May 21, 2005--The 36th annual edition of the Davis Double took place under sunny skies with warm temperatures--some of the best weather that Campy Only has seen on our 22 trips around the DC course.  About 900 riders were signed up, and everyone we saw was having a great time, aided by the numerous helpful rest stop workers and the legions of sag vehicles.

Campy Only's weapon of choice (for the second year) was our fixed-gear Soma, this time equipped with 50x19 gearing (one tooth higher than last year's 50x20--a little harder on the uphills, but nicer on the flats and downhills).

We stopped at every rest stop--partly to enjoy to the rest stop goodies, and partly to let our legs stop moving for a while. 

Our target time for the ride was 14 hours, and we ended up finishing in 13:59--a full 90 minutes faster than last year! (BTW, we did the math and figured it took about 54,000 pedal strokes--yes, pedaling every inch of the way--to go around the entire DC course.)

And now ... the photos.  Email us if you would like a slighter higher-res version, or if you can ID any of the folks in the photos.

Rest Stop #1
Farnham Ranch

mini-IMG_0001.JPG (250129 bytes)
Arriving at RS 1
mini-IMG_0002.JPG (256651 bytes) mini-IMG_0003.JPG (170716 bytes)
Leaving the rest stop
mini-IMG_0004.JPG (138924 bytes)
Chasing our shadow
mini-IMG_0005.JPG (162888 bytes)
On the way to Winters
mini-IMG_0006.JPG (181930 bytes)
Heading for first climb of the day
mini-IMG_0007.JPG (147071 bytes)
First glimpse of Monticello Dam

Rest Stop #2
Monticello Dam

mini-IMG_0008.JPG (175199 bytes)
Monticello Dam rest stop
mini-IMG_0009.JPG (184383 bytes)
Ride fast uphill ...
mini-IMG_0010.JPG (237461 bytes)
... then wait for a potty
mini-IMG_0011.JPG (160958 bytes)
In the Capay Valley
mini-IMG_0012.JPG (164928 bytes)

Rest Stop #3
Nichelini Winery

mini-IMG_0013.JPG (292818 bytes)
Rest stop at the winery picnic area
mini-IMG_0014.JPG (278273 bytes)
Watering up--a very good idea on a warm day
mini-IMG_0015.JPG (303234 bytes)
Our bike takes a rest
mini-IMG_0016.JPG (225754 bytes)
Heading for Pope Valley
mini-IMG_0017.JPG (183307 bytes)
We've been going by this barn for more than 20 years...It's still scenic
mini-IMG_0018.JPG (203224 bytes)
Nice shady roads on this part of the course

Rest Stop #4
Pope Valley Grange Hall

mini-IMG_0019.JPG (234171 bytes)
Rest stop at the Pope Valley Grange Hall
mini-IMG_0020.JPG (251521 bytes)
Clem Bartolai, beloved former mayor of Sierra Madre. This was his 6th Davis DC--at age 68!
mini-IMG_0021.JPG (251772 bytes)
Tom's brand-new Richard Sachs came out to play on the DC
mini-IMG_0022.JPG (145294 bytes)
mini-IMG_0024.JPG (247465 bytes)
We pulled over to take this shot. Glad we did--check it out
mini-IMG_0025.JPG (178356 bytes)
The summit before the Guenoc Winery
mini-IMG_0026.JPG (147749 bytes)
Guenoc Winery...
mini-IMG_0027.JPG (163113 bytes)
...and the reservoir across the way
mini-IMG_0028.JPG (178229 bytes)
By the way, it's pronounced in the French manner: "Zhe-NO," not "Gway-nock"

Rest Stop #5
Middletown High School

mini-IMG_0029.JPG (114224 bytes)
Rest stop 5, at Middletown High School
mini-IMG_0030.JPG (149210 bytes)
Watering up again
mini-IMG_0031.JPG (234955 bytes) mini-IMG_0032.JPG (177053 bytes)
Heading for Big Canyon
mini-IMG_0033.JPG (192255 bytes) mini-IMG_0034.JPG (267870 bytes)
Smile! You're almost at rest stop 6!

Rest Stop #6
Big Canyon

mini-IMG_0035.JPG (180790 bytes)
Waiting for riders at rest stop 6
mini-IMG_0036.JPG (195887 bytes) mini-IMG_0039.JPG (156627 bytes)
Heading for lunch


mini-IMG_0040.JPG (224831 bytes)
At the lunch
mini-IMG_0041.JPG (248872 bytes)
Another gratuitous shot of our fixed-gear bike
mini-IMG_0042.JPG (233785 bytes) mini-IMG_0043.JPG (173738 bytes) mini-IMG_0044.JPG (220679 bytes)
Beth from B and L Bike Shop helps get another rider back on the road
mini-IMG_0045.JPG (139616 bytes)
Cresting the first apres-lunch summit
mini-IMG_0046.JPG (132704 bytes) mini-IMG_0047.JPG (236736 bytes)
Sandy takes a break
mini-IMG_0048.JPG (135677 bytes)
Nearing the top of Resurrection
mini-IMG_0049.JPG (96899 bytes)
When you see the Oasis, you're almost there
mini-IMG_0050.JPG (142479 bytes)
There it is ... the top!

Rest Stop #7

mini-IMG_0051.JPG (165443 bytes)
Resurrection rest stop
mini-IMG_0052.JPG (165346 bytes) mini-IMG_0053.JPG (164467 bytes)
Amenities included a wading pool to soothe hot, tired feet
mini-IMG_0055.JPG (145358 bytes) mini-IMG_0056.JPG (132069 bytes)
Starting the long descent
mini-IMG_0057.JPG (151405 bytes)

Rest Stop #8
Guinda Fire Station

mini-IMG_0058.JPG (190603 bytes)
This little worker helped keep the wading pool full
mini-IMG_0059.JPG (170660 bytes) mini-IMG_0061.JPG (217275 bytes)
Finding a shady spot

Rest Stop #9

mini-IMG_0062.JPG (229383 bytes)
A nice, festive spot
mini-IMG_0063.JPG (142211 bytes)
We like this photo
mini-IMG_0064.JPG (166236 bytes)
mini-IMG_0065.JPG (106674 bytes)
Another gratuitous (and slightly shady) photo of Campy Only's Eric Norris
mini-IMG_0066.JPG (137194 bytes)
Rest stop babes. Woo hoo!
mini-IMG_0067.JPG (243435 bytes)
Last gratuitous shot of Campy Only's fixed gear, watched over by a paper parrot

Rest Stop #10
Plainfield Fire Station

mini-IMG_0069.JPG (108035 bytes)
View from the rest stop
mini-IMG_0070.JPG (101752 bytes)
Goodies here included their famous chili, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches
mini-IMG_0071.JPG (119362 bytes) mini-IMG_0072.JPG (145168 bytes)
Heading for Davis
mini-IMG_0073.JPG (124276 bytes)
Sandy B. Sandy was also on a fixed gear!

The Finish!!

mini-IMG_0074.JPG (123485 bytes)
Sandy savors post-ride lasanga
mini-IMG_0075.JPG (126012 bytes)
The finish
mini-IMG_0076.JPG (64126 bytes)
Our last stop of the day--burgers at In-N-Out

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