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my fiorelli 3.JPG (108452 bytes)
Orv Moody's 1985 Fiorelli includes Retro and Mod equipment.
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Remember when Campagnolo produced BMX components?
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1961_paramount.jpg (26647 bytes)
1961 Schwinn Paramount with later-model Campy Triomphe (Triumph) gruppo. Owner is Marlin Meyer 

73SchParaP13.jpg (267961 bytes)
Reader David Harned is restoring this 1973 Schwinn Paramount.

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Check out this very nice retro Zeus--not Campy equipped, but still well worth a look!
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untitled.jpg (63007 bytes)
Phillip Moore's 1998 Colnago Master.
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Bassoloto1994.jpg (118797 bytes)
Henrik Revelj
sends this photo from Sweden--his mint condition 1994 Basso in Lotto team colors. Athena 8-speed gruppo

side.jpg (37729 bytes)

George Evans
restored his Look machine, decked out in '86-era La Vie Claire colors.

im000457.jpg (148884 bytes)
Jonathan Greene's Waterford has recently been restored and rebuilt with C-Record and Delta brakes.

dscn0689.jpg (107987 bytes)
Sean Easley owns this nicely restored Olmo. Super Record gruppo.
dscn0687.jpg (136198 bytes)
dscn0690.jpg (132747 bytes)

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Check out this classic Cambio Corsa-equipped machine!

dupe_merckx.jpg (182502 bytes)
Ben Kamen of New York City, NY, has achieved nirvana with this pearl-painted Eddy Merckx.  Click here for more photos and Ben's write-up

bianchipic1.JPG (74090 bytes)
Cornelius Loh, whose heartfelt restoration of a classic Legnano appears below, recently completed another project: a retro Bianchi.

image3.jpg (111700 bytes)

Jon Abernethy's Della Santa was built in 2001, but is totally retro, including a rare Portacatena device.

alan6.jpg (22986 bytes)
Dave Walker's 1976 Alan features first-generation Super Record components and many other rare bits.  Click for more images

Campy Only Soma Rush
Retro shifting?  How about no shifting at all? Check out Campy Only's new fixed gear.

moulton1.jpg (134306 bytes)
moulton2.jpg (141148 bytes)
Dave Moulton built this "Special Professional Model" in 1984; reader Steven Farner has it set up with period correct SR components.

im000935.jpg (116900 bytes)
im000936.jpg (106176 bytes)
im000938.jpg (113470 bytes)im000937.jpg (79170 bytes)
im000940.jpg (128392 bytes)im000939.jpg (122252 bytes)
Reader Scott Sweeney owns this cool chrome 1972 Schwinn Paramount.

sab2.jpg (61279 bytes)
Reader David Burrell no longer owns this Sabatini track bike, but he still has photos .... and memories
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mercian1.jpg (32536 bytes)
mercian2.jpg (48072 bytes)
mercian3.jpg (47061 bytes)
David Casebeer
of Alabama has worn out several chainrings and innumerable tires on his 1976 Mercian, but it's still going strong after more than 150,000 miles.

KleinSuper.jpg (61161 bytes)
Jerry Baker
's 1982 Klein Super is Campy all the way. Check out the original Silca pump and the leather-wrapped bars.

playbike.jpg (42670 bytes)
Is this bike in the wrong place? Take a closer look! Ronald calls this his "play bike" It's built with Record OR Gear running gear, Euclid crank set and bottom bracket, Campy nuovo tipo hubs and a Cinelli 140 stem and Campy quick release. You'll find Ronald riding this in the Phillipines.

dsc00474.jpg (38873 bytes)
A nice pair of Campy-equipped track bikes from Tony Brown of Reading, PA. Click here for more of Tony's bikes.

benotto1.jpg (78734 bytes)
Liam O'Neil
rides his mid-80's Benotto in Milton, Ontario, Canada.

bridge.jpg (79315 bytes)
Grant McLean sent a bunch of nice shots of his 1983 Raliegh Pro. Click here for more photos

dynatech1.jpg (213477 bytes)
Campy-equipped mountain bikes? There are a few out there, and here is one, from Clive Luff of Hampshire, UK
Click here for detailed specs

dynabars.jpg (89580 bytes)

81alpine_1.jpg (106515 bytes)
81alpine_2.jpg (122420 bytes)
81alpine_drivetrain.jpg (110138 bytes)
1981 Alpine was built in Washington, D.C.. Nice mostly original NR drivetrain

dcp00863.jpg (118723 bytes)
A good example of the practice of putting another maker's name on a frameset is Phil Chin's 1980-something Serotta Club Special, with "Murray" decals and 7-Eleven team colors.

gios2.jpg (27039 bytes)
Chris Richter's
1986 Gios Professional, with SR parts (except the brake levers). Original down to the Binda toe straps.

gios_compact.jpg (115925 bytes)
Joe Jefferson
has restored this Gios Compact with SR equipment.
gios_parts.jpg (140023 bytes)

cinelli.jpg (25897 bytes)
D. LeVuh
poses with his 1994 Cinelli Supercorsa, built with NR components.

crescent_ps1973.jpg (84052 bytes)
Johan Ericson of Stockholm, Sweden, did the paint and decals on his restored 1973 Crescent Pepita Special himself.  Check out the drilled NR gruppo.

campy_stem.jpg (29952 bytes)
John Quigley offers several photos of his Irish David Kane, including this cool engraved stem.  Full Super Record.  Click here for a 4-in-1 photo

masi11.jpg (129864 bytes)
Gary Berger's Masi Prestige features the workmanship that makes these rare machines so desirable.
masi5.jpg (71097 bytes)

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Richard Sachs has built up one of his retro-styled 30th Anniversary frames.  Click here for more info

Click here to see the Richard Sachs Project, an ongoing feature on the Campy Only webmaster's new RS frame.

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George Evans' 1989 Guerciotti is a fine example on a mid-range-equipped Campy Only machine.
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masi_ma6.jpg (81025 bytes)
Scott Smith
owns this very nice '74 Masi. Click here for more photos

image4.jpg (27745 bytes)
Richard Bulis owns this classic Cinelli, equipped with early Super Record parts and the unusual Portacatena chain-holder device.  Click here for more photos

im003186.jpg (182632 bytes)
Guido Ciardullo
of Canada found this Pinarello in a used bike shop and brought it back to life. 


bike002.jpg (160799 bytes)
bike004.jpg (144660 bytes)bike008.jpg (102781 bytes)
Check out this very nice retro-styled Harry Quinn, from reader Matt Griffin

1.jpg (126559 bytes)
2.jpg (92360 bytes)
3.jpg (158947 bytes)
Lots of cool details on James Katynski's 1974 Masi Gran Criterium, including drilled chainrings and patrographing on the stem.

img_0546.gif (144694 bytes)
It has Ergo shifting, but we'll call Tony Campagna's Pinarello "retro" for its Delta brakes. You'll find him riding it in Rowlettt, Texas.

holdsd.jpg (121713 bytes)
From England comes Alan Crowder's 1969 Holdsworth. Click for more photos

coppi_victory.jpg (100026 bytes)
From Canada comes this Coppi, equipped with the Victory gruppo. Owner is Phil Minervino

colnagoblue1mar03a1.JPG (74111 bytes)
This is the latest from Campy fan Cornelius Loh in Singapore--an '88 Colnago Super. The frame came from an eBay seller in Scotland!

ds0224-6a.jpg (114379 bytes)
Retro or Mod?  Let reader Jimmy Katynski know which way to build this Della Santa frame!

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Remember when drilled-out components were all the rage? This 1973 Italvega from Otis will bring back fond memories of "holy" bikes . . . Click here for more photos

crecord_rear.jpg (83996 bytes)
Not even Campagnolo makes them like this any more!  The classic C-Record derailleur featured extensive hand polishing and jockey pulleys that turned on adjustable(!) ball bearings.

image7.jpg (78270 bytes)
Reader G. Gouvoussis in the Netherlands sends this Molteni Dec 75 Replica.  All Nuovo and Super Record, with a few "mod" bits thrown in.

retro_merckx1.jpg (202042 bytes)
retro_merckx2.jpg (201887 bytes)
Now it's Retro . . . Now it's Mod!  Brian Schmierer recently upgraded his 1987 Eddy Merckx from retro to new Record. Click here for the Mod version.

kein_1.gif (217669 bytes)
From Kein Rodríguez of Buenos Aires, Argentina, comes this Argentine-made Roselli, built up with Campy components.
Click here for more photos 

puch.jpg (80677 bytes)
Nice classic drivetrain on John Quigley's Puch
puch2.jpg (72477 bytes)

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