February 18, 2006--The weather reports were looking a little ominous the day for this year's Butterfield Double Century: forecasters were calling for scattered showers most of the day, as well as colder temperatures brought on by an advancing low pressure system from the north. Not the all-out storming that turned last year's Butterfield DC into the "Butterflood," but enough to be worried about.

Ride day dawned with a mix of clear sky and clouds,  but the skies started looking darker, and about half an hour into the ride the rain did come down, but only for a while. The rest of the day saw us riding on a lot of wet roads that showed that rain had been coming down, but we stayed dry--and cold.

In preparation for the upcoming Big Fix cross-country ride, Mojo Cosgrove and Campy Only's Eric Norris took to the course on our fixed-gear bicycles, joined by another fixed gear rider, Tustin-based Calvin (who ended up smoking us by an hour ...)  Despite the ride's 8,500 (official) feet of climbing, we turned in sub-14-hour times for the ride, finishing ahead of many "gearly" riders on so-called "regular" bikes ...

pict0007.jpg (70528 bytes)
Day before, and the streets were wet
pict0008.jpg (57624 bytes)
Raindrops. Would they come back on ride day?
pict0010.jpg (67872 bytes)
Ride day: Checking in
pict0011.jpg (64746 bytes)
Mojo signs in
pict0012.jpg (54293 bytes)
Getting ready for the 6:15 a.m. start
pict0013.jpg (55643 bytes) pict0014.jpg (56275 bytes) pict0015.jpg (62738 bytes)
Lots of rain gear and jackets in the paceline
pict0016.jpg (61803 bytes)
First ride photo--heading for Santiago Canyon
pict0017.jpg (72649 bytes)
pict0018.jpg (75540 bytes)
On Villa Park
pict0019.jpg (72332 bytes) pict0020.jpg (64503 bytes)
Looking back at the paceline
pict0021.jpg (57190 bytes)
First big downhill
pict0022.jpg (53870 bytes)
pict0023.jpg (83496 bytes)
Rest Stop 1, Trabuco Canyon
pict0024.jpg (122662 bytes)
Wet weather had been here not long before
pict0025.jpg (104520 bytes) pict0026.jpg (103329 bytes)
Climbing out of Trabuco Canyon
pict0027.jpg (93778 bytes)
Bright skies ahead!
pict0029.jpg (94056 bytes)
Saddleback Mountain had a light dusting of snow at the summit
pict0030.jpg (63754 bytes) pict0031.jpg (66439 bytes)
On Pacific Coast Highway
pict0032.jpg (78412 bytes) pict0033.jpg (62155 bytes)
This way to Surf Beach ...
pict0034.jpg (113892 bytes)
Looking toward Camp Pendleton
pict0035.jpg (84204 bytes)
San Onofre nuclear power station. (It's pronounced NU-clee-ar)
pict0036.jpg (102617 bytes) pict0037.jpg (107267 bytes)
Rest Stop 2, south of San Onofre
pict0038.jpg (98318 bytes)
Calvin, looking good. He powered through the ride--it wasn't long after this that we lost sight of him
pict0039.jpg (122811 bytes)
Gotta get food!
pict0041.jpg (157801 bytes)
Campy Only's Quickbeam, with baggage
pict0043.jpg (52892 bytes)
Mojo grimaces--he was having stomach problems
pict0045.jpg (70506 bytes) pict0046.jpg (67858 bytes)
On I-5, heading for Oceanside
pict0047.jpg (61751 bytes)
Freeway riding isn't really that bad.
pict0049.jpg (100350 bytes)
Bike path on the San Luis Rey River
pict0051.jpg (96059 bytes)
Lunch Stop
pict0052.jpg (104424 bytes) pict0053.jpg (72040 bytes)
Big puffy clouds got a little darker later on, but never unloaded on us
pict0054.jpg (98275 bytes) pict0055.jpg (116473 bytes)
Mud and wet pavement
pict0056.jpg (110115 bytes) pict0057.jpg (70415 bytes)
View of San Diego's back country
pict0058.jpg (82061 bytes)
pict0059.jpg (82552 bytes) pict0060.jpg (80410 bytes) pict0061.jpg (140652 bytes)
Avocados ...
pict0062.jpg (107943 bytes)
... and citrus
pict0063.jpg (95635 bytes)
Rest Stop 4
pict0064.jpg (82683 bytes) pict0065.jpg (101606 bytes)
Two Quickbeam fixies
pict0066.jpg (61212 bytes)
Riding down Grand Avenue in Lake Elsinore
pict0067.jpg (52884 bytes)
Clouds over the hills
pict0068.jpg (56053 bytes)
pict0069.jpg (46535 bytes)
Last shots of the day. We finished after dark
pict0070.jpg (50530 bytes)

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