Devil Mountain Double
April 21, 2001

For the Devil Mountain Double, I tried out a small, pocket-sized digital camera for the first time.  The results are shown below.  The photos are presented in chronological order, starting at top left with a smiling Paul Guttenberg (one of the very strange aspects of the ride was that Paul looked just as happy at the end . . . )

Click on any photo to see a larger version.  All photos by Eric Norris except photos of me, from 

image1.jpg (38182 bytes)
Paul Guttenberg
image2.jpg (50342 bytes)
Rest stop at The Junction
image3.jpg (42201 bytes)
Climbing Mt. Hamilton
image4.jpg (52576 bytes)
The California Triple Crown's Chuck Bramwell, near the top of Mt. Hamilton
image6.jpg (40771 bytes)
Topping out on Mt. Ham
image7.jpg (42257 bytes)
Snowy views from the top of Mt. Ham

Your C-O webmaster at the summit
image8.jpg (43164 bytes)
Rest stop in San Jose
image9.jpg (49579 bytes)
Paul Guttenberg fixed this same flat twice!
image10.jpg (53483 bytes)
In case Sierra Road didn't get your goat, they had one at the top!
image11.jpg (36760 bytes)
Scenic Calaveras Road
photocrazy_3.jpg (13397 bytes)
Your webmaster on Calaveras Road
image14.jpg (48463 bytes)
The sickos who designed the course made us drop 1,000 feet to get to this Oakland rest stop, then climb back up to the course!

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