September 29, 2007--The eight edition of the Knoxville Fall Classic double century featured some of the best weather ever for this ride, which has in past years been very hot. Temps were low in the morning (Napa plunged to 37 degrees overnight), but rose into the low 80s during the day.  Knoxville this year came just a month after Paris-Brest-Paris, and many of us PBP veterans showed up in our commemorative jerseys.  Riding only 200 miles seemed like a vacation ... (No, we did not do this ride on fixed gears--them temptation to coast down then 45mph descent off Cobb Mountain was just too great).

Kudos once again to the Quack Cyclists, who did a great job supporting the ride. Their workers ride, by the way, happened the weekend before in an all-day rain.   

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Turning onto Hwy 121. The ride starts in the dark (and ended in the dark for us as well)
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Karen and Mark start the Mt George climb
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Balloons over the Napa Valley.
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Balloons were flying very low this morning.
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First rest stop, near Yountville
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Randy Roten arrives as RS 1
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Cooking up coffee and hot chocolate.
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Vineyard shadow
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Rest Stop 2, at Lake Berryessa
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Smile for the camera!
mini-S7304531.JPG (118255 bytes) mini-S7304532.JPG (141073 bytes)
Time to start shedding cold weather gear--it was already warming up
mini-S7304533.JPG (124322 bytes)
On Knoxville Berryessa Road
mini-S7304534.JPG (165005 bytes)
Peter Burnett in his PBP jersey
mini-S7304535.JPG (187638 bytes)
Lots of PBP jerseys in our group
mini-S7304536.JPG (90619 bytes)
Arriving at the Knoxville water stop
mini-S7304537.JPG (108601 bytes) mini-S7304538.JPG (136266 bytes)
mini-S7304539.JPG (158271 bytes)
Checking in the riders
mini-S7304540.JPG (141870 bytes)
One of the climbs before lunch
mini-S7304541.JPG (141719 bytes)
Arriving at lunch in Lower Lake
mini-S7304542.JPG (135066 bytes)
Lower Lake Lunch
mini-S7304543.JPG (123359 bytes) mini-100_0817.JPG (171170 bytes)
Campy Only's Eric Norris arrives at the Guenoc rest stop. 
mini-100_0819.JPG (228499 bytes)
Our Campy equipped Rivendell
mini-S7304544.JPG (157195 bytes)
Mark fixes a flat while four others look on
mini-S7304545.JPG (105768 bytes)
Old roadhouse in Pope Valley
mini-S7304546.JPG (105285 bytes)
Pope Valley store
mini-S7304548.JPG (116193 bytes)
Pope Valley vineyards
mini-S7304549.JPG (173702 bytes)
Lake Hennessey rest stop
mini-S7304550.JPG (193262 bytes) mini-S7304551.JPG (106323 bytes)
Last rest stop near Lake Solano
mini-S7304552.JPG (66013 bytes)
Karen B
mini-S7304553.JPG (92945 bytes)
Finish! End-of-the-ride food included pasta, chicken, and salad.
mini-S7304554.JPG (74411 bytes)

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