mini-IMG_0032.JPG (178209 bytes)June 25, 2005--The morning of the 30th annual Terrible Two double century dawned, well, overcast.  And the weather stayed that way most of the day, treating riders to some of the best weather ever for this perennially tough double.  To commemorate the ride's anniversary, the organizers decided to return to the "old" course, which added 11 miles and 600 feet of climbing, pushing the vertical gain to more than 16,500 feet.  This year's course avoided the killer "Rancheria" climb on Skaggs Springs Road, taking us instead on a rolling--and overall, hillier, if less steep--route through the hamlet of Annapolis and the Sea Ranch development.

Did we mention great weather?  The sun made only a rather brief appearance this year--a welcome change from two years ago, when our thermometer read 118 degrees on Skaggs Springs.  This year, we didn't see the sun until almost the summit of the Geysers climb--and then lost it again on Skaggs Springs.  The trip down the coast from Sea Ranch to Fort Ross was cool (with a reasonably good tailwind).  The last stretches through Cazadero and Monte Rio, conversely, were a bit sunny and nicely warm.

The Santa Rosa Cycling Club once again showed their organizational prowess, putting on one of the best-organized rides we've seen.  They deserve kudos for a job well done, and for raising the bar every year.  It will be interesting to see how they top themselves (again) next year.

Campy Only's choice of machines today was our Campy Only Sachs, equipped with a 39x28 low that was just about right.

As usual, email us if you would like a slightly higher-res version of any of these photos.  We'll be happy to oblige.

mini-IMG_0002.JPG (78795 bytes)
Driving to Santa Rosa
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A little hard to see, but here are the rider numbers laid out before the ride
Click to hear the pre-ride instructions we received
mini-IMG_0005.JPG (90922 bytes)
Heading out from Willowside School. 
mini-IMG_0006.JPG (91512 bytes)
A paceline of more than 200 bikes
mini-IMG_0007.JPG (87109 bytes)
In the Napa Valley
mini-IMG_0008.JPG (72069 bytes)
Robert Mondavi winery
mini-IMG_0009.JPG (89144 bytes)
On Hwy 29
mini-IMG_0010.JPG (103605 bytes)
Hwy 29
mini-IMG_0011.JPG (121418 bytes) mini-IMG_0012.JPG (103124 bytes)
Looking back at the paceline
mini-IMG_0013.JPG (153704 bytes)
Rest Stop 1, in Calistoga
mini-IMG_0014.JPG (128833 bytes)
RS 1
mini-IMG_0015.JPG (213261 bytes) mini-IMG_0017.JPG (109505 bytes)
Heading for Geysers
mini-IMG_0018.JPG (124766 bytes)
Starting the Geysers climb
mini-IMG_0019.JPG (72600 bytes)
Partway up, we rode into the cloud deck!
mini-IMG_0020.JPG (95989 bytes) mini-IMG_0021.JPG (130564 bytes)
A rockslide. No, it wasn't sliding when we got there
mini-IMG_0022.JPG (130909 bytes)
Almost at the top of the first Geyers summit, and we saw the sun for the first time
mini-IMG_0023.JPG (146617 bytes) mini-IMG_0025.JPG (194382 bytes)
Rest Stop 2, at the top of Geysers

Arriving at Geysers
mini-IMG_0026.JPG (121362 bytes)
Looking back at the clouds and fog
mini-IMG_0027.JPG (212231 bytes)
Watching for riders
mini-IMG_0028.JPG (216024 bytes)
Racks of bikes
mini-IMG_0029.JPG (204790 bytes)
Starting the descent
mini-IMG_0030.JPG (222559 bytes)
The Town of Mercuryville, Pop. 2
mini-IMG_0031.JPG (168195 bytes)
mini-IMG_0032.JPG (178209 bytes)
Yet another gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris
mini-IMG_0033.JPG (228366 bytes)
More bikes
mini-IMG_0034.JPG (227357 bytes)
Nice rack
mini-IMG_0035.JPG (127192 bytes)
On Skaggs, we saw the sun again
mini-IMG_0036.JPG (202479 bytes)
Climbing Skaggs Springs
mini-IMG_0037.JPG (208633 bytes)
Nice little vista
mini-IMG_0040.JPG (195961 bytes)
Rest stop at the top of Skaggs Springs--a tropical paradise
mini-IMG_0041.JPG (176265 bytes) mini-IMG_0042.JPG (208774 bytes)
Campy Only's Eric Norris ... again
mini-IMG_0043.JPG (170828 bytes)
Camp Gualala
mini-IMG_0045.JPG (159300 bytes)
Nice selection of goodies here
mini-IMG_0046.JPG (198509 bytes) mini-IMG_0047.JPG (197090 bytes)
Starting the climb to Annapolis
mini-IMG_0048.JPG (112864 bytes)
Very pretty scenes in Annapolis
mini-IMG_0049.JPG (99795 bytes)
mini-IMG_0050.JPG (117173 bytes)
Back on the Coast
mini-IMG_0051.JPG (113779 bytes) mini-IMG_0052.JPG (101554 bytes) mini-IMG_0053.JPG (80529 bytes)
Top of Fort Ross Road ...
mini-IMG_0054.JPG (80330 bytes)
... and more fog
mini-IMG_0055.JPG (60100 bytes)
mini-IMG_0056.JPG (108074 bytes)
Monte Rio rest stop
mini-IMG_0057.JPG (155225 bytes)
Monte Rio
mini-IMG_0058.JPG (120146 bytes)

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