IMG_1587_800.jpg (162482 bytes)September 16, 2006--Campy Only signed up to be a sag driver for this year's edition of the Knoxville Double Century, a 201-mile ride from Vacaville to Clearlake and back.  We brought a camera (of course), and in between driving and helping riders had time to take a few shots.  Below, our photos.

IMG_1545_800.jpg (113722 bytes)
Scott signs in riders at 5 am
IMG_1546_800.jpg (223913 bytes)
Ghostly shot of riders in the pre-dawn darkness
IMG_1547_800.jpg (123221 bytes)
Bluffs rise above Wooden Valley
IMG_1548_800.jpg (120730 bytes) IMG_1549_800.jpg (196175 bytes)
Rest Stop #1, near Yountville
IMG_1550_800.jpg (178431 bytes) IMG_1551_800.jpg (166313 bytes) IMG_1552_800.jpg (172254 bytes)
Rest Stop #2, Lake Berryessa
IMG_1553_800.jpg (191082 bytes) IMG_1554_800.jpg (186455 bytes)
IMG_1555_800.jpg (72638 bytes)
The usual vultures circling overhead
IMG_1556_800.jpg (193157 bytes)
Old mining equipment near Pope Creek
IMG_1557_800.jpg (244691 bytes) IMG_1558_800.jpg (145203 bytes)
Knoxville Berryessa Road. Nice, but remote
IMG_1559_800.jpg (150399 bytes)
Looking back into Napa County
IMG_1560_800.jpg (208149 bytes)
Water stop near the top of the Knoxville Berryessa climb
IMG_1561_800.jpg (183408 bytes) IMG_1562_800.jpg (199253 bytes) IMG_1563_800.jpg (164949 bytes) IMG_1564_800.jpg (136147 bytes)
Jump forward to post-lunch--riders heading  back to Vacaville
IMG_1565_800.jpg (156505 bytes) IMG_1566_800.jpg (114071 bytes)
Official SAG
IMG_1567_800.jpg (229813 bytes)
Rest Stop #4, near Guenoc Winery
IMG_1568_800.jpg (208546 bytes) IMG_1569_800.jpg (158923 bytes)
Triple Crown Guy Chuck Bramwell ices up
IMG_1570_800.jpg (250085 bytes) IMG_1571_800.jpg (187089 bytes) IMG_1572_800.jpg (126061 bytes)
Back side of Chuck Bramwell, leaving the Guenoc rest stop
IMG_1573_800.jpg (162970 bytes)
Scenic shot
IMG_1574_800.jpg (157374 bytes)
Scenic shot #2
IMG_1575_800.jpg (191866 bytes)
More riders heading for home
IMG_1576_800.jpg (182519 bytes) IMG_1578_800.jpg (236447 bytes)
Litto's Hubcap Ranch, and official state historic landmark
IMG_1579_800.jpg (238111 bytes) IMG_1580_800.jpg (251552 bytes)
IMG_1581_800.jpg (256270 bytes) IMG_1582_800.jpg (243563 bytes) IMG_1583_800.jpg (283278 bytes) IMG_1584_800.jpg (148984 bytes)
Girls riding by the Hubcap Ranch
IMG_1585_800.jpg (256344 bytes)
IMG_1593_800.jpg (209385 bytes)
Rest Stop #5, near Lake Hennessy
IMG_1586_800.jpg (179520 bytes) IMG_1588_800.jpg (236657 bytes) IMG_1589_800.jpg (178876 bytes) IMG_1590_800.jpg (201531 bytes)
IMG_1591_800.jpg (202383 bytes) IMG_1592_800.jpg (208939 bytes)
Dude, where're my lights?
IMG_1594_800.jpg (264930 bytes)
Tire tracks. We thought it looked cool.
IMG_1595_800.jpg (210019 bytes)
Leaving Rest Stop #5

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