mini-S7305809.JPG (146313 bytes)September 20, 2008--Give whoever ordered the weather for this year's Knoxville Fall Classic Double Century a bonus!  Not too hot, not too cold, with just enough puffy clouds floating around to make the blue, blue sky even prettier. 

Presented below, Campy Only's photos from the ride.  (We were there on our Campy-equipped Rivendell.)  Email us if you would like a higer-res version of any photo. More captions coming soon!

First Photos

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First photo of the day, heading toward Wooden Valley
mini-S7305787.JPG (80222 bytes)
On Silverado Trail

mini-S7305788.JPG (76097 bytes)

Rest Stop 1

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Sag driver extraordinaire Lee Mitchell
mini-S7305790.JPG (92220 bytes)
The group at Rest Stop 1, near Yountville
mini-S7305791.JPG (127364 bytes) mini-S7305792.JPG (103547 bytes)
It's harvest time for the grape growers
mini-S7305793.JPG (90710 bytes)
Heading north on Hwy 29
mini-S7305794.JPG (102007 bytes) mini-S7305795.JPG (51803 bytes)
View of the Eastern Mountains
mini-S7305796.JPG (141599 bytes)
On the climb up Howell Mountain Road
mini-S7305797.JPG (146256 bytes)
There's another rider ahead of us!
mini-S7305798.JPG (208510 bytes)
In the Angwin area
mini-S7305799.JPG (201781 bytes) mini-S7305800.JPG (72411 bytes)
We found a little fog here near the Pope Valley
mini-S7305801.JPG (78878 bytes)

mini-S7305802.JPG (66188 bytes)
Vines in the fog.

mini-S7305803.JPG (159365 bytes)
A Clif Bar/Luna Bar ride was happening on some of the same roads we used.

Rest Stop 2

mini-S7305804.JPG (157319 bytes)
Rest stop at Lake Berryessa
mini-S7305805.JPG (162827 bytes)
Randy Roten gets food ready for the riders
mini-S7305806.JPG (135614 bytes)
Watering up for the long uphill to Knoxville
mini-S7305807.JPG (80896 bytes)
Lake Berryessa
mini-S7305808.JPG (84451 bytes)
Lake Berryessa
mini-S7305809.JPG (146313 bytes)
On Knoxville Road.
mini-S7305810.JPG (113794 bytes) mini-S7305811.JPG (126195 bytes) mini-S7305812.JPG (99675 bytes)
mini-S7305813.JPG (85054 bytes)
View out the famous Knoxville underpass

mini-S7305814.JPG (83719 bytes)

Knoxville Water Stop

mini-S7305815.JPG (132254 bytes)
Water stop near the top of the Knoxville climb. Rest stop workers this year dressed like hunters (but promised not to shoot cyclists)
mini-S7305816.JPG (137009 bytes)
Big group of riders coming toward us out of Lower Lake


mini-S7305818.JPG (92274 bytes)
Yummy burrito at lunch!
mini-S7305819.JPG (143710 bytes) mini-S7305820.JPG (134056 bytes) mini-S7305821.JPG (102985 bytes)
mini-S7305822.JPG (127094 bytes)
Reservoir Rest Stop mini-S7305823.JPG (153769 bytes) mini-S7305824.JPG (194078 bytes) mini-S7305825.JPG (88021 bytes) mini-S7305826.JPG (126719 bytes)
mini-S7305827.JPG (142181 bytes) mini-S7305828.JPG (93070 bytes) mini-S7305829.JPG (75390 bytes)

Last Rest Stop

mini-S7305830.JPG (165191 bytes)

mini-S7305831.JPG (65699 bytes)

mini-S7305832.JPG (99287 bytes)


mini-S7305834.JPG (89227 bytes) mini-S7305835.JPG (103269 bytes)

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