Campy Only Merlin with VentosThis is our Titanium Merlin, outfitted with Record 9-speed.  We've owned this frame for more than ten years now, having purchased it as a slightly used complete bike in 1991 for $2,000 (built with a Chorus gruppo).  At that time, Ti bikes were a rarity on the streets of Southern California; since then, titanium has become pretty commonplace.
February 2003: Our original (1990) Merlin frame finally bit the dust in January 2002--Merlin is sending a new frame--watch the reincarnation of this bike
Click here for photos of the new Merlin

We've upgraded and changed components on the Merlin as time has gone by; with the exception of the frame, everything else is totally changed from the bike's original form.  We've stuck with it for the ride (very comfortable, yet responsive), the frame's light weight (the bike now weights a shade over 19 pounds) and the ease of taking care of the brushed finish frame. 

We're also impressed by Merlin's great customer service.  Last year, the frame developed a crack at the drive side chainstay/dropout joint, and we sent it back to Merlin for repairs.  They fixed the frame, re-finished it, put on new decals and a new head badge, even changed the bearings in the bottom bracket--all for free.  That's the hallmark of a quality company.

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Photos, clockwise from top left: The Campy Only Merlin, shown with the C-O team vehicle; Record carbon levers and Cinelli bars; drivetrain with Record carbon derailleur; non-Campy carbon crankset (see our review); rear view, with carbon decals; Cinelli Ti stem and Ergobrain; front view; Max Flite saddle sits atop a Record Ti seatpost.  Click on any image for a larger version. Dscn0235_640.jpg (103748 bytes)
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Some specs:

  • Frame: Merlin Ti (original type with straight-gauge tubing and press-fit bottom bracket)
  • Fork: Kestrel EMS
  • Crankset: Carbon (not Campagnolo)
  • Pedals: New generation Record Ti Pro-Fit
  • Brakes: Record differential (single-pivot rear)
  • Levers: Record carbon, updated with 2001 9-speed shifting cam (find out here how to change cams)
  • Front derailleur: Record
  • Rear derailleur: Record carbon
  • Cluster: 12-23 steel/ti
  • Seatpost: Record Ti (now sold as the Chorus Ti)
  • Bars: Cinelli
  • Stem: Cinelli Grammo titanium
  • Headset: Record
  • Wheels: Shown with Record hubs laced to Mavic Open Pro rims.  "Racing" wheelset is Campagnolo Electrons
  • Computer: Ergobrain.  Also mounted on the stem is an Avocet Vertech, used to make up for Ergobrain's lack of altitude function
  • All cables: Campagnolo

One note: Campagnolo no longer supplies equipment to Campy Only or other news sources for road testing.  With the exception of the Ergo levers (the last items sent to us by Campagnolo, some two years ago), everything here was purchased by us.  With the exception of the bars, stem, and Avocet Vertech, everything here is available from Branford Bike (a Campy Only sponsor).

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