Pcdv0044_800.jpg (112124 bytes) September 20, 2003--The folks from Quackcyclists outdid themselves again with the fourth edition of the Knoxville Double Century, and we outdid ourselves taking photos and video (yes, we actually culled a few photos from the ones we took).  Temps were on the hot side (98 degrees at lunch), but all in all another great ride--as we say, "Another day, another double century!"

The 195-mile course includes about 11,000-12,000 feet of climbing--most of it in the hills of Napa and Lake counties in Northern California.  Very low traffic, and very scenic.

Click on any photo to see a larger version.  Videos require the Windows Media Viewer.  If you would like a full-res version of any photo, email us and we will email it back to you.  

Pcdv0005_800.jpg (44412 bytes)
Click here for video
Pcdv0007_800.jpg (57456 bytes)
Morning shot in Wooden Valley
Pcdv0011_800.jpg (127276 bytes)
Rest Stop 1, near Yountville
Pcdv0012_800.jpg (131071 bytes) Pcdv0013_800.jpg (151717 bytes)
Gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris and our Sachs
Pcdv0015_800.jpg (157670 bytes)
Pcdv0016_800.jpg (98225 bytes)
Heading for Yountville
Pcdv0017_800.jpg (139329 bytes)
Riding buddy Matt Kowta
Pcdv0019_800.jpg (117104 bytes)
Group including Triple Crown Guy Chuck Bramwell (yellow helmet) crests a small climb.
Pcdv0020_800.jpg (121684 bytes) Pcdv0021_800.jpg (128377 bytes)
Click here for video
Pcdv0022_800.jpg (117428 bytes)
Pope Valley Cross Road
Pcdv0023_800.jpg (100082 bytes) Pcdv0024_800.jpg (127343 bytes) Pcdv0027_800.jpg (72838 bytes)
Buzzards circling overhead
Pcdv0028_800.jpg (99033 bytes)
First glimpse of Lake Berryessa
Pcdv0029_800.jpg (114650 bytes)
Rest Stop 2
Pcdv0030_800.jpg (120373 bytes)
Pcdv0031_800.jpg (165480 bytes)
High-powered paceline at rest
Pcdv0032_800.jpg (125238 bytes) Pcdv0033_800.jpg (169399 bytes)
Another shot of the Campy Only Sachs
Pcdv0034_800.jpg (108325 bytes)
Knoxville- Berryessa Road
Pcdv0037_800.jpg (112224 bytes)
 Water stop on the way to Knoxville
Pcdv0038_800.jpg (126362 bytes)
Brian (white jersey) is a big Campy Only fan
Pcdv0039_800.jpg (143919 bytes)
Welcome sign at the summit
Pcdv0041_800.jpg (94979 bytes)
Starting the descent to Lower Lake
Pcdv0042_800.jpg (127012 bytes)
Click here for video
Pcdv0044_800.jpg (112124 bytes)
Click here for video
Pcdv0046_800.jpg (104818 bytes) Pcdv0047_800.jpg (143169 bytes)
Triple Crown Guy Chuck Bramwell and Campy Only Guy Eric Norris
Pcdv0049_800.jpg (132347 bytes)
Click here for video
Pcdv0050_800.jpg (147018 bytes)
Rest Stop 4 at Guenoc Winery
Pcdv0051_800.jpg (113813 bytes) Pcdv0052_800.jpg (123484 bytes)
Paul Guttenberg, looking a little hot
Pcdv0054_800.jpg (128123 bytes)
Leaving Guenoc
Pcdv0055_800.jpg (101484 bytes)
Pcdv0057_800.jpg (158210 bytes)
Water stop on the way to Rest Stop 5--what a relief!
Pcdv0058_800.jpg (134966 bytes) Pcdv0059_800.jpg (132325 bytes) Pcdv0061_800.jpg (162957 bytes)
Rest Stop 5
Click here for video
Pcdv0062_800.jpg (143759 bytes) Pcdv0063_800.jpg (157479 bytes)
Pcdv0064_800.jpg (138741 bytes) Pcdv0065_800.jpg (163910 bytes)
Starting the last big climb up Cardiac Hill
Pcdv0066_800.jpg (152495 bytes) Pcdv0067_800.jpg (141732 bytes)
Even hard men Craig and Reid looked a little worked at Rest Stop 6. They started an hour after we did!
Pcdv0068_800.jpg (97518 bytes)
Matt Kowta
Pcdv0069_800.jpg (91528 bytes)
Campy Only guy

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