April 29, 2006--Glorious weather for this year's Devil Mountain Double Century!  We've done this 208-mile ride a number of times, and have endured cold, rain, and snow, but 2006 dawned warm and mild, with highs in the low 80s. A great day for riding.  

This year, we were using a GPS-based cycle computer, so the first few images show some charts of elevation, speed vs. elevation, and a map. The unit's batteries only last 12 hours--enough to get to the 150-mile mark, but not quite enough for our complete 16:25 trip (about 25 minutes faster than last year, a new PR for us!). Did we mention that the ride has more than 19,000 feet of elevation gain? Click here for finishing results from the Quackcyclists web site

Please email us if you would like a higher-res (3 meg) version of any of these photos.

elevation_profile.jpg (36564 bytes)
GPS-generated course profile for the first 150 miels
elevation_speed.jpg (58689 bytes)
Altitude + speed overlay
map.jpg (117660 bytes)
The route
Click here to download a route that you can view with Google Earth
mini-PICT0001.JPG (55477 bytes)
The Big Fix's Mojo Cosgrove cleans his "gearly" bike the day before
mini-PICT0002.JPG (218488 bytes)
View from our room at the San Ramon Marriott
mini-PICT0003.JPG (73892 bytes)
Checking in Friday evening
mini-PICT0007.JPG (116837 bytes)
Gratuitous shot #1 of Campy Only's Eric Norris. Peet's Coffee in a thermos for the morning
mini-PICT0008.JPG (95090 bytes)
Dinner! "Dos Manos" burrito = plenty of carbs!
mini-PICT0009.JPG (102581 bytes)
mini-PICT0010.JPG (106988 bytes)
Bikes at the ready. We rode our Teschner to take advantage of its 34x28 low gear
mini-PICT0012.JPG (71340 bytes)
5 am start
mini-PICT0013.JPG (38944 bytes)
Taillight in the dark on the slopes of Mt Diablo
mini-PICT0017.JPG (42293 bytes)
It really wasn't foggy at the top of Diablo--only our lens was
mini-PICT0018.JPG (62047 bytes) mini-PICT0019.JPG (144984 bytes)
On Mines Road
mini-PICT0020.JPG (150531 bytes) mini-PICT0021.JPG (147260 bytes)
Mines Road peloton
mini-PICT0022.JPG (146930 bytes)
Mines Road
mini-PICT0023.JPG (196933 bytes)
Tony was still smiling despite crashing on Mines Road. We went back to help after he and two other riders went down
mini-PICT0024.JPG (184810 bytes)
Almost at lunch!
mini-PICT0026.JPG (183951 bytes)

mini-PICT0027.JPG (156959 bytes)
Bottled water--one of the many nice touches that the Quackcyclists put into this ride. They really do a great job.
mini-PICT0028.JPG (201329 bytes)
Lunch shot
mini-PICT0029.JPG (61820 bytes)
Gratuitous photo #2
mini-PICT0030.JPG (169361 bytes)
Tired rider gets a massage
mini-PICT0031.JPG (167888 bytes)
The Junction, hosts to us and scores of motorcyclists
mini-PICT0032.JPG (204358 bytes)
View from lunch
mini-PICT0035.JPG (141961 bytes)
After lunch, fields of wildflowers
mini-PICT0036.JPG (232321 bytes)
Two riders coming back from the top of Mt Hamilton
mini-PICT0037.JPG (199189 bytes)
These gals looked great. The weather was nice and warm here
mini-PICT0038.JPG (206615 bytes) mini-PICT0039.JPG (222738 bytes)
A descent before the start of the big Mt Hamilton climb
mini-PICT0040.JPG (142431 bytes) mini-PICT0041.JPG (70478 bytes)
Campy Only's legs
mini-PICT0042.JPG (200883 bytes)
Whew! Made it to the Mt Hamilton water stop
mini-PICT0043.JPG (185383 bytes)
Ice cold drinks really hit the spot
mini-PICT0044.JPG (141181 bytes)
View from the water stop
mini-PICT0046.JPG (177695 bytes)
... but you're not at the top yet!
mini-PICT0049.JPG (108591 bytes)
The Lick Observatory
mini-PICT0050.JPG (65114 bytes)
First view of San Jose from the top of Mt Ham
mini-PICT0052.JPG (102404 bytes)
The Crothers Road rest stop returned this year
mini-PICT0053.JPG (106540 bytes)
View from the Crothers Road restroom.
mini-PICT0056.JPG (221740 bytes)
Sierra Road was closed to cars, but we were able to walk past the washed-out section of road
mini-PICT0057.JPG (186099 bytes) mini-PICT0058.JPG (133615 bytes)
A big chunk of roadway slid down the hill
mini-PICT0059.JPG (195410 bytes) mini-PICT0060.JPG (148325 bytes)
Only a small section was left to walk on
mini-PICT0061.JPG (77983 bytes)
Another view of San Jose
mini-PICT0062.JPG (145905 bytes)
Rider ascending near the top of Sierra Road
mini-PICT0063.JPG (270227 bytes)
Lots of road art from the recent pro cycling race up Sierra Road
mini-PICT0064.JPG (149934 bytes)
Cows take a dip at the top
mini-PICT0065.JPG (120115 bytes)
Way off in the distance is the summit of Mt Hamilton
mini-PICT0066.JPG (187231 bytes)
Pet the Goat!
mini-PICT0067.JPG (137248 bytes)
Here we are, petting the goat at the PTG rest stop. He is a very friendly, clean goat
mini-PICT0069.JPG (101359 bytes) mini-PICT0070.JPG (161058 bytes)
This girl and her mother came just to see the goat 
mini-PICT0071.JPG (76718 bytes)
Calaveras Reservoir
mini-PICT0073.JPG (132505 bytes)
The dam at Calaveras Reservoir
mini-PICT0074.JPG (112133 bytes)
Heading for Sunol
mini-PICT0075.JPG (126655 bytes)
mini-PICT0077.JPG (127773 bytes)
Sunol Rest Stop
mini-PICT0078.JPG (153423 bytes)
The Campy Only Teschner
mini-PICT0079.JPG (123394 bytes)
Rider arriving in Sunol
mini-PICT0080.JPG (118719 bytes)
Storm runoff rushing down the stream after Sunol

mini-PICT0082.JPG (56908 bytes)
Heading down the canyon
mini-PICT0083.JPG (57661 bytes)
Campy Only Guy and Big Fix Guy at the finish (gratuitous photo #4)
mini-PICT0084.JPG (56642 bytes)
Finish shot--another foggy lens

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