May 20, 2006--A week ago, temperatures here in Northern California were reaching into the low 90s, and it looked like this year's Davis Double Century would be hot again. However, a low pressure system had different ideas, and temperatures plunged over the week and stayed low and very comfortable for the 37th Davis DC, peaking in the low 70s.  Rain that threatened early in the day (it poured down on Friday in Davis) never materialized, resulting in some of the best weather we've seen in our 23 trips around the DC course.

If the weather this week didn't add challenge, other recent rains did. Big Canyon Road, part of the traditional DC course between Middletown and Lower Lake, was closed due to a washout, so the organizers took the riders over Cobb Mountain (the first time up this route since 1972). The changed route added about 4 miles of distance and 800 feet of climbing, much of it around 8-10 percent grade. Lots of riders grumbled about the revised route as they struggled up to the top.

This year's DC was used as a training ride for yours truly and several other participants in the upcoming Big Fix cross-country fixed gear ride (starting just four weeks after the DC, on June 17).  The Big Fix features day after day of riding as hard as or harder than the DC--yes, it's going to be a very tough ride!

Campy Only's time for the ride: 13 hours, 8 minutes (total time, including stops)

And now, photos by Campy Only's Eric Norris. Email us if you would like a higher-res version.

Fun Stuff--> dc_aerial_1.jpg (91543 bytes)
DC Route from the air
dc_aerial_2.jpg (62387 bytes)
DC from the air, with the Pacific Ocean in the background
cobb_mountain.jpg (60031 bytes)
The Cobb Mountain climb
Download the DC Route for Google Earth
(Right-click and select "Save Link As")
Friday--> mini-IMG_0002.JPG (88083 bytes)
Friday afternoon--ominous clouds over Napa County
mini-IMG_0003.JPG (180437 bytes)
Friday check-in
mini-IMG_0004.JPG (175224 bytes) mini-IMG_0005.JPG (141137 bytes)
Looking at the route map--where is Cobb Mountain?
Ride Day--> mini-IMG_0006.JPG (40398 bytes)
Big Fix head honcho Mojo Cosgrove
mini-IMG_0007.JPG (99650 bytes)
Morning check-in
mini-IMG_0010.JPG (72084 bytes)
First peloton photos--lots of  Big Fix jerseys!
mini-IMG_0011.JPG (90145 bytes) mini-IMG_0012.JPG (77953 bytes)
mini-IMG_0013.JPG (178563 bytes)
Bo Yule leads out Peter Burnett
mini-IMG_0014.JPG (121938 bytes)
mini-IMG_0015.JPG (233001 bytes)
First Rest Stop
mini-IMG_0016.JPG (207713 bytes)
Bo, in his Big Fix jersey
mini-IMG_0017.JPG (208776 bytes)
Big Fixers: Sandy, Mojo, Eric, Bo, and Peter
mini-IMG_0018.JPG (115996 bytes)
Heading into the canyon before Monticello Dam
mini-IMG_0019.JPG (138580 bytes) mini-IMG_0020.JPG (146241 bytes)
Rest Stop 2, Monticello Dam
mini-IMG_0021.JPG (150763 bytes) mini-IMG_0022.JPG (116232 bytes)
On the way to Moscowite Corners
mini-IMG_0023.JPG (137877 bytes) mini-IMG_0024.JPG (143660 bytes)
Bike event in progress!
mini-IMG_0025.JPG (113814 bytes) mini-IMG_0026.JPG (144091 bytes)
Rest Stop 3, Nichellini Winery
mini-IMG_0027.JPG (194905 bytes) mini-IMG_0028.JPG (116528 bytes)
Chiles Valley scenery
mini-IMG_0029.JPG (86325 bytes) mini-IMG_0030.JPG (173454 bytes)
mini-IMG_0031.JPG (106053 bytes)
Arriving at Rest Stop 4, Pope Valley Grange Hall
mini-IMG_0032.JPG (155498 bytes) mini-IMG_0034.JPG (160321 bytes)
Clem Bartolai, a longtime friend and DC rider. He turns 70 this year. Go Clem!
mini-IMG_0035.JPG (128718 bytes)
Heading for Lake County
mini-IMG_0036.JPG (100475 bytes) mini-IMG_0037.JPG (121775 bytes)
mini-IMG_0038.JPG (98822 bytes)
Detert Reservoir
mini-IMG_0039.JPG (162676 bytes)
Rest Stop 5, Middletown
mini-IMG_0040.JPG (118873 bytes)
Advice to the riders: "Use efficient gears" We fixed-gear riders laughed.
mini-IMG_0041.JPG (135450 bytes)
Peter Burnett, on the way to Cobb Mountain
mini-IMG_0042.JPG (119596 bytes)
Banana = Fuel
mini-IMG_0043.JPG (114929 bytes)
Starting the Cobb Mountain climb
mini-IMG_0044.JPG (179104 bytes)
False summit
mini-IMG_0045.JPG (158354 bytes) mini-IMG_0046.JPG (255234 bytes)
Lots of smiling faces at Rest Stop 6 on Cobb Mountain
mini-IMG_0047.JPG (135521 bytes)
Riders reaching RS 6
mini-IMG_0048.JPG (145634 bytes)
Rest Stop 6, Cobb Mountain
mini-IMG_0049.JPG (164295 bytes)
mini-IMG_0050.JPG (187859 bytes)
Lunch at Lower Lake High School
mini-IMG_0051.JPG (168124 bytes) mini-IMG_0052.JPG (81687 bytes)
Fueling up--our selection for lunch
mini-IMG_0053.JPG (194210 bytes)
Here is Beth's annual photo
mini-IMG_0054.JPG (85012 bytes)
After lunch
mini-IMG_0055.JPG (159302 bytes)
Resurrection rest stop (actually, at the Colusa County line)
mini-IMG_0056.JPG (167384 bytes) mini-IMG_0057.JPG (158982 bytes) mini-IMG_0058.JPG (193343 bytes)
Guida rest stop
Sorry, but our batteries died at Guinda, and the maniacal pace set by Peter and others didn't give us time to stop for more!

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