September 25, 2004--The fifth edition of the Knoxville Fall Classic double century started out a little cold--arm warmers and vests were out in abundance--but that boded well for the rest of the ride.  Temperatures stayed warm, but not hot (the weather station at the top of the climb before lunch maxed out at 87 degrees), and the Quackcyclists did their usual sterling job supporting the 200+ riders.  Presented below, photos by (and of) Campy Only's Eric Norris.  Email Us if you would like a higher-res version of any photo.
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Quick stop at the Wooden Valley School.  Still cold!
img_0019.jpg (77585 bytes)
Pacelining in the Napa Valley
img_0020.jpg (45601 bytes)
A profusion of hot air balloons coasting over the valley
img_0021.jpg (72422 bytes)
Nice shot of riders and balloons
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img_0025.jpg (272553 bytes)
Rest stop 1!
img_0023.jpg (202971 bytes)
Rest stop 1
img_0024.jpg (76519 bytes) img_0026.jpg (161204 bytes)
We stop for Mojo's second flat of the day ...
img_0027.jpg (157154 bytes)
... at least the view was nice!
img_0028.jpg (146631 bytes)
Mojo got a lot of practice fixing flats.
img_0029.jpg (206567 bytes)
On Howell Mountain Road, the Campy Only Sachs waits while ...
img_0030.jpg (207469 bytes)
... Mojo fixes his third flat.
img_0031.jpg (206227 bytes)
Dan waited, too. He was riding strong, building on his performance in the Tahoe Epic
img_0032.jpg (88077 bytes)
First glimpse of Lake Berryessa
img_0033.jpg (121111 bytes) img_0034.jpg (153918 bytes)
Paul wanted to be on Campy Only.  Here he is!
img_0035.jpg (181516 bytes)
Rest stop 2
img_0036.jpg (145424 bytes) img_0038.jpg (205970 bytes)
Gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris
img_0039.jpg (136078 bytes)
Starting the long climb to Lower Lake
img_0040.jpg (171156 bytes)
Bo Yule has a Campy-equipped bike, but used ShimaNO on this ride ...
img_0041.jpg (164271 bytes)
... as a result, his chain kept falling off.
img_0042.jpg (80718 bytes)
Almost at the top
img_0043.jpg (78135 bytes)
img_0044.jpg (54575 bytes)
Pass through the tunnel, and the road keeps going up!
img_0045.jpg (133088 bytes)
Lunch at Lower Lake
img_0046.jpg (128907 bytes) img_0048.jpg (64611 bytes)
Campy Only's legs
img_0049.jpg (131257 bytes)
Chuck Bramwell, of the California Triple Crown.
img_0050.jpg (113005 bytes)
Dan again
img_0051.jpg (115135 bytes)
Downtown Lower Lake
img_0052.jpg (88853 bytes) img_0053.jpg (186325 bytes)
Middletown, 13 miles
img_0054.jpg (200623 bytes)
This way ...
img_0055.jpg (137774 bytes) img_0057.jpg (146136 bytes)
Really nice shot of the back country
img_0059.jpg (154990 bytes)
Rest stop 4
img_0060.jpg (157486 bytes)
Rest stop 5
img_0061.jpg (199625 bytes)
"Dude, where's my hot dog?"  The 'dogs at this stop are famous
img_0062.jpg (143170 bytes) img_0063.jpg (121796 bytes)
Climb to the Nichelini winery
img_0064.jpg (153675 bytes) img_0065.jpg (92886 bytes)
Too bad we didn't have time to stop for wine tasting!
img_0066.jpg (94433 bytes)
img_0067.jpg (79992 bytes)
Starting the climb of the "back side" of Cardiac Grade
img_0068.jpg (46840 bytes) img_0069.jpg (38117 bytes)
Moonrise over Yolo County
img_0070.jpg (62397 bytes)
Almost at Rest stop 6
img_0071.jpg (107705 bytes)
Rest stop 6
img_0072.jpg (53527 bytes)
Nice sunset view
img_0073.jpg (94206 bytes) img_0074.jpg (148255 bytes) img_0079.jpg (44405 bytes)
At the finish, and the Campy Only Sachs rests.

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