August 20 and 21, 2005--A group of seven riders (the largest field ever) headed from Davis and Sacramento for Lake Tahoe on the fourth annual Tahoe Epic, a two-day ride to the lake and back.  Riders this year included veterans Ron Lew, Dan Duisenberg, and Campy Only's Eric Norris, joined by new riders Mark Gunther, Chris Calhoun, Sandy Borowski, and Robi Pochapin.

The Tahoe Epic is a tough ride--Day One is more than 140 miles from Davis, with 13,500 feet of climbing that includes almost 30 miles of uphill in one stretch on Mormon Emigrant Trail, and three passes at 8,000 feet and higher.  By the end of the first day, only three riders--Ron, Robi, and Eric--were still riding; everybody else had decided to sag in and forego the last 40 to 50 miles.  Still, all had a great time, which included hitting several all-you-can-eat buffets in South Lake Tahoe!

Presented below, photos by Campy Only's Eric Norris.  Email us if you would like a slightly higher-res version of any photo.

mini-IMG_0002.JPG (186888 bytes)
Riding through West Sacramento, Sandy leads the way
mini-IMG_0003.JPG (108240 bytes)
Over the shoulder view of Dan's bike
mini-IMG_0004.JPG (140469 bytes) mini-IMG_0005.JPG (173348 bytes)
The group powers through Folsom
mini-IMG_0006.JPG (135265 bytes)
First tiny hill
mini-IMG_0007.JPG (77453 bytes)
Robi found this 1942 coin laying by the side of the road!
mini-IMG_0008.JPG (174908 bytes)
Dan looks confident in Cameron Park, but leg cramps would end his ride a little later.
mini-IMG_0009.JPG (114703 bytes)
Sandy B
mini-IMG_0010.JPG (181512 bytes)
Placerville rest stop--Ron adjusts his luggage
mini-IMG_0011.JPG (157076 bytes) mini-IMG_0012.JPG (151946 bytes)
Marlboro?  What was Robi thinking?
mini-IMG_0013.JPG (175436 bytes)
Historic coffee house
mini-IMG_0014.JPG (190016 bytes)
Bikes here include Campy Only's Richard Sachs
mini-IMG_0015.JPG (185874 bytes)
Sandy takes a picture of us taking a picture
mini-IMG_0016.JPG (177973 bytes)
Chris and Ron
mini-IMG_0017.JPG (156398 bytes)
Regrouping near Camino
mini-IMG_0018.JPG (196939 bytes)
Chris and Ron ... again
mini-IMG_0019.JPG (145098 bytes)
Dan in Pollock Pines
mini-IMG_0020.JPG (169017 bytes)
Lunch stop in Pollock Pines
mini-IMG_0021.JPG (160016 bytes)
Robi starts the climb up Mormon Emigrant Trail. He snagged pretty much every KOM prize
mini-IMG_0023.JPG (191205 bytes)
Mormon Emigrant Trail
mini-IMG_0024.JPG (79391 bytes)
Gratuitous self-portrait of Campy Only's Eric Norris
mini-IMG_0025.JPG (83098 bytes) mini-IMG_0026.JPG (169964 bytes)
The long, long, climb of Mormon Emigrant Trail
mini-IMG_0027.JPG (212325 bytes)
Our shadow
mini-IMG_0028.JPG (163629 bytes)
On Hwy 88, heading for the first 8,000-foot pass
mini-IMG_0029.JPG (213860 bytes)
Nice alpine scenery
mini-IMG_0030.JPG (212789 bytes) mini-IMG_0031.JPG (201103 bytes)
Almost at the summit of Hwy 88
mini-IMG_0032.JPG (178205 bytes)
Chris, Sandy, and Mark's bikes on the sag vehicle
mini-IMG_0033.JPG (185778 bytes)
Rest stop at Silver Lake
mini-IMG_0034.JPG (143670 bytes) mini-IMG_0036.JPG (90568 bytes)
Carson Spur
mini-IMG_0037.JPG (97232 bytes)
View from Carson Spur
mini-IMG_0038.JPG (142664 bytes)
Caples Lake
mini-IMG_0039.JPG (114363 bytes)
mini-IMG_0040.JPG (233806 bytes)
Left turn to Lake Tahoe
mini-IMG_0041.JPG (221632 bytes)
At Carson Pass
mini-IMG_0042.JPG (137632 bytes)
Robi gets ready for the long downhill
mini-IMG_0043.JPG (141204 bytes)
mini-IMG_0044.JPG (142248 bytes)
mini-IMG_0045.JPG (171727 bytes)
Day Two: Tahoe to Davis mini-IMG_0046.JPG (141289 bytes)
Heading for breakfast Sunday morning
mini-IMG_0047.JPG (78445 bytes)
Chris and Ron get packed for the return trip. Five riders made the trip back from Lake Tahoe
mini-IMG_0048.JPG (75577 bytes)
Another shot of our shoulder
mini-IMG_0049.JPG (188193 bytes)
Pioneer Trail
mini-IMG_0050.JPG (176445 bytes)
Our first job for Sunday--climb over that mountain
mini-IMG_0051.JPG (84724 bytes) mini-IMG_0052.JPG (230539 bytes)
Echo Summit
mini-IMG_0053.JPG (248843 bytes)
Campy Only's Eric Norris in a gratuitous summit shot
mini-IMG_0054.JPG (286486 bytes)
Outer Limits?
mini-IMG_0055.JPG (161311 bytes)
Sly Park exit---here's where we left Hwy 50 on the way down
mini-IMG_0056.JPG (147670 bytes)
Yolo Causeway bike path--almost home!

mini-IMG_0057.JPG (85265 bytes)
Last gratuitous self-portrait, with about 8 miles to go
mini-IMG_0058.JPG (127807 bytes)
Home at last! 14 hours up, 9 hours down

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