This page showcases photos from various "training" rides in 2003.  For photos from "major" rides, click here  For 2004 rides, click here

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10-12-03 Mormon Emigrant Trail
Image0541_cropped.jpg (62696 bytes)

Riding partner Ron Lew and I liked the climb up Mormon Emigrant Trail so much when we did it as part of the Tahoe Epic, we decided to do it again--this time an out-and-back ride from Sly Park to Silver Lake.  Totals for the ride: 62 miles, 6500 feet of elevation gain, tons of good times.

Image0534_800.jpg (87972 bytes)
Heading out at 7:30 a.m.
Image0535_800.jpg (125785 bytes)
Morning sun coming through the trees
Image0536_800.jpg (151845 bytes)
The long, long, climb
Image0538_800.jpg (176854 bytes)
Historic marker on the Old Emigrant Road
Image0539_800.jpg (104403 bytes)
Top of the climb!
Image0540_800.jpg (154038 bytes)
One the way back
Image0542_800.jpg (102859 bytes)
Beautiful blue skies over Mormon Emigrant Trail
Image0543_800.jpg (175645 bytes)
The Campy Only Sachs rests at the finish

9-7-03 Assault on Mix Canyon
Mix Canyon ... the mere name strikes fear in the heart of cyclists throughout the greater Davis area.  About 4.8 miles from bottom to top, this climb gets steeper as it goes up, culminating in stretches approaching 18 percent grade (check out the route profile for the entire ride from Davis to the top and back).

mix_profile.jpg (73935 bytes)
The Route Profile (thanks to Dan Duisenberg)
Pcdv0028_800.jpg (99211 bytes)
Rest stop before the climb
Pcdv0029_800.jpg (97172 bytes)
Yes, we stopped at a bar. (It was Bo's idea!)
Pcdv0030_800.jpg (120908 bytes)
About 1.5 miles to go
Pcdv0031_800.jpg (121653 bytes)
Sandy on the climb
Pcdv0032_800.jpg (111778 bytes)
Here comes Steve
Pcdv0033_800.jpg (141031 bytes)
Steve grinds up
Pcdv0034_800.jpg (73319 bytes)
Here comes the steep part!
Click for Video
Click for Video
Video: Steve arrives at the top
Pcdv0037_800.jpg (101864 bytes)
Click for Video
Video: Sandy's arrival
Pcdv0041_800.jpg (96316 bytes)
Pcdv0038_800.jpg (76710 bytes)
Antennas on the ridgeline
Click for Video
Video: Dan!
Pcdv0043_800.jpg (103888 bytes)
Dan and Bo
NOTE: Videos require the Windows Media Viewer


Just for fun, a video ride diary by Campy Only's web guy

We took the Campy Only Sachs on an early morning ride near Auburn, CA, and stopped to take this photo of the spectacular Foresthill Bridge.  This amazing span soars 730 feet over the canyon below--Click here for more info on the bridge
forest_hill_bridge_mid.jpg (142335 bytes)
Click here to download an interactive panorama of this photo

These deer near Lake Berryessa must have been reading the signs! Sunflowers were photographed near Davis, CA.

steele_cyn_deer.jpg (41511 bytes) Image0363_800.jpg (158844 bytes) Image0364_800.jpg (189606 bytes)

Views of Yolo County farmlands and the Vaca Hills near Davis, California

Image0411_800.jpg (152864 bytes) Image0413_800.jpg (109285 bytes) Image0414_800.jpg (72654 bytes) Image0415_800.jpg (91400 bytes) Image0417_800.jpg (76956 bytes)

5-4-03--Riding in Napa County, California
Napa County is fairly close to the world headquarters of Campy Only, and we enjoy making forays into this wonderful area.  Below, a few photos from the Angwin and Pope Valley areas.

Image0363.jpg (188758 bytes) Image0364.jpg (248375 bytes) Image0365.jpg (176204 bytes) Image0366.jpg (201617 bytes)

3-31-03--Last Chance for "March Madness" Miles

Last day for riding in March--Paul, Karen, Bo, and I rode to Vacaville for lunch.  After a month of trying, we finally snagged a tailwind for the ride home!

Image0259.jpg (97189 bytes)  Image0260.jpg (119761 bytes)

3-23-03--Visit to the "Glory Hole" Spillway at Monticello Dam

We visited the "glory hole" spillway that drains Lake Berryessa--it's really quite a sight to see the whitewater cascading down the inside of the glory hole!  Check out our video, too!


Quick shot from our morning commute--street sign illuminated by our headlight:
Image0236a.jpg (213683 bytes)

3-9-03: Mt Diablo

Image0210.jpg (157115 bytes) Image0211.jpg (168845 bytes) Image0213.jpg (98395 bytes) Image0214.jpg (112409 bytes)
Photos above: Climbing the north road; Bo Yule carves a turn; gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris; and view of the south road. View right: first sight of the summit, in the distance Image0215.jpg (99480 bytes)

Why climb Diablo? Check out the photos below . . .

Image0216.jpg (97585 bytes) Image0217.jpg (75826 bytes) Image0218.jpg (64573 bytes) Image0219.jpg (74346 bytes) Image0220.jpg (102801 bytes) Image0221.jpg (106059 bytes) Image0222.jpg (79384 bytes) Image0223.jpg (84635 bytes) Image0224.jpg (113353 bytes)
Above, a panoramic view to the east; below, view to the west. This makes the climb all worthwhile . . .
Compiled Western Panorama
Image0225.jpg (85495 bytes) Image0226.jpg (84882 bytes) Image0227.jpg (72602 bytes) Image0228.jpg (71876 bytes) Image0229.jpg (87505 bytes) Image0230.jpg (107271 bytes)


Compiled Western Panorama

Click on the links below to download animated, interactive panoramas.  Thank you to reader Dennis Stover for providing these files!

View to the west  |  View to the east


Image0131.jpg (201907 bytes) Image0132.jpg (119918 bytes) Image0134.jpg (82398 bytes)
Image0135.jpg (169005 bytes)

2-8-03--A nice, crisp morning in Pleasants Valley and Cantelow Road.  With the bridge out, there's also very little traffic on Pleasants Valley!

Image0136.jpg (160646 bytes)

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