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Now in COLOR! follow_me.jpg (35555 bytes) cheesecake.jpg (78466 bytes) index.4.jpg (161772 bytes) The World Cycling girl forgot her jersey!
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Here's a PDF of the Brooks photo

Send us a photo of your Campagnolo-equipped bicycle, and we'll post it here.  Any type of bike is fair game, so long as it's Campagnolo-equipped.  Photos of retro bikes are in the Retro Gallery.

>>New Mod Bikes are posted regularly at the Campy Only BLOG.  Please check it out.<<
Archived Mod Gallery Bikes are in the "Mod Archives" Click a link above to see the archives

kahuna 047.jpg (471788 bytes)
kahuna 021.jpg (463422 bytes)
Dan's Bohemian is set up for "credit card" touring (really, the only way to go unless you like waking up in a freezing cold tent). We'll forgive the non-Campy bits 'cause of the very cool frame.

c50_pista_2.jpg (1927438 bytes)
Luke Batten's Colnago C-50 track bike features a Campy pista crankset

walter_time_vxrs.jpg (152713 bytes)
W.A. Manning's limited edition Time VXRS wears the Swiss Federation colors. Campy and Fulcrum parts.

Blue_APB_DS.JPG (76571 bytes)
Here's an unusual entry--a Campy-equipped Moulton, built  by Bobbie Martin for his daughter. Mix of several 10s gruppos.

Billede_003.jpg (94832 bytes)
Billede_007.jpg (68817 bytes)BAB.jpg (76178 bytes)
Henrik Seidenfaden's favorite framebuilder made this frame, which Henrik built up all Campy. Nice photos.

merckx_2-07.jpg (64125 bytes)
Jonathan Sadler's 1984 Eddy Merckx was repainted by Joe Bell. It's equipped with Record parts and Neutron wheels. Nice background.

modgal7.jpg (38537 bytes)
Phillip Brown of Chadstone, Victoria, Australia, sent this photo of his new Look KG461.

wpe1A.jpg (124970 bytes)
Klaus Heindel's Storck, photographed with some beautiful  Swiss scenery in the  background. He says the bike is even faster than it looks.

wpe1B.jpg (63542 bytes)
wpe1D.jpg (57796 bytes)

wpe1F.jpg (62637 bytes)
Samu Laine's wife rides this pretty Colnago Cristallo in Finland (when the snow melts) More info here

wpe17.jpg (422084 bytes)
Russell Hearst's 2005 Pinarello Galileo with full Veloce. He rides it in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, site of the Worlds in 2003

wpe19.jpg (39909 bytes)
Cyclocross, anyone? Timo Worst, of Amsterdam, Holland, set his 'cross bike up with Record equipment. Just one chainring!

wpeC.jpg (76796 bytes)
It's snowy in northern Michigan, but Dave and his 2006 Colnago are waiting for Spring!

c35.jpg (48816 bytes)
Erik Hekkelman's stable includes a Colnago C40 (elsewhere in this gallery) and this C35.  This bike is for the flats, which pretty much make up all of his homeland in Holland.

wpe2.jpg (56916 bytes)
wpe5.jpg (81684 bytes)
wpe7.jpg (80756 bytes)
Three bikes from John Petrocik--including a Campy-equipped Fuji 'cross bike.

mini-593-9330_IMG.jpg (205238 bytes)
Nicely equipped titanium Seven. 17.01 lbs. Here's info from owner Bob Morgenstern

modgal18.jpg (82706 bytes)

Woody Meyer's Eddy Merckx hails from Hong Kong. Chorus and Record 9s drivetrain.

wpe32.jpg (58284 bytes)
He's at it again! Michael Alexander's "Campyitis" has flared up, as shown by his new Hyperon Ultra wheels.

wpe2F.jpg (75808 bytes)
Peter Downey's Pinarello Montello GX is an early "mod" bike

wpe12.jpg (68532 bytes)
Michel Debusschere's Pinarello Prince is equipped with a Chorus triple setup and decked out in Fassa colors. You'll find it on the road in Belgium.

wpe2D.jpg (45275 bytes)
Andrew Groom's training bike for winters in Nottingham, UK, is a Campy-equipped Salsa La Raza. His race bike is a Seven Axiom
wpe2F.jpg (44063 bytes)

wpe11.jpg (143504 bytes)
Geoff Johns sent this photo of his 2004 Bianchi EV4. Record gear, Zipp wheels

Arenberg.jpg (74570 bytes)
Mike Owens Richard Sachs has been many places, including the famous Arenberg Forest

Bike.JPG (181862 bytes)
W. Walters' "black out" Fondriest.

MJ Moots 002 web.jpg (624684 bytes)
Mike James' Moots Ti features a very nice Joe Bell paint job.

CampyBagel.jpg (370265 bytes)
Karl Kane Design tricked out this Teschner frameset for the Wholly Bagels Cycling development program in Wellington, New Zealand. Among the features on this female-specific bike is thinner handlebar tape (to help smaller hands grab the bars). Email Karl for more info

c501.jpg (180216 bytes)
Lots of carbon on "SpinDawg's" Colnago, including Hyperon Ultra wheels.

wpe14.jpg (48942 bytes)
Errimy Samad's Cinelli Proxima hails from Melbourne, Australia. Love the graphics!

dscn0001.jpg (145035 bytes)
dscn0002.jpg (143384 bytes)dscn0006.jpg (134592 bytes)
dscn0009.jpg (116751 bytes)dscn0011.jpg (97640 bytes)
18-year-old Chirs Kaiser of Toronto, Canada, worked a summer job to afford this total "mod" rebuild of a classic Benotto frame from the 1970s. Very nice results.

Orbea.jpg (23490 bytes)
Joe Busic's '02 Orbea features full carbon Record equipment, plus a ton of other cool bits--even carbon handlebar plugs!

bike 2.jpg (367626 bytes)
bike 1.jpg (523392 bytes)
Jack McClain of Phoenix, AZ, wrote about his titanium Havnoonian:
The frame is a HH Racing "Furiosa" made to measure for me back in the late 90's by Harry Havnoonian. Supposedly the titanium was sourced fromdismantled Soviet Mig jet fighters; a "sword to plowshares" story!
The frame is somewhat unusual in that it is lugged and bonded Titanium. Note
the unusual placement of the rear brake and the twin seat stays. It is a
very sweet ride! 
The gruppo is Campy Record 10-speed (of course!) with FSA compact crank and
other nice bits here and there. I've been tempted now and again by some
sexy Italian frames, but always answer with "why" when I'm lucky enough to
own this fine bike.

09._New_Bike.JPG (90732 bytes)
Nigel Somers used 2006 Record components to build up this DeRosa Titanio T2--even a Ti cassette!

primato.JPG (275483 bytes)
Gert-Jann LeenKnegts's DeRosa Primato is a nice mix of mod components and retro styling.

modgal8.jpg (63396 bytes)
Luwin Kwan's '06 Specialized, built with a Veloce/Centaur mix and Fulcrum wheels. Nice photo.

dsc00726.jpg (383298 bytes)
Chuck Schlesinger's SadiLah carbon can be seen on the roads of San Diego, CA.

wpe2F.jpg (369527 bytes)
André Bourgault's Marinoni VR2. Not Record, but Chorus (good choice), with Zonda wheels

wpe1C.jpg (51639 bytes)
Chin Yen Lee's Chorus-equipped Giant, often seen on the circuits near his home in Singapore.

wpe21.jpg (160806 bytes)
wpe23.jpg (159259 bytes)

wpe25.jpg (173313 bytes)
Steve Curtiss' Colnagno is probably a Speciallissima. Email Steve if you can help ID the model or year.

wpe1.jpg (307795 bytes)
wpe8.jpg (307795 bytes)

wpe6.jpg (97043 bytes)
Allan Tucker has some very nice rides to choose from! Look closely and you'll see an unusual mix of vintages for his components.

wpe1F.jpg (502885 bytes)
Buckinghamshire, England, is home to Mike Spence and his Record-equipped Bianchi EV4

wpe12.jpg (61467 bytes)
Dwayne Ward of Sunnyvale, CA, equipped his Landshark with Campy Record

wpeE.jpg (156505 bytes)
Kevin Holmes' 1989 Eddy Merckx originally came with C-Record; it's been updated to new Record.

modgal9.jpg (38103 bytes)
wpe14.jpg (190762 bytes)
Ed Carillos bikes: Centaur-equipped Burley "Wolf Creek" and a Waterford RS-11 with Chorus. Hometown is Sacramento, CA.

axm.jpg (199492 bytes)
eddy.jpg (53526 bytes)
Here's Patrick Tan for Singapore with his 2006 Eddy Merckx AXM. Upper shot shows him on the Genting Highlands

mini-newbike3.jpg (108225 bytes)
A naked bike? You betcha!
We've misplaced the info about this bike--email us!

Cervelo_Prodigy_0012.jpg (44753 bytes)
From Waihi, New Zealand, comes Jason Ulrich's 2001 Cervelo Prodigy, with a full Record gruppo. Steel is real!

wpe34.jpg (29101 bytes)
Here is Hotte Kiessling's triple-equipped KHS. Dig it.

IMG_0296.JPG (251143 bytes)
Erik Hekkelman of The Netherlands equipped his Colnago C-40 with Record Ultra and Mavic Cosmic Carbon rims (he shows it here with Mavic ceramic-coated rims).

wpe1F.jpg (31078 bytes)
Another Campy fan goes a little too far ... This time, Guy Hinderberger of Long Beach, CA, and his Look 585

wpe1C.jpg (96488 bytes)
Aundre Darling's Campy-equipped Bianchi was put together for him by Adam Finchan--he was inspired by Adam's own Campy Only machine!

wpe14.jpg (94269 bytes)
Check out the Chorus "compact" crank on Bart Anthonissen's Cannondale

08-01-05_1623.jpg (46454 bytes)
Dirk Muehlenbein's Pinarello Paris spends its time on the roads of Germany. He enjoys taking it to the South Tirol Dolomites for some climbing.

SmallpicMyBike.JPG (80740 bytes)
Andreas Nicolaou of Cyprus had his custom-made titanium Bianchi finished in "Ducati red"

mastero_800x600.jpg (127777 bytes)
This Campy equipped Colnago hails from Hungary. Owner is Babka Szabolcs

Gaansari Van Cleve ST side view.JPG (2990122 bytes)
Flyer complete porch.JPG (1086070 bytes)
Gary Boulanger is the owner of Cycles Gaansari in Ohio. Here are his personal bike (top), a Record-equipped "Van Cleve" and his wife's ride (bottom), a Centaur-equipped "Flyer." Check our Gary's web site: 

wpe11.jpg (81114 bytes)
Chuck Schlesinger's Casati MU:2 is Record-equipped. Look for it in sunny San Diego, CA.

chorus ibis.jpg (260788 bytes)
veloce salsa.jpg (396896 bytes)
poprad.jpg (122686 bytes)
Photos from the husband-and-wife team of Dave V.W. and spouse in Bracksville, Ohio. The Ibis at the top and Lemond at the bottom are Dave's; the Salsa is his wife's. All are Campy equipped.

Tim_Danaher_Custom_Ti_Track_Bike.jpg (384695 bytes) Is a track bike retro or mod? We decided to put Tim Danaher's nice Campy-equipped Ti machine here. Below, Tim's custom Ti road bike.
Tim_Danaher_Custom_Ti_Record_2007.jpg (492124 bytes)

Guerciotti_-_Large.JPG (674605 bytes)
M&G Maestas sent in this one--an '89 Guerciotti upgraded with 10s Veloce.

modgal9.jpg (97710 bytes)
Frank Beshear's Kirk is built up old skool style. Paint by Joe Bell

modgal4.jpg (63790 bytes)
Dennis Datu divides his time between the Phillipines and Saudi Arabia, but this Giant TCR Composite gets all of his attention.

modgal5.jpg (86004 bytes)
Scott needs to hold on tight when riding this very fast-looking Specialized Tarmac. Bora Ultra wheels.

wpe31.jpg (43423 bytes)
Richard Sheehan has been riding Campy since 1964. Here's his latest: Cinelli Proxima with Record 10s.

wpe14.jpg (230419 bytes)
The date on this photo must be wrong--Drue Seefeld's Specialized is up-to-date.

wpe17.jpg (15972 bytes)
This 16.5-pound Moots is owned by Marc Hadd

cinelli.jpg (424905 bytes)
Zdeněk Král sent this photo of his Campy-equipped Cinelli from his home in Czechoslovakia

wpe6.jpg (334350 bytes)
Ron Roldan built this bike for his 45th birthday. You'll find it on the road in Phoenix, AZ.

wpe1B.jpg (86207 bytes)
We like red bikes, and this one is really red: Jim Bergman's Flanders.

wpe10.jpg (127643 bytes)
Jan Tofte-Hansen's Billato. Read More here at Jan's web site

wpe5.jpg (61370 bytes)
wpe7.jpg (72684 bytes)

wpe9.jpg (69310 bytes)
Wow! Cleave Law's stable includes these three machines. Click here for more info

mini-Tommasini 011.jpg (117326 bytes)
Record-equipped Tommasini
We've misplaced the info about this bike--email us!

mini-Tuscany.jpg (123511 bytes)
This 2006 Litespeed Tuscany with full Campy Chorus and Eurus wheels spends her time blazing through the streets of Palm Harbor, Florida. Owner is Howard Parker

100_0808.JPG (64799 bytes)
Joel Stoliker of Ontario, Canada, completed a nice update of his 1984 Zullo.

wpe1F1.jpg (41701 bytes)
wpe22.jpg (59448 bytes)
We're waiting for a name for the rider, but here is a nice-looking carbon Giant. (P.S. We love photos of riders actually riding their bikes!)

P5150106.JPG (168977 bytes)
Barry  Acker's 1987 30th Anniversary Dave Moulton, built up Mod/Semi Mod.

wpe23.jpg (44163 bytes)
Sean Easley's Hampsten Giro '88 features Richard Sachs lugs and a Chorus/Record mix.

wpe31.jpg (64452 bytes)
Dave Whitney is at it again!  The latest addition to his stable is this Eddy Merckx 7-Eleven team edition, which he built up with early Record Ergo

wpe4.jpg (43585 bytes)
Petteri Ellila of Oulu, Finland, isn't riding much now, but wait until the Finnish summer!

IMG_0091.jpg (291459 bytes)
IMG_0093.jpg (182848 bytes)
IMG_0094.jpg (189870 bytes)
IMG_0095.jpg (184890 bytes)
Is this paint bright enough? Will Farrington's 1999 DeRosa Giro d'Italia in "rad red" by Joe Bell

MVC-022S.JPG (38544 bytes)
Full Campy on Wayne Plaquet's Merckx titanium.

Fondriest.JPG (648365 bytes)
Longtime reader Tommy Aldridge says of his new Fondriest, "The search is over!"  Knowing Tommy, we're skeptical ...

cinelli unica.jpg (750301 bytes)
bianchi.jpg (734426 bytes)
Two very cool bikes from George Green in the UK. Check out the C-Record crankset on his Bianchi--nice mix with Centaur.

Julius Kusuma's Cyfac usually lives in Cambridge, MA. Here it is on vacation in Switzerland.

wpe1C.jpg (32102 bytes)
Classic steel and carbon Record combine in Jonathan Pirrie's PDM Concorde.

Done1.jpg (139236 bytes)
Phil Adair's '05 Gunnar Roadie features a mix of Record and Chorus equipment.

595+&+hyperon.JPG (292507 bytes)
Claudio sent this photo of his Campy-equipped Look 595 from his home in Italy.

photos 1 031.JPG (2526092 bytes)
No word on what's in those file cabinets, but that's Benito Leon's Campy-equipped 2002 Look in front of them.

bike.jpg (524406 bytes)
We received this photo in July, so owner Richard Lipow of Pennsylvania was obviously thinking cool thoughts when he sent a pic with snow on the ground. This is his Chorus-equipped Merlin Cyrene.

Crescentfinished3.jpg (240734 bytes)
From the wilds of Portland, Maine, comes another of Dave Whitney's bikes. Built on an older Crescent frame with mostly mod parts in a retro style, it's one of his fave rides. More photos

BMC_57.jpg (46336 bytes)
Eric Wong's '07 BMC SL01 is equipped with a matching '07 Record gruppo. Home is Malaysia.

campy_riv.jpg (93297 bytes)
Ron Greer's Rivendell Romulus is a little "retro," but we've placed here in the Mod Gallery. 

modgal3.jpg (55875 bytes)
Aaron Coombs commands his Litespeed from its Ritchey cockpit. 2007 Centaur gruppo.

modgal6.jpg (400434 bytes)
Very nice custom Taylor built for Kevin Rhea in Portland, OR. Carbon nanotech rear triangle is very high zoot.

wpe12.jpg (57231 bytes)
Joe Bell painted this handmade Rick Laban frame, shown here when owner Shaun Kasperowicz had it built with Record 8s.

wpe13.jpg (55767 bytes)
From Montreal, Canada, comes Steve Leccese's Record-equipped Specialized.

wpe2.jpg (49201 bytes)
Graham Thomas' Campy-equipped Ti bike is 100% Euro, down to the tires. Frame is by Marco Bertoletti in Italy.

wpe1.jpg (169793 bytes)
Grant McClean's black DeRosa.  And ... a Richard Sachs!
wpeA.jpg (42972 bytes)
More photos of the Sachs here

wpe14.jpg (144515 bytes)
wpe12.jpg (31753 bytes)
Two Pinarello Dogmas from Dave Smith in Yorkshire, England. He bought one in '04, another in '05 ... what's coming for '06?

wpeE.jpg (94308 bytes)
Bill's Mondonico Futura Leggero. With the Daytona triple, he should be able to climb anything.

wpe6.jpg (99971 bytes)
David Bradley teaches fifth grade. His BMC gets an "A"

modgal2.jpg (32771 bytes)
Klaus Halberg Rasmussen rides this nice Fondriest in Denmark

chenet1.jpg (405587 bytes)
Mike Chenet and his Record-equipped Pegoretti hail from Central Florida, USA

mini-DSCN0850.JPG (113790 bytes)
Mostly Campy on this Fort.
We've misplaced the info about this bike--email us!

wpe4.jpg (40822 bytes)wpe14.jpg (66588 bytes)
wpe16.jpg (62288 bytes)
wpe19.jpg (47728 bytes)
Two bikes from Corsa Bicycles in Arizona.  The yellow belongs to Yasmin Quinn: full Campy veloce, custom Corsa Frame, FSA wheels. The red bike is the first production Corsa frame; it belongs to Chris Hall-- Full Veloce, FSA, Aspide, Semi-custom Corsa. Corsa builds all their bike with only Campy components. 

Dogma_FP.jpg (73431 bytes)
Lee Jeffries' Dogma FP. Cool (non-Campy) wheels.

wpe27.jpg (81666 bytes)
Here's how Pierre Lachaine describes his bike: "It's a custom-built, made-to-measure 1998 Gilles Bertrand (Hull, Quebec), Columbus Brain steel tubeset with classic lugged frame construction. The gruppo is 9-speed Veloce and runs like a dream."

wpe2A.jpg (17135 bytes)
From the hills of East Tennessee comes Dave Parlier's 2003 Look KX Light, equipped with all Campy Record group and Campy Eurus wheels

wpe17.jpg (50247 bytes)
Very cool Molteni team colors on Chad Stone's MX Leader.  Steel is real, baby!

wpe19.jpg (77327 bytes)
Very nice bike from Torben Clinton in Denmark

Picture 002.jpg (142983 bytes)
Picture 003.jpg (112099 bytes)
Adam Fincham has remodeled his Team Veloce Bianchi SL3 with a Record gruppo and a Cinelli bar/stem combo. The Mavic wheels come off for the mountains, where they are replaced by Ksyrium SL's.

cimg1470.jpg (70314 bytes)
cimg1469_bearbeite.jpg (80422 bytes)
Austria is home to Hannes and his very nice Record-equipped DeRosa King

Bill and Richard
Bill-and-Horsie-OTHER-.jpg (189330 bytes)
Bill-during-Ride.jpg (196996 bytes)
Bill picked up his new Richard Sachs on December 14, 2004. He calls it a "classic Sachs that'll rip your eyes out!" Very cool paint is by Joe Bell, of course. Weight as shown: 18.5 pounds

Bianchi13.jpg (253913 bytes)
Peter Langford's Bianchi SL hails from Perth, Western Australia. Nice mix of Chorus and Record parts.

wpe1A.jpg (103693 bytes)
John Mitchell's custom Davidson titanium is all-Record and all fast.

wpe16.jpg (40280 bytes)
Phil Vilardi's Chorus-equipped Leader can be seen around Fountain Hills, AZ

Put your bike here! Email photos
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