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Contacting Joe Bell

Red, white, and blue

Contrasting lug work Team bikes Proud owner Hetchins lugs by JB

Titanium frame painted by JB

Richard Sachs frame by JB

"Joe: My Kirk was just delivered to my office, and I was just BLOWN away by what you and Dave created. I am SO glad I let you run with the paint job because you absolutely nailed it and I never could have come up with what you did.
--Chris B"

JB-painted Benotto

Flamed Out!

Click to see more JB paint jobsWelcome to Joe Bell Bicycle Refinishing.  We welcome you to check out our services--please call if you have any questions about how we can turn your machine in a showpiece.  Here are links to information about who we are what we do:

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Contacting Joe Bell:

(619) 469-4312

JoeBell1977 [at] gmail [dot] com

U.S. Mail
Joe Bell
P.O. Box 34
Spring Valley, Ca.

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Joe Bell
3735 Kenora Drive
Spring Valley, Ca.

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