April 24, 2004, dawned bright and warm--no rain, no cold weather, no impending storms. Perfect weather for the 2004 edition of the Devil Mountain Double, a 206-mile ride with approximately 19,000 feet of vertical gain and ascents of two mountains.  Below, photos by Campy Only's Eric Norris. 

Image0001_800.jpg (80207 bytes)
Bo Yule on the way to the ride start, 4-23-04
Image0002_800.jpg (73948 bytes)
First glimpse of Mount Diable
Image0004_800.jpg (74336 bytes)
The Campy Only Tescher, ready for battle
Image0006_800.jpg (52011 bytes)
The "Wall" at the top of Mt. Diablo

Image0007_800.jpg (67472 bytes)
Rest Stop 1, top of Mt. Diablo

Image0008_800.jpg (115705 bytes)
Rest Stop 1--got a bit windy here!
Image0009_800.jpg (208702 bytes)
Steve Smith in Clayton
Image0010_800.jpg (126769 bytes)
Heading for Morgan Territory Road
Image0011_800.jpg (127922 bytes)
Morgan Territory
Image0012_800.jpg (229675 bytes)
Rest stop on Morgan Territory
Image0013_800.jpg (120387 bytes)
Rest Stop 2
Image0014_800.jpg (77031 bytes)
Heading for the Altamont Pass
Image0015_800.jpg (116537 bytes)
Tons of iron head downhill while we go uphill
Image0016_800.jpg (86897 bytes)
Elevated freeway in the Altamont Pass
Image0017_800.jpg (180014 bytes)
Almost at the top
Image0019_800.jpg (90960 bytes) Image0020_800.jpg (226485 bytes)
Starting "Oh My God!" hill
Image0021_800.jpg (87213 bytes)
Oh ... My ... God
Image0022_800.jpg (244374 bytes)
Arriving at the Mines Road rest stop
Image0023_800.jpg (235576 bytes)
Mines Road
Image0024_800.jpg (140971 bytes)
Steaming toward lunch
Image0025_800.jpg (141051 bytes)
Thus guy was on the Mt. Hamilton Challenge--the feathers make him ride faster
Image0026_800.jpg (148519 bytes)
Lunch at the Junction
Image0027_800.jpg (137451 bytes)
The Junction
Image0028_800.jpg (148254 bytes)
Sandy at Lunch
Image0029_800.jpg (132001 bytes)
Gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris at lunch
Image0030_800.jpg (125490 bytes)
Eric and Bo
Image0031_800.jpg (120872 bytes)
Signing in
Image0032_800.jpg (96317 bytes)
Heading for the slopes of Mt. Hamilton
Image0033_800.jpg (107059 bytes)
Lots of wildflowers in bloom
Image0034_800.jpg (160681 bytes)
On the slopes of Mt. Hamilton
IMAGE0035_800.JPG (231493 bytes)
Great-tasting, cool water at this spring
Image0036_800.jpg (89861 bytes)
Mt. Hamilton switchbacks.
Image0037_800.jpg (110704 bytes)
Water stop at the top (almost) of Mt. Hamilton
Image0038_800.jpg (126604 bytes)
Bo heads for the observatory
Image0039_800.jpg (123133 bytes)
Observatory at Mt. Hamilton
Image0040_800.jpg (89594 bytes)
Starting the descent
Image0041_800.jpg (88889 bytes)
Looking out over the valley
Image0042_800.jpg (108973 bytes)
Rest stop on Crothers Road
Image0043_800.jpg (112832 bytes)
Image0044_800.jpg (133723 bytes)
Sandy rests up for Sierra Road ...
Image0045_800.jpg (102041 bytes)
... and here it is! Sierra Road--a real killer climb (rises 1,800 feet in 3 miles)
Image0046_800.jpg (83947 bytes)
Climbing Sierra Road, with the Silicon Valley below us
Image0047_800.jpg (127963 bytes)
Almost at the Sierra Road rest stop

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