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La Vida Campa!
PBP Start 2011
Photos from
Paris-Brest-Paris 2007
Paris-Brest-Paris 2011
See our video of PBP 2011

Living the Campy Only lifestyle means enjoying epic rides aboard our Campy-equipped bicycles.  

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Click here for photos from our Campy equipped rides

Death Valley Spring Double 2013: The Video

Shadow Panda, near Yountville

Post Thanksgiving Ride 2010

Galleries of Campy-Equipped Bikes, Retro to Modern
>>New photos from our readers are posted regularly at the Campy Only BLOG.  Please check it out.<<

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Photos of readers' bikes and more in our
Retro Gallery

75 Years of History
75_girl.jpg (33985 bytes)
Photo by Carrie Cizauskas
Campagnolo has released an official history book celebrating the company's first 75 years. 
Click here for first views of this new book and ...
Campy Only's Review

Catalog 13
Campagnolo Catalog Archive
Explore the past, find small parts, learn how to take apart and reassemble retro Campy stuff

Pro-Fit Fix
IMG_1923_800.jpg (133343 bytes)
We delved into our Pro-Fit pedals to repair a broken retention spring. Now, we show you how it's done.  Click for more

 2,000,000+ Visitors!

Joe Correia of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was our 2,000,000th visitor. Thanks to Joe and our other 1,999,999 visitors for stopping by.. 

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Plenty of "cycling cheesecake" photos in our Mod Gallery
(Yes, there are bike photos there, too)
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We put a classic (Campy-equipped) 1972 Cinelli Speciale Corsa back on the road. Click here for photos and words.
Photos of the finished bike

Why Campy? Because nobody wears ShimaNO tattoos.

Taking Ride Photos
Campy Only's tips for taking photos of your Campy-equipped rides

Campy News and Rumors
News and Rumors are now at the Campy Only BLOG -- Click here for Campy Only news and Rumors

Photos and Stuff from Campy Only's Cycling Exploits

Eric Norris, the Campy Only Guy
Photos from our Campy-equipped rides, shots of the Campy Only cycling stable, and a few gratuitous shots of CampyOnlyGuy Eric Norris.

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Campy History
Learn about Campagnolo history, peruse historical catalogs and publications, read our Timeline, check out classic bikes, and more!
The Wall Street Journal wrote about us in 1996--click here to read the article

record1.gif (18713 bytes)
Record News
Archived editions of Campagnolo's 1980s newsletter

Need info on classic Campy equipment?
Click here for the Catalog Archive

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Photo by Eric Norris
The Richard Sachs Project
Read our archived reports and watch as master craftsman Richard Sachs built a new frameset for Campy Only.

TimDanaherLeftHand1.jpg (126972 bytes)One-Hand Shifting
Riders who have lost the use of a hand or arm don't need to pack up their Campy-equipped bikes.  Click here for our guide to converting modern bikes to one-hand shifting and braking

Groovy Boy!

One of Campy Only's biggest fans is Groovy Boy.  He says our web site is "Totally Groovy!"
Click here for more Groovy Boy adventures

Chased by wild turkeys! 
Click for photos!
A classic Campy Only moment ...
Click here for some unusual Campy Only Ride Cam photos!

Click to read about rebuilding your Ergo lever
Ergo Lever Repair and Upgrading
We took the plunge and have rebuilt Ergo levers many times, and if we can do it, so can you!  Click here for our rebuild tips, and a complete parts listWant to upgrade from 8 speed to 9 or 10? From 9 to 10?  Click here to read how!

Cento Anni Logo

Fans of Campagnolo from as far away as Australia converged on Davis, California, on August 26, 2001, to pay homage to Tullio Campagnolo at the Cento Anni event.  Click here for post-event wrap-up of our celebration of Tullio Campagnolo's 100th Birthday

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