For 2004, the cycling gods once again smiled on the intrepid participants in the Terrible Two Double Century, a 200-mile journey through Northern California that features miles of steep climbing (16,000 vertical feet in all) and some of the most gorgeous scenery to e found anywhere.  Last year, temperatures peaked at around 118 degrees ("thermal meltdown," in the words of one survivor), but this year, the hottest part of the day was no more than 90 degrees--almost balmy for this course.

Our hosts, the Santa Rosa Cycling Club, once again outdid themselves.  From the ice-cold water at every stop to the carefully prepared cups of m&ms at the last rest stop, everything about the support was top-notch.  These folks know how to put on a great ride.

Below, Campy Only's ride cam photos and videos from the ride.  As always, if you would like a higher-res version of any photo, please email us: 

Our riding partners this year were Bo Yule (who completed his first California Triple Crown on this day) and Mojo Cosgrove.  Enjoy.  (A warning that the video files are somewhat large; we recommend you either use a high-bandwidth connection or be prepared to wait while they load ...)

Early Morning
Img_0004_800.jpg (33150 bytes)
Mojo--Ready to ride
Img_0005_800.jpg (45725 bytes)
Near the top of Trinity
Img_0006_800.jpg (33839 bytes)
Donn King, helping us avoid a crash
Calistoga and Beyond
Img_0007_800.jpg (89172 bytes)
Drink up!
Img_0008_800.jpg (99393 bytes) Img_0009_800.jpg (93767 bytes) Img_0010_800.jpg (131869 bytes)
Looking for a parking space
Img_0011_800.jpg (99420 bytes)
Heading for the Alexander Valley
Img_0012_800.jpg (93636 bytes)
He asked, "Will I be famous on Campy Only?"  Now he is.
Img_0013_800.jpg (66128 bytes)
Clouds on the slopes of the Geysers climb

"Right turn!"
Img_0015_800.jpg (141914 bytes)
Dan and Annie, climbing very well indeed
Img_0016_800.jpg (129870 bytes)
Gratuitous photo of Campy Only's Eric Norris aboard our Teschner
Img_0017_800.jpg (97627 bytes)
Near the top of Geysers, the sun finally came out
Img_0018_800.jpg (168983 bytes)
Cool stop at the Geysers Road spring

Geysers Spring

Arriving at the Geysers rest stop
Img_0021_800.jpg (121498 bytes)
Coming up to the Geysers rest stop
Img_0022_800.jpg (103672 bytes)
Mojo and Bo
Img_0023_800.jpg (146032 bytes) Img_0024_800.jpg (171703 bytes) Img_0025_800.jpg (161199 bytes)
Passing through the little hamlet of Mercuryville, population 2
Img_0026_800.jpg (170038 bytes)
Descending Geysers
Img_0027_800.jpg (134992 bytes)
Img_0028_800.jpg (158329 bytes)
Lunch at Warm Springs Dam
Img_0029_800.jpg (162720 bytes) Img_0030_800.jpg (133619 bytes) Img_0031_800.jpg (86581 bytes)
Bo was having a bad hair day

Lunch panorama
Skaggs Springs to Camp Gualala
Img_0033_800.jpg (107636 bytes)
The climb of Skaggs Springs begins
Img_0034_800.jpg (101892 bytes)
Skaggs Springs water stop
Img_0036_800.jpg (77901 bytes)
Skaggs Springs water stop
Img_0037_800.jpg (140703 bytes)
Mojo and Bo
Img_0038_800.jpg (120620 bytes) Img_0039_800.jpg (76728 bytes)
Looking toward the coast, we saw clouds
Img_0040_800.jpg (148917 bytes)
Gotta keep the bike clean!  We brought handiwipes just for this purpose
Img_0041_800.jpg (96625 bytes)
Climbing to Las Lomas
Img_0042_800.jpg (132153 bytes)
Img_0043_800.jpg (102721 bytes)
Just ahead, Las Lomas
Img_0044_800.jpg (96693 bytes) Img_0045_800.jpg (105214 bytes) Img_0046_800.jpg (91178 bytes) Img_0047_800.jpg (113806 bytes)
White barn.  Just thought it would make a good photo
Camp Gualala
Img_0052_800.jpg (123693 bytes)
Camp Gualata
Img_0048_800.jpg (132357 bytes)
Don't pee in the woods!
Img_0049_800.jpg (126813 bytes) Img_0050_800.jpg (130708 bytes)
How many miles to the next cimb?
Img_0051_800.jpg (123197 bytes)
Great rest stop workers!
Img_0053_800.jpg (146683 bytes) Img_0054_800.jpg (94839 bytes)
Haupt Creek Bridge, built in 1909
Img_0055_800.jpg (114095 bytes) Img_0056_800.jpg (103554 bytes)
Cool ironwork
The California Coast and Fort Ross
Img_0057_800.jpg (72735 bytes)
The clouds never materialized--the coast was gorgeous
Img_0058_800.jpg (81451 bytes) Img_0059_800.jpg (113469 bytes)
Beautiful coves
Img_0060_800.jpg (130224 bytes) Img_0061_800.jpg (104171 bytes)
Img_0062_800.jpg (199565 bytes)
Drop bags at the Fort Ross rest stop
Img_0063_800.jpg (127455 bytes) Img_0064_800.jpg (117914 bytes)
Bo and Mojo, gettin' funky
Img_0065_800.jpg (35491 bytes)
Fort Ross climb
Img_0067_800.jpg (111356 bytes)
View from the top
Img_0068_800.jpg (101161 bytes)
The Last Leg: Monte Rio to the Finish
Img_0069_800.jpg (119194 bytes)
Monte Rio rest stop
Img_0070_800.jpg (96281 bytes) Img_0071_800.jpg (71740 bytes)
Left turn in Occidental
Img_0072_800.jpg (82984 bytes) Img_0073_800.jpg (98170 bytes)
The last mile!

The last 20 yards!
Img_0075_800.jpg (119415 bytes)
The finish
Img_0076_800.jpg (89055 bytes) Img_0077_800.jpg (86903 bytes)
Campy Only's Eric Norris at the finish

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