2003 was the year the Terrible Two got hot (and much more Terrible) again.  After a run of several years of good weather (and great weather last year), the heat returned with a vengeance--we got readings of 109 degrees on Skaggs Springs Road, but it was probably hotter out in the blazing sun, just inches off a road that could have cooked a three-course meal.  Below, photos and videos by Campy Only's Eric Norris.  For info on the ride:  Santa Rosa Cycling Club's TT Web Site

Preliminary results from the ride:

Terrible Two 2003:
242 official starters
(242 bikes, 247 riders...5 tandems)*
177 official finishers
155 by 10:00 pm "I Did It!" cut-off (64%)
*Tandems count as one place in standings.

Chuck Bramwell, director of the California Triple Crown, had this to say about the ride:

Weather conditions were brutally hot ... Temperatures on Skaggs Spring Road hit 118 degrees for at least 30 minutes. This was according to the Ciclosport HAC4 Computer on my handlebar. I will publish the Temperature Graph but it shows 110 - 118 Degrees for two hours ... it was truly TERRIBLE. 

A big thanks to the many Santa Rosa Cycling Club's great volunteers for soaking us down and keeping us as cool as possible in the horrific conditions.

The Terrible Two has the reputation of being the toughest Double in the United States. After ten years of comparatively cool weather, the Terrible Two showed how tough it can really be on Saturday. I know I saw the vulture shown in the graphic on the Terrible Two Web Page at http://www.srcc.com/tt.html flying all around me on Saturday.

Congratulations to everyone who started this ride, a big congrats to those who made it 109 miles to lunch, and a huge congrats who ventured out into the blast furnace on Skaggs Spring Road. From there to the finish, it all depended upon how well your body could handle the 110+ Degree heat while climbing those 15+% roads and still stay upright!! 

I tip my hat to all who rode the historic 2003 Terrible Two. 

Chuck Bramwell
California Triple Crown Guy

IMAGE0366.JPG (239272 bytes)
Leaving Santa Rosa

IMAGE0367.JPG (229558 bytes)
Heading up Trinity Grade
IMAGE0368.JPG (434745 bytes)
Calistoga Rest Stop
IMAGE0369.JPG (445243 bytes)
At the bottom of Geysers
IMAGE0370.JPG (288887 bytes)
Looking up Geysers, the second major climb
IMAGE0371.JPG (419743 bytes)
On Geysers Road
IMAGE0372.JPG (192284 bytes)
False summit!
IMAGE0373.JPG (257825 bytes)
Nice Campy-equipped bike and rider on Geysers
IMAGE0374.JPG (429665 bytes)
The spring-great tasting, cold water

Video: Geysers Spring

Video: Arriving at the Geysers Rest Stop

IMAGE0375.JPG (471934 bytes)
Geysers rest stop
IMAGE0376.JPG (430747 bytes)
Lots of Campy-equipped bikes at this stop
IMAGE0377.JPG (116165 bytes)
Oops! Took this photo through our jersey pocket
IMAGE0378.JPG (299608 bytes)
Leaving the canyon, heading toward Cloverdale. Starting to get warm...
IMAGE0379.JPG (383983 bytes)
Lunch at Lake Sonoma
IMAGE0380.JPG (337249 bytes)
IMAGE0381.JPG (324496 bytes)
IMAGE0382.JPG (235495 bytes)
On Skaggs Springs
IMAGE0383.JPG (204471 bytes)
Temps got up to around 118 degrees here!

Video: Arriving at the Skaggs Springs Rest Stop

IMAGE0384.JPG (281985 bytes)
The looks on these faces tell the story: hot, hot, hot, and grueling
IMAGE0385.JPG (322151 bytes)
Nice, cold water!
IMAGE0386.JPG (252679 bytes) IMAGE0387.JPG (373235 bytes)
Skaggs Springs scenery
IMAGE0388.JPG (321583 bytes)
Yet another climb
IMAGE0389.JPG (457068 bytes)
Camp Gualala rest stop
IMAGE0390.JPG (522115 bytes)
Bikes waiting at Camp Gualala
IMAGE0392.JPG (258062 bytes)
Switchbacks on the Rancheria climb
IMAGE0393.JPG (181747 bytes)
IMAGE0394.JPG (152794 bytes)
We hit the coast and found ... fog!
IMAGE0395.JPG (138392 bytes)
It got a bit cold here
IMAGE0396.JPG (180401 bytes) IMAGE0397.JPG (205535 bytes)
Rest stop at the bottom of Fort Ross Road.  Communications support by HumVee
IMAGE0398.JPG (193112 bytes)
Climbing Fort Ross Road, we got to see the tops of the clouds
IMAGE0399.JPG (223986 bytes)
Left turn to Cazadero
IMAGE0400.JPG (304781 bytes)
Monte Rio rest stop
IMAGE0401.JPG (257082 bytes)
Monte Rio
IMAGE0404.JPG (153104 bytes)
Check-in at the finish
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