The 1987 catalog contains a wealth of information about equipment that most riders have probably forgotten.  Wedged between the classic Super Record/Nuovo Record era and the modern age, 1987's gear was varied and full of hidden treasures, like the "Synt" brake shoes and a plethora of rims.  

Yes, there were some great items--Cobalto brakes come to mind--but did anyone much mourn the demise of Syncro, Campagnolo's first (failed) attempt to jump onto the index-shifting bandwagon?

Presented below, the various parts of a set of individual 1987 brochures.  Enjoy.

Bottles bottles0001.jpg (23715 bytes)
Front Cover
bottles0002.jpg (130243 bytes)
Page 1 artwork
bottles0003.jpg (212633 bytes)
Page 2 artwork. Note the toe clips
bottles0004.jpg (142975 bytes)
Page 3: Biodynamic bottle
bottles0005.jpg (115150 bytes)
Page 4: Biothermic bottle
bottles0006.jpg (154501 bytes)
Page 5: Biothermic details
bottles0007.jpg (74007 bytes)
Page 7: Detailed specs
bottles0008.jpg (25562 bytes)
Back Cover

Rims rims0001.jpg (22096 bytes)
Front Cover
rims0002.jpg (317513 bytes)
Page 1
rims0003.jpg (389196 bytes)
Page 2
rims0004.jpg (369394 bytes)
Page 3: Eyelets
rims0005.jpg (466564 bytes)
Page 4: Cross- Section Design
rims0006.jpg (473873 bytes)
Page 5: 
rims0007.jpg (451449 bytes)
Page 6: Sigma Rims
rims0008.jpg (377886 bytes)
Page 7: Delta Rims
rims0009.jpg (415029 bytes)
Page 8: Omega Rims
rims0010.jpg (429516 bytes)
Page 9: Lamda Rims
rims0011.jpg (326735 bytes)
Page 10: Omicron Rims
rims0012.jpg (98573 bytes)
Back Cover

Synt synt0001.jpg (86566 bytes)
synt0002.jpg (461799 bytes)
Page 1: Sintered Brake Pads, Music for the Bicycle
synt0003.jpg (317556 bytes)
Page 2: Braking with Synt Pads

Victory S3 victory_S30001.jpg (31435 bytes)
victory_S30002.jpg (293673 bytes)
Page 1: Rings, Hubs, Levers
victory_S30003.jpg (312878 bytes)
Page 2: Posts, Headset, Derailleurs, Brakes, Pedals
victory_S30004.jpg (270082 bytes)
Page 3: Cranks, Brake Levers
victory_S30005.jpg (247891 bytes)
Page 4: Specifications
Fluid Dynamic Wheels

Campagnolo's wheelsets

Campagnolo's first attempt (not very successful) at indexed shifting. Catalog includes detailed tables showing how to mix and match Synchro parts to work with various freewheels.

Lubricants Special lubricants for special components

Nuovo Victory and Nuovo Triomphe
The Victory and Triomphe gruppos, which aimed at the middle market

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