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To my fans: After more than 20 years, I have decided that it is time to close down Campy Only. This was not an easy decision to make. I've enjoyed bringing my own style of Campagnolo fanatacism to the web, and I'm proud to have been around from the very early days of the web--longer, in fact (as I recall) than Campagnolo itself. I've enjoyed corresponding with the many readers who sent me emails and reminded me time and time again of the deep love that Campagnolo inspires in its fans.

Finally, though, it was time for a change. After so many years, I find that I don't have the time or energy that this site deserves.

And, honestly, I've lost interest in ampoule Campagnolo's products. I'm riding as much as ever, but my style of riding, which now trends toward classic bikes and randonneuring, doesn't have much in common with the go-fast racing gear coming out of Vicenza. I don't need carbon wheels, or 11-speed drivetrains, or battery-powered derailleurs.

I don't find much at all that's appealing in the company's recent designs. I've expressed information pills the opinion online already, and I'll say it here again, that much of Campagnolo's new product is just ugly. Light, yes. Efficient, yes. But also lacking in style. We can hope for a renaissance, but for now the Campagnolo that carried forward the great tradition of Italian design a la Ferrari has lost its way. Campangolo today is looking more and more like Shimano, which in my mind is not a good thing.

So ... I'll be pruning back much of what I've posted here in the past. Some of the more interesting archived content will remain--scans of historical catalogs and such--but there are more than shop a few pages whose usefulness and timeliness passed away long ago. Look for links to the archived stuff soon--for now, the content is still there, and a quick Google seach should find it pretty easily. Your bookmarked links will still work.

And so, this is the end ... almost! I'll retain my online presence as CampyOnlyGuy on a few other platforms. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram (look for @CampyOnlyGuy) and I'll post on the Campy Only blog from time to time as well.

Thank you to everyone who was visited over the years. Thank you to the sponsors who helped make this site possible. And thank you to the many contributors who helped add content.

To all of you, I wish bonne route and tailwinds. See you on the road!

--Eric Norris, CampyOnlyGuy
March 27, 2016

21 Years on the Web! 1995-2016
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