years old and still a great ride--Jeff Mackenzie's Gios Torino from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

DSCN0350.JPG (76568 bytes)
Yet another fixed gear bike--this time a DeRosa King, owned by Chris Cameron. Check out the cool carbon fenders and the not-politically-correct mudflap:
DSCN0351.JPG (87310 bytes)

bianchi_pista.jpg (150824 bytes)
Fixed gear riding is coming back with a vengeance--here is Doug Sloan's Campy-equipped Bianchi. Lots more photos here

ds0224-6a.jpg (114379 bytes)
All ready for Campy equipment--Jimmy Katynski's Della Santa

campy1.jpg (47504 bytes)
Very cool 1976 Hetchins!
Click here for more photos

eddy_1985_1.jpg (100435 bytes)
eddy_1985_2.jpg (77777 bytes)eddy_1985_3.jpg (117547 bytes)
Campy Only's Eric Norris snapped these shots of famous Campy user Eddy Merckx in about 1985, when he was in Southern California visiting a local shop. He is pictured checking out a Campy-equipped eponymous bike and signing an autograph for one of the staff.

007.jpg (85911 bytes)
Reader Ed Krafsur calls his 1976 Paramount the "ultimate coffee shop bike."

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