Photos from the Winter Solstice Double Century on December 13, 2003--a somewhat wet but always scenic trip from San Jose to Pinnacles and back.  Thanks again to Craig Robertson for organizing the ride, and to the sag workers who came out to support us riders.  Click on any image below for a larger version.  If you would like a higher-res version of any photo, email us.  All photos by Eric Norris.
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Starting the day at Ken's house--4:45 a.m.
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Early morning "rest" stop
Pcdv0005_800.jpg (42689 bytes) Pcdv0006_800.jpg (148689 bytes)
Near the three lakes
Pcdv0007_800.jpg (138748 bytes)
Pcdv0008_800.jpg (103410 bytes) Pcdv0010_800.jpg (137363 bytes)
Gilroy rest stop, 50 miles
Pcdv0011_800.jpg (170509 bytes)
Thanks, Lorna!
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Campy Only's Eric Norris (Yep, another gratuitous photo)
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Ron Lew
Pcdv0015_800.jpg (121925 bytes)
Jay Bauer
Pcdv0016_800.jpg (93497 bytes)
Paul Guttenberg
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Wet roads in Gilroy
Pcdv0021_800.jpg (110962 bytes)
Outside Gilroy
Click for video
Riding near Gilroy (Requires Windows Media Viewer)
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Nicole joins the paceline
Pcdv0023_800.jpg (79005 bytes)
'Bents near Quien Sabe Road
Pcdv0025_800.jpg (72385 bytes)
Cool fog bank
Pcdv0026_800.jpg (89460 bytes)
Pcdv0027_800.jpg (73034 bytes)
Quien Sabe Road begins
Pcdv0028_800.jpg (90044 bytes) Pcdv0029_800.jpg (79710 bytes)
Heading toward Hwy 25
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backroads.jpg (144774 bytes)Cool stuff ... back in 1970, my parents bought a Sunset book, "Back Roads of California" that features pen-and-ink drawings of scenic spots off the state's main highways.  One of those spots was a view down Quien Sabe road--here's a comparison of artist Earl Thollander's sketch and current scene.  It's nice to know that some parts of California are still unspoiled--and that's why we ride our bikes through them, right?

Pcdv0034_800.jpg (67883 bytes)
On Hwy 25
Click for video
Jay Bauer crests the hill (Requires Windows Media Viewer)
Pcdv0035_800.jpg (60622 bytes)
Ron and Paul crest a small summit
Pcdv0036_800.jpg (122799 bytes)
Lunch at Pinnacles
Pcdv0037_800.jpg (169062 bytes)
Big Campy fan Todd Teachout
Pcdv0038_800.jpg (154088 bytes)
You take my picture, I'll take yours ... 
Pcdv0039_800.jpg (134956 bytes) Pcdv0040_800.jpg (81119 bytes)
Heading home
Pcdv0041_800.jpg (67068 bytes)
Nice views in San Benito County
Pcdv0042_800.jpg (66297 bytes)
Pcdv0043_800.jpg (67398 bytes) Pcdv0044_800.jpg (82013 bytes) Pcdv0045_800.jpg (78200 bytes)
Near Hollister
Pcdv0046_800.jpg (42349 bytes) Pcdv0047_800.jpg (51112 bytes)
Blue sky!
Pcdv0048_800.jpg (85540 bytes)
Campy Only's bars
Pcdv0049_800.jpg (78667 bytes) Pcdv0050_800.jpg (92340 bytes)
Chasing our shadow
Pcdv0051_800.jpg (88521 bytes) Pcdv0055_800.jpg (90910 bytes)
Just outside Gilroy

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