Source: www.caltriplecrown.comOne of the toughest double centuries on the California Triple Crown schedule, the Devil Mountain Double, is also one of the first.  With more than 205 miles of riding and a whopping 18,000+ feet of elevation gain, this ride begs for a long season of preparation.  Riders who choose to tackle it, however, have to make do with whatever riding they can cobble together during the winter months.  So, it's likely that you'll suffer more than a bit when you do the Devil Mountain Double, as we did when we rode this year's Tenth Anniversary Edition (our fifth time around the course).

The 2005 edition was blessed with great weather.  A small rain system cleared out several days earlier, leaving behind some high clouds and very mild temperatures. About 160 riders left the San Ramon Marriott, heading out for a great day of riding.

Presented below, photos from Campy Only's Eric Norris.  Email us if you'd like to have a higher-res version emailed to you.

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We stopped on the way to the ride to visit with an incognito Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works in Walnut Creek
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Grant's pick for dinner in Walnut Creek: Tullio's restaurant
Tullio's restaurant!
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Mojo Cosgrove at Tullio's
Mojo's Big Fix Ride
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A very appropriate restaurant for Campy Only's Eric Norris (P.S. the food there was great!)
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Ride day: the Campy Only Sachs waits to go.
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Our ride number
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On the slopes of Mt. Diablo
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We rode through this bank of clouds at about 3,000 feet
mini-IMG_0287.JPG (77423 bytes) mini-IMG_0288.JPG (135544 bytes)
Clear skies at the top of Mt Diablo
mini-IMG_0289.JPG (194696 bytes)
The Campy Only Sachs after its first climb of the day
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View from the top
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THANKS to all the rest stop workers!
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The Campy Only grupetto on Morgan Territory Road. Thanks to Tom Milton for his over-the-shoulder shot
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Second rest stop on Morgan Territory Road
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RS 2  THANKS AGAIN to all the rest stop workers
mini-IMG_0293.JPG (148864 bytes)
mini-IMG_0295.JPG (122636 bytes)
Heading for Livermore
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Top of the Altamont Pass
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Starting the descent from the Altamont Pass
mini-IMG_0300.JPG (116138 bytes)
Climbing Patterson Pass ...
mini-IMG_0301.JPG (107112 bytes)
... AKA "Oh My God" hill
mini-IMG_0302.JPG (122759 bytes)
The Mojo Cosgrove/ Anny Beck tandem crests Patterson Pass
mini-IMG_0303.JPG (179493 bytes)
Anny and Mojo
mini-IMG_0304.JPG (171386 bytes)
mini-IMG_0305.JPG (141310 bytes)
Cosgrove/Beck start the descent
mini-IMG_0306.JPG (137303 bytes) mini-IMG_0307.JPG (144595 bytes)
RS 3 on Mines Road
mini-IMG_0308.JPG (162751 bytes)
Quite an array of performance products
mini-IMG_0309.JPG (85980 bytes)
Cimbing Mines Road
mini-IMG_0310.JPG (182488 bytes)
Views from Mines Road
mini-IMG_0311.JPG (132145 bytes) mini-IMG_0312.JPG (119194 bytes) mini-IMG_0313.JPG (145581 bytes) mini-IMG_0315.JPG (158971 bytes)
mini-IMG_0316.JPG (198793 bytes)
Lunch at the Junction!
mini-IMG_0317.JPG (220774 bytes) mini-IMG_0318.JPG (96331 bytes)
Hmmm ... Cloudy skies looked threatening, but rain never materialized
mini-IMG_0319.JPG (218320 bytes)
Gratuitous photo of Eric Norris and the Campy Only Sachs at lunch
mini-IMG_0320.JPG (187738 bytes)
Seas of wildflowers
mini-IMG_0321.JPG (170827 bytes) mini-IMG_0322.JPG (203441 bytes) mini-IMG_0323.JPG (125564 bytes) mini-IMG_0324.JPG (175525 bytes)
mini-IMG_0326.JPG (87798 bytes)
Top of Mt Hamilton
mini-IMG_0327.JPG (121923 bytes) mini-IMG_0328.JPG (75648 bytes)
The Lick Observatory 
mini-IMG_0329.JPG (95101 bytes)
View from the top of Mt Hamilton-- the downhill got cold!
mini-IMG_0330.JPG (190467 bytes)
RS 5, outside San Jose
mini-IMG_0331.JPG (199426 bytes)
Mojo and Anny refuel
mini-IMG_0332.JPG (170693 bytes) mini-IMG_0334.JPG (172799 bytes)
The marker in the pavement for ...
mini-IMG_0335.JPG (111099 bytes)
... the infamous Sierra Road!
mini-IMG_0336.JPG (153628 bytes)
There it goes ... about 3 miles of up
mini-IMG_0337.JPG (100796 bytes)
At the top of Sierra Road
mini-IMG_0338.JPG (104927 bytes) mini-IMG_0339.JPG (156222 bytes)
Petting Alto the Goat at the Sierra Road rest stop. He wanted to eat our leather saddle
mini-IMG_0341.JPG (177196 bytes)
View near Calaveras reservoir
mini-IMG_0342.JPG (112491 bytes)
Last rest stop, Sunol
mini-IMG_0343.JPG (143151 bytes)
mini-IMG_0344.JPG (130307 bytes)
Mojo, where's Anny?

P.S.  Campy Only's official time for the ride was 16 hours, 46 minutes, good enough to put us in 57th place (out of 126 places).  Our time took 30 minutes off our former PR (from 2003).  Results from Quack Cyclists

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