Photos from the 2002 Knoxville Fall Classic DC, held on September 21, 2002.  Nice hot temperatures (around 100) made this beautiful ride even more challenging.  Major thanks to all the folks from Quackcyclists who make this ride so great!  (For info on next year's Knoxville: )
20020923-001.jpg (53018 bytes)
Gratuitous shot of the Campy Only webmaster at the start--5:30 a.m.
20020923-002.jpg (73985 bytes)
A very rare shot--sag driver extraordinaire Lee Mitchell with a flat tire!
20020923-003.jpg (52735 bytes)
Matt Kowta tried to pump up Lee's tire!
20020923-004.jpg (102639 bytes)
Rest stop 1 in Yountville
20020923-005.jpg (94983 bytes)
Heading for Lake Berryessa
20020923-006.jpg (83077 bytes)
On the way to Rest Stop 2
20020923-007.jpg (85169 bytes)
Rest Stop 2 at Lake Berryessa
20020923-008.jpg (84791 bytes)
Another gratuitous webmaster shot, RS 2
20020923-009.jpg (80465 bytes)
Triple Crown Guy Chuck Bramwell.  Chuck was inducted into the CTC Hall of Fame the next morning
20020923-010.jpg (57807 bytes)
Nearing the top of the Knoxville climb. Our altimeter counted up more than 12,000 feet of elevation gain.
20020923-011.jpg (79891 bytes)
Beautiful downtown Lower Lake
20020923-012.jpg (120569 bytes)
Rest Stop at the Guenoc Winery
Click on any image to see a larger version 20020923-013.jpg (142264 bytes)
Gorgeous view from Guenoc Winery
20020923-014.jpg (103235 bytes)
At RS 5--about 100 degrees in the shade here!

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