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Feb 19, 2005--Heavy rain.  Flooding.  Winds.  Tornados.  Despite all this, more than 100 riders set out from Anaheim on the Butterfield Double Century, a 200-mile loop (or what was supposed to be a loop) down the California coast to Oceanside and on to Fallbrook, Temecula, Corona, and back (flooding and tornados in Temecula forced ride director Debbie Caplan to re-route us back via the same course we used on the way out--a wise choice, given the weather).  Here's how the LA Times described conditions in Temecula:

"In Temecula, roof tiles were ripped from dozens of homes, fences were destroyed, trees were knocked down and car windows were impaled by branches when a tornado touched down Saturday morning, according to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department."  Click here for more

Despite the atrocious conditions, 111 riders (of a total of 226 who had pre-registered) set out on Saturday morning--an early group at 4:30 a.m. and a larger contingent at 6:15.  The 6:15 group started in the rain and would stay there for about 50+ miles, including several torrential downpours of the "sting when the rain hits your face" variety.  There was water everywhere--torrents of churning, brown water in the creeks and rivers, water running across the roads, water in our shoes ...  By the time is was over, 25 of the starters had sagged in--86 riders finished.

wpe1.gif (3615 bytes)
Weather radar, taken at about 9 am on ride day

The photos below tell part of the story.  There are a lot of shots of sky, because we spent a lot of time looking there, trying to gauge when and where the rain would hit next.

We did get some good weather--it turned sunny around Oceanside, and many riders took the chance to peel off layers and let the stuff underneath dry out a bit.  But did we mention wind?  Along with the rain, we battled headwinds most of the way to the turnaround--winds that thankfully kept blowing in the same direction and helped us back.

The folks from ride organizers Planet Ultra did their usual great job, despite the weather and the last-minute re-route.  Click here to read the official ride recap at Planet Ultra's web site.

All photos below by Eric Norris.  Email us if can ID any of the riders, or if you would like a larger version.

img_0076.jpg (94419 bytes)
The 4:30 group gets ready to roll
img_0077.jpg (79957 bytes) img_0078.jpg (107291 bytes)
Rain gear was everywhere ...
Image0652.jpg (54554 bytes)
First ride shot
Image0653.jpg (70383 bytes)
Santiago Canyon--all the creeks were flowing
Image0654.jpg (71125 bytes)
Wet streets
Image0655.jpg (89136 bytes) Image0656.jpg (117832 bytes)
Another flowing river
Image0657.jpg (57637 bytes)
Creek at the first rest stop
Image0658.jpg (73290 bytes)
Rest stop 1-- Everyone huddled under the canopy
Image0659.jpg (108770 bytes) Image0660.jpg (80023 bytes)
Gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris
Image0661.jpg (96576 bytes)
In San Juan Capistrano
Image0662.jpg (101384 bytes)
Image0663.jpg (73478 bytes)
Heading down the coast
Image0664.jpg (83480 bytes)
First hint of some clear sky
Image0665.jpg (61585 bytes)
Southbound bike path
Image0666.jpg (107258 bytes)
Rest Stop 2
Image0667.jpg (86601 bytes)
More bike path!
Image0668.jpg (52472 bytes)
Blue sky!  Yeah!
Image0669.jpg (112236 bytes)
Mud-clogged underpass--30 yards of muck
Image0670.jpg (72477 bytes)
Freeway onramp--we rode on I-5 for about 10 miles
Image0671.jpg (94626 bytes)
"On your left!" Cars zip by at 70 mph
Image0672.jpg (145594 bytes)
San Luis Rey River bike path took us back under the freeway
img_0079.jpg (134610 bytes)
On the bike path
img_0080.jpg (108004 bytes)
Heading for lunch
img_0081.jpg (56753 bytes) img_0082.jpg (43642 bytes) img_0083.jpg (86588 bytes) img_0086.jpg (164747 bytes)
The reservoir at the lunch stop was overflowing--very spectacular cascade to the rocks below
img_0087.jpg (134043 bytes)
Turnaround point
img_0088.jpg (157349 bytes)
Debbie tells everyone about tornados in Temecula
img_0089.jpg (151424 bytes) img_0090.jpg (161604 bytes)
Lots of puddles
Image0673.jpg (86064 bytes)
Heading back--a group of riders still on the way to the turnaround. In the group are Lonnie Wolff, Isabelle Drake, and Clair Jensen
Image0674.jpg (59691 bytes)
Yes, there was wind!
Image0675.jpg (82195 bytes)
Front tire spits up water
Image0676.jpg (75994 bytes)
There's our offramp!
Image0677.jpg (59600 bytes)
World's widest bike path
Image0678.jpg (100800 bytes)
Rest stop 4
Image0679.jpg (149337 bytes)
Lynn Katano crewed this rest stop--thanks, Lynn!
Image0680.jpg (120391 bytes)
Image0681.jpg (74972 bytes)
Rainbow over San Juan Capistrano
Image0682.jpg (55834 bytes)
In Orange County
Image0683.jpg (60386 bytes)
The long, long uphill of Antonio Drive
Image0684.jpg (63521 bytes) img_0092.jpg (47194 bytes)img_0093.jpg (33439 bytes)
Somebody in OC has a sense of humor.  These photos were taken at the intersection of "Antonio" and "Banderas"  No, we are not kidding.

img_0094.jpg (74017 bytes)
Another gratuitous shot of Eric Norris, this time at the finish
img_0095.jpg (124192 bytes)
The Campy Only Teschner got plenty dirty
img_0096.jpg (127232 bytes)
Yes, we did say dirty!

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