Campagnolo has some of the most dedicated fans in the world. Is it any wonder that some of them would choose to show their allegiance in the form of body art?  Here are some photos of Campy-equipped riders who not only ride Campagnolo ...

Ted McDaniel had this tattoo done in March 2010. In addition to the Campy wings, it has the names of his wife and three sons.
Peter C, of Boulder, CO, got this tat in early 2010.

campy_tattoo.jpg (115288 bytes)

Here's Jon with his wings and script tattoo.

campagnolo_tattoo_light.jpg (89056 bytes)

Reader Sean Light had this tattoo inked in 2008.  Eddy of course rode a Campy-equipped bicycle to the victory he's celebrating.

Campa_Tattoo_800.jpg (89674 bytes)

Uwe's left ankle features some early Campagnolo artwork.  The clouds are a nice touch.
Canadian reader Mark used the Eurus wheelset as the model for this tattoo. campy_wheel_tattoo.jpg (133729 bytes)

foot.jpg (65554 bytes)

An anonymous Campy fan out there wears this full-color retro-style logo on his drive-side ankle.
Some time ago, we posted a request for information on a tattooed mechanic. Word was, there were people out there who have taken Campy fanatacism to a new dimension--their own skin!

We heard from a reader who put us in touch with Peter Chisholm, co-owner of Vecchio's bike shop in Boulder, Colorado, who sent us these photos of his Campagnolo tattoo. Peter is said to produce some fine wheels--check out his shop: 

Peter's Tattoo
Here is a close-up of Peter's ankle--there's the famous Campy script and crest!


Peter and Valentino You can't quite see it here, but the photo that Peter's posing with was autographed to him by Valentino Campagnolo!
Can you say "hard core"?
Leo Ego has taken the traditional grease mark one step further--and made it permanent!
Look closely--the "Campagnolo" wording is reversed, as it would be if you pressed a real chainring against your leg! (Thanks to Sheldon Brown for providing this photo.)
Then there's this photo from the 1996 Tour Du Pont, sent to us by reader Steve Spielman. Not exactly Campagnolo, but at least it's Italian!

(No word on who this rider is, or whether the Columbus dove helped him fly up the hills.)

Rick Holstein wears the Campagnolo winged crest on his arm. wings.jpg (187987 bytes)

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