Photos from the 2003 edition of the Devil Mountain Double Century--206 miles of fun, with 20,000 feet of vertical gain thrown in just to make it interesting.  The folks from Quack Cyclists outdid themselves again, providing superb support to to the riders.

IMAGE0267.JPG (183284 bytes)
Signing in at the Marriott
IMAGE0268.JPG (139259 bytes)
On the slopes of Mt. Diablo
IMAGE0269.JPG (191163 bytes)
Diablo Summit rest stop
IMAGE0270.JPG (164437 bytes)
Checking in--one climb done!
IMAGE0271.JPG (462643 bytes)
Patriotic display in Clayton
IMAGE0272.JPG (260198 bytes)
Heading for the hills
IMAGE0273.JPG (336659 bytes) IMAGE0274.JPG (272003 bytes)
Mt. Diablo from below
IMAGE0275.JPG (174442 bytes)
The 6 a.m. group approaches on Morgan Territory Road . . .
IMAGE0276.JPG (240241 bytes)
. . . and there they go!
IMAGE0277.JPG (257648 bytes) IMAGE0278.JPG (271048 bytes)
Fantastic rest stop crews all day long!
IMAGE0279.JPG (271350 bytes) IMAGE0280.JPG (571807 bytes)
Gratuitous shot of the Campy Only (new) Merlin
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Heading for Livermore are Craig Robertson (left) and Paul Guttenberg
IMAGE0282.JPG (296622 bytes)
Craig and Paul
Image0283.jpg (156364 bytes)
Windmills in the Altamont Pass
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IMAGE0285.JPG (195283 bytes)
Patterson Pass
IMAGE0286.JPG (171555 bytes)
"Oh My God" Hill
IMAGE0287.JPG (280449 bytes)
IMAGE0288.JPG (335653 bytes)
Gratuitous shot of Campy Only's Eric Norris
IMAGE0289.JPG (467376 bytes)
Paul G.
IMAGE0290.JPG (507414 bytes)
Lunch at the Junction
IMAGE0291.JPG (430266 bytes) IMAGE0292.JPG (308172 bytes)
Eric and Paul at the Junction
IMAGE0293.JPG (548157 bytes)
Another gratuitous Merlin shot.
IMAGE0294.JPG (505838 bytes)
Blue wildflowers
IMAGE0295.JPG (350391 bytes)
Cresting Mt. Hamilton
IMAGE0296.JPG (312157 bytes)
Lick Oberservatory
IMAGE0297.JPG (213367 bytes)
View from Mt. Ham, looking toward San Jose.  Cool downhill is coming!
IMAGE0298.JPG (295929 bytes)
Heading for San Jose
IMAGE0300.JPG (317751 bytes)
Crothers Road rest stop
IMAGE0301.JPG (242646 bytes)
Looking back down Sierra Road
IMAGE0302.JPG (171857 bytes)
View from the summit of Sierra Road
IMAGE0303.JPG (362598 bytes)
Paul and "Alto," the Sierra Road goat
IMAGE0304.JPG (539890 bytes)
Why are these signs posted?
Seems like common sense . . .
If you have a name for any more of these faces, please email me.

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