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Cool license plate we spotted at the finish.

9-17-05--Picture-perfect weather, a beautiful route, and great support added up to a Knoxville Fall Classic Double Century for the record books.  Kudos once again to the Quack Cyclists for their fantastic support.

Presented below, Campy Only's photos from the ride.  As always, email us if you can ID any of the riders, or if you would like a higher-res version of any photo emailed to you (for free!)

One of the nicer parts of this ride (for us) was the chance to ride again with Kevin Walsh.  Kevin and I have been doing double centuries together for almost 20 years, going back to the early days of the Tour of Two Forests. He has gone on to qualify for RAAM (raced in it last year) and was planning another run at the Furnace Creek 508 this year. Go, Kevin!

Note: We've marked our favorite shots with "*"

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Our arrival in the Napa Valley found it shrouded in fog...
mini-IMG_0012.JPG (58168 bytes)
...and Cold! It was about 46 degrees
mini-IMG_0013.JPG (78317 bytes)
Lynn Katano waits for her captain
mini-IMG_0014.JPG (112873 bytes)
Rest Stop 1, near Yountville
mini-IMG_0016.JPG (73494 bytes) mini-IMG_0017.JPG (91306 bytes)
Heading across the Napa Valley, we found some sun
mini-IMG_0018.JPG (89442 bytes)
On Oakville Cross Road
mini-IMG_0019.JPG (172338 bytes)
Atop Howell Mountain
mini-IMG_0020.JPG (161429 bytes)
Kevin Walsh on Howell Mountain
mini-IMG_0021.JPG (198276 bytes) mini-IMG_0022.JPG (112252 bytes) mini-IMG_0023.JPG (134513 bytes)
mini-IMG_0024.JPG (116904 bytes) mini-IMG_0025.JPG (151526 bytes) mini-IMG_0026.JPG (154317 bytes)
Tim Jensen at Rest Stop 2
mini-IMG_0027.JPG (210517 bytes)
Scenes from the road to Knoxville
mini-IMG_0028.JPG (186482 bytes) mini-IMG_0029.JPG (219439 bytes)
mini-IMG_0030.JPG (135839 bytes)
mini-IMG_0031.JPG (119406 bytes)
The tunnel at last!
mini-IMG_0032.JPG (82838 bytes)
But the climbing isn't over yet!
mini-IMG_0033.JPG (115034 bytes)
Water stop. We didn't need it as much this year, but it can get HOT out here
mini-IMG_0034.JPG (205635 bytes)
Rory helps a rider with a broken spoke
mini-IMG_0035.JPG (172390 bytes)
Gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris
mini-IMG_0036.JPG (161047 bytes)
Fields of golden flowers near the closed gold mine
mini-IMG_0037.JPG (153003 bytes)
mini-IMG_0038.JPG (184431 bytes)
Just a few bikes here so far.
mini-IMG_0039.JPG (218071 bytes)
View back along the course reveals a marking from the Davis Double Century
mini-IMG_0040.JPG (185181 bytes) mini-IMG_0041.JPG (219196 bytes)
Rest stop at Detert Reservoir
mini-IMG_0042.JPG (195099 bytes)
Oak tree at the rest stop
mini-IMG_0043.JPG (158273 bytes) mini-IMG_0044.JPG (159364 bytes) mini-IMG_0045.JPG (144180 bytes) mini-IMG_0046.JPG (165094 bytes)
Tim cruises on a downhill
mini-IMG_0047.JPG (161338 bytes)
Rest stop at Lake Hennessy. No water here, so they fill the cookpots with bottled water
mini-IMG_0048.JPG (135347 bytes) mini-IMG_0049.JPG (207750 bytes)
Approaching Moscowite Corners
mini-IMG_0050.JPG (157654 bytes)
The store at Moscowite is a favorite turnaround and/or stopping place for riders
mini-IMG_0052.JPG (149421 bytes)
Last rest stop, at Parsehsa store
mini-IMG_0051.JPG (208220 bytes)
The Campy Only Sachs
mini-IMG_0053.JPG (189458 bytes)
mini-IMG_0054.JPG (219456 bytes)
Along Pleasants Valley Road
mini-IMG_0055.JPG (187183 bytes) mini-IMG_0056.JPG (218086 bytes)
Gratuitous self-portrait a few miles from the finish. Kevin caught us and pulled us in.
mini-IMG_0057.JPG (192080 bytes)
Kevin Walsh and Lori Cherry
mini-IMG_0058.JPG (124506 bytes)
Slightly fuzzy shot of Eric, Kevin, and Lori
mini-IMG_0059.JPG (109987 bytes)
Waiting for plates so they could serve us dinner
mini-IMG_0060.JPG (94963 bytes) mini-IMG_0061.JPG (184372 bytes)
The big guns arrive--they started 90 minute after us, and finished just 20 minutes after we did
mini-IMG_0063.JPG (208423 bytes)
Craig Robertson's beautiful new Campy-equipped titanium tandem. Cool.
mini-IMG_0064.JPG (130105 bytes)

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