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Rumors archived from 2002--use the links below for other archives . . . 


  • Click for a larger versionDecember 19, 2002--Old mechanics everywhere may be kicking themselves about those old Campagnolo catalogs they tossed back in the 1960s.  A nice copy of the 1953 Catalog 12 just sold on eBay for $1,115--and that's with a torn page!  Click here to see the auction results (available for a limited time on eBay).
  • December 18,2002--The online edition of VeloNews has a report and photos of the Record electronic road gruppoClick here to read their report, including photographs  (P.S.  We posted a report and photos back in July--click here to see that report)
  • December 18, 2002--Reader Steve Stein sent in this report of a rare West Coast sighting of frame builder Richard Sachs:  "I met Richard Sachs!!!  I was walking down the street in Walnut Creek back to my office and there were these two guys on beautiful cross bikes at an intersection waiting for the light to change.  I commented on the bikes, and one of the guys said that "he made it".  It was Richard Sachs himself - on a Sachs Cross bike.  Very nice guy.  I only wish I could have been riding with them instead of going back to my office."
  • December 17, 2002--If you're in the Sacramento area and in need of Campagnolo small parts, check out Bicycle Business on Freeport Boulevard.  We were in desperate, immediate need of a hidden chainring bolt for a Record crankset, and they were the only shop in the region that we could find that stocks this item.  They were a real lifesaver . . . (Call them at 916-442-5246 and tell them Campy Only sent you)
  • December 17, 2002--Several sources are reporting that the "S" company has been road testing an 11-speed system.  Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is reportedly riding the new stuff.  In a departure from past "S" practices, the 11-speed system is supposed to be available as a retrofit to earlier 9-speed (something Campagnolo has offered for years).  Next question: When will Campagnolo bring out a 12-speed cassette?  We reported long ago about Shimano's efforts to develop a workable 14-speed cassette, which relied on a special chain design, so it's possible . . . 
  • December 4, 2002--More eBay fun, this time an original Catalog 13 from the 1950s is up for auction, with bidding currently at about $500 . . . 
  • November 25, 2002--How much is Campagnolo spending to develop electronic shifting?  One online source (www.nautilus.tv) places the figure at about $7,500,000 (about 14-billion Italian lire) to October 2000!  Campagnolo is reportedly spending the majority of its research and development funding on the electronic system, which it reported views as the wave of the future.
  • parigi-roubaix.jpg (271399 bytes)November 25, 2002--Retro fans with a lot of cash on hand may want to check out this ongoing eBay auction for an all-original 1950 Bianchi "Parigi Roubaix," with the eponymous Campagnolo rod shifter.  As of November 25, bidding was over $1,000.  Click here to see the auction
  • November 14, 2002--Well, those Delta "prototypes" are back yet again on eBay.  Click here to see the auction  But are they really one of only three sets, as the seller says?  Hard to tell.  The brakes appear to be exactly like those shown in Campagnolo's Catalog 18bis (issued in 1986) that introduced Delta brakes.  They are different from later versions--one major difference being the spring clip that held the alloy cover plate on.  But are they "prototypes" or just an example of the first generation of Deltas, which were recalled by Campagnolo?  One of our readers was curious and contacted the seller.  He reports, "The same guy has often very interesting stuff on the German eBay but nearly always with completely wrong descriptions. Pure nonsense, like Campagnolo downtube shifters from 1930-40 (item 1581208702)! Chorus stuff is sold as Record and so on.  I contacted him directly and it turned out that he has no knowledge of bike parts at all. When I asked him where he got the info that there exist only three sets of his deltas he responded that the dealer who sold him his set told him so. That's all. The dealer told him..."
  • November 5, 2002--We have in our possession the 2003 Campagnolo Catalog!  A quick read found nothing that we have already reported on (see our report on the 2003 lineup), with one interesting exception:  Breaking with a longstanding tradition going back almost 50 years, the 2003 catalog begins with the lowest-priced gruppo--Xenon--and progresses through Mirage, Veloce, Centaur, and Chorus--ending with Record.  In the section on wheels, this pattern is repeated--Proton wheels appear several pages before top-of-the-line Hyperon, and budget-priced Sciroccos are listed before the more expensive Zonda and Eurus.  Every previous Campy catalog as far back as 1953 listed the top gruppo first, followed in descending order by the less-expensive gruppos.  Wonder what made them change?
  • November 5, 2002--Those Delta "prototypes" are back on auction at eBay, this time with a startin1stdeltas_550.jpg (185890 bytes)g bid of $1,500.  On the heels of that news, however, came an email from another reader who says there are hundreds of similar first-generation Deltas out there that were never sent back when Campagnolo recalled the first production run.  He sent this screen shot of an eBay auction from 2001 as proof.  We're checking this out . . . 
  • November 1, 2002--In a move that could result in higher prices and fewer dealers, rumor has it that Campagnolo is following the lead of ShimaNO to revise the way its products are sold in the USA.  Campagnolo USA is reportedly looking at having a stronger role is setting prices for components.  Here's how ShimaNO's system (which Campagnolo USA is reportedly seeking to follow) works:  Shimano dealers may only buy new XTR components directly from Shimano USA. Shimano has also instructed all of their US distributors that they can only sell to Shimano Approved dealers. Those dealers will be required to not advertise or sell Shimano merchandise below a certain price. The net effect will be that riders will have to pay more for Shimano products and will have fewer dealers to chose from.  Mavic USA started using this system several years back and has been quite successful with it.  (Ironically Campy wheels which do not have a fixed price yet, have finally started to eat into Mavic's share of the market.)  More on this as we hear it . . . 
  • November 1, 2002--Rumored release dates for carbon cranks in new lengths:  Look for 170mm sets in late November, and 175mm sets just before Christmas.  No word yet on longer sets.
  • November 1, 2002--Are you too fat for your equipment?  According to information sent out recently by Campagnolo to its dealers, you should take extra care to check your equipment regularly if you weigh more than 80 Kg (about 176 pounds).  Campagnolo's info emphasizes that there is no clear standard to say how heavy is too heavy (many other factors, such as the ability of the wheels and frame to absorb road shock come into play), but they recommend that riders over 80Kg be "especially viligant."  Either that, or lay off the cakes and pies for a while . . . 
  • October 30, 2002--Another electronic shifting sighting in the US!  An anonymous reader sent this report, which includes some early road test results:  

    "Shouldn't be talking about this, but I used to be associated with a BIG name Italian big manufacturer many years ago.  Friend of mine who used to be one of their top engineers emails me out of the blue this summer, and asks if I would be so kind as to help out some friends of his coming this way (Phoenix, Arizona).  I said sure, and two guys from Campagnolo show up with the new electronic mech.  So, we put it on my bike and I ride it for a week at temps up to 28 to 30 degrees.  The battery life went down rapidly as the temperature rose, with sun influence leading to battery case temps near 40 degrees!!!!!  Some high-tech shielding (aluminum foil-backed insulation from the hot water tank blanket) helped the problem considerably.

    Other than that, great system, same as my current Record except almost NO resistance at the shift levers.  No pictures allowed, and quotes of three to four thousand Euros for a gruppo put me off a bit!"

  • October 30, 2002--The auction for the Delta prototypes ended with bidding at $511.  Nice bid, but not high enough to meet the seller's reserve . . . let's see if they come back.

  • October 28, 2002--While we're on the subject (see our other 10-28-02 rumor, below), here is a recent posting from www.worldofendurance.com
    Campag to go electronic?
    John Moss
    An Italian cycling magazine called Cicloturismo was following the Amateur Giro d’ Italia when they noticed that a rider who had crashed and broke his thumb was still able to change his gears. On closer inspection of his bike, they came across a prototype Campagnolo Electronic Gear shifting system.

    Mavic tried it twice and twice it failed. Great idea but they could not perfect it. Now it is Campagnolo’s turn and it seems they are well on the way to success.

    When Branford Bike, an American Bike shop that runs a Campagnolo web site (branfordbike.com), read this, they took the bull by the horns and contacted Campagnolo in Vicenza, Italy. Campag’s reply was to confirm that they were well on the way to developing an Electronic gear change system, but that substantial changes were still needed before it is perfected. They hope it will be available to the public in 2005.

    Campag first thought of the idea 12 years ago, about the same time Mavic put their Zap system on the market. The Italian company set up a secret department to deal with the development of the system. The engineers on the project were forbidden to talk about it and even the name given to new system is kept secret.

    A Campagnolo spokesman has confirmed that the system will be fully electronic, and, unlike Mavic, will work on the front changer as well as the back. The Ergo power levers will be considerably lighter and surprise, surprise, it will not be cableless. A small rechargeable battery, like a cell phone battery, will be placed near the water bottle cage.

    The rear changer will look much like today’s Record but with a small electric motor replacing the spring.

    So get applying for a loan from your bank manager now, because it is definitely not going to be cheap.

    Just an afterthought, what happens if somebody develops a remote control that could change the gears... Imagine it, your training partner with his new electronic gear systems starts leaving you behind on a steep hill, you bring out the remote control and change his gear from 39x23 to 52x12.


  • October 28, 2002--Campagnolo's electronic gruppo is in the U.S.!  An anonymous post to the Calfee Owner's Group reported seeing a setup somewhere in the Midwest:  ". . . saw something today that blew me away a bit....a campy electronic system being tested in the midwest (hush hush) for cold and wet condtions. I did not have the chance to ride on it nor would they allow me to take any photos but it was so dam impressive looking."  For more, see: http://www.hydromedia.com/phorum/read.php?f=1&i=15560&t=15560 The poster said company reps quoted him a price in the $3-4,000 range for the 2005 season . . . 
  • October 23, 2002--Seven days to go, and bidding on the Delta prototypes is holding steady at $102.50 . . . 
  • October 21, 2002--One of only three copies of the Delta Brake Prototypes from 1984 is currently up for sale on eBay.  According to the item description, the other two sets of prototypes are in the hands of Campagnolo and Richard Sachs.  Bidding started at $1 yesterday--it's safe to say it will go much higher.  To see the auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1870486234 
  • October 15, 2002--In response to our rumors about cleat covers (see the September 23 item), one reader pointed out that the latest version of the ProFit cleat is about twice as thick at the front (the part that wears out first) as the earlier version.  It should last twice as long . . . even without cleat covers.
  • October 1, 2002--Bidding on the Cambio Corsa is now over $1,500 . . . (ended at just over $1,500!)
  • wpe1.jpg (35403 bytes)September 30 ,2002--Would you pay $1,000 for a Campagnolo derailleur?  What if it required unlocking your rear quick release while you're riding, and back-pedaling to change gears?  Well, there's a mint condition Cambio Corsa mechanism on eBay for the next day or so, and with time left, bidding is over $1,100.  Not bad for a 60-year-old derailleur . . . Check out eBay item No. 1863723910
  • September 23, 2002--We're hearing that the folks who make cleat covers are working on covers that fit the Pro-Fit cleat.  That would be good news for the many riders who have tried in vain to find good-fitting covers for Campagnolo's cleat design (Look-compatible cleat covers don't quite fit).  In the meantime, here's an intriguing idea from reader Steve Davis, who used Look-style covers, zip ties, and a Velcro strap (he used a product called "Strapits") to create a Pro-Fit cover:
    campycover1.jpg (41588 bytes)  campycover3.jpg (78256 bytes)  campycover2.jpg (73854 bytes)
  • Click for a larger versionSeptember 18, 2002--Will the Bora wheelset be all carbon with G3 spoking, or carbon/alloy with standard steel spokes?  Let's see what they bring to the 60th International Cycle Exposition in Milan, Italy, starting in two days.  The official Exposition web site (at www.eicma.it ) highlights an all-carbon Bora wheelset as one of the products Campagnolo will be showing (see the snapshot of the web site at left).
  • September 13, 2002--What happened to the G3 spoking on the 2003 Bora wheels?  As we reported back in July, official information from Campagnolo showed this top-of-the-line wheel updated for 2003 with the new G3 spoking pattern.  The official Campagnolo web site, however, shows the 2003 wheels with more standard radial and 2x lacing . . . Click here for our complete report on the 2003 lineup
    The 2003 Bora rear as promoted in the summer . . . 
      . . . and as shown on the official site as of today.
  • giant_auction.gif (2520 bytes)September 10, 2002--Quick note from eBay land . . . a like-new copy of The Giant and the File, the official biography of Tullio Campagnolo, sold recently for $159.  The Giant and the File was never offered for sale, and copies are relatively rare.
  • September 6, 2002--More on those special ONCE Record gold gruppos . . . Sources tell us that the gruppo was produced by specially Campagnolo for ONCE, and that it differs only cosmetically from a standard Record gruppo.  The cranks are black-anodized alloy, not carbon.  And . . . no, you can't order it this way from Campagnolo (see our May 16 rumor about black alloy components).   One other reader surmised that this gruppo may be a leftover from the limited production run of the Cannondale Black Lightning model, which we reported about on January 2.
  • once.jpg (215348 bytes)September 4, 2002--Campagnolo once_closeup.jpg (12346 bytes)components as good as gold?  From a reader comes this great photo of the ONCE team, riding bikes fitted with Campagnolo Record gruppos with cool gold lettering on the brake levers.  Note also the blacked-out brake calipers . . . 
  • September 3, 2002--Several readers have noted that the official Campagnolo web site has been updated with information on their 2003 lineup (which, we note, was publicized here on July 17).  Click here to visit Campagnolo's web site  Our report is also available online: click here to see our report on what's coming for next year!
  • August 29, 2002--Is 9-speed dead?  We've heard from a number of readers concerned about whether they will be able to contniue to buy 9-speed equipment--their questions were prompted by info they saw at some online web sites that inferred that Campagnolo is abandoning 9-speed.  Our authoritative source (Tim Brockett at Branford Bike, a Campy Only sponsor), offers this insight:
    "I believe that Campagnolo will treat 9 speed components much like they already treat 8 speed components. Certain cassette sizes will still be available. Ergo shifters and rear derailleurs may be discontinued but 10 speed models are easy to convert to 9 or even 8 speed. Small parts support should continue for all ergo levers and post 2001 rear derailleurs. It would be a good idea for riders to have an extra 9 speed cassette or two on the shelf at all times. The cassettes will not be discontinued but they may be times when they will be difficult to locate."
  • August 2, 2002--We have posted an English translation of the Italian article on the secret Record electronic gruppoClick here to read the detailed report  
  • July 31, 2002--Can we nit-pick for a minute?  We were checking on Campagnolo's official web site for news of the electronic gruppo (couldn't find any) when we came across their nifty "Gear Inch" calculator (at http://www.campagnolo.com/sviluppo.php ).  It's pretty cool--input your chainring and cog sizes, and it spits out "gear inches" for each combination.  Problem is, the number it gives you is "gear development," not "gear inches."  Sheldon Brown's excellent web site defines "gear inches" as "the diameter of the drive wheel, times the size of the front sprocket divided by the size of the rear sprocket."  Example: a 53/19 gear combo on a road bike with 700c wheels would be 27 (the approximate wheel diameter in inches) x 53 divided by 19 = 75.  "Gear development," on the other hand, measures how far the wheel rolls for one revolution of the cranks--it's the circumference of the wheel times chainring size, divided by cog size.  A 53/19 gear combination has a "development" of 228.  ErgoBrain, incidentally calculates "gear development," not gear inches.  OK, now we feel better.  Your thoughts?
  • July 31, 2002--Campagnolo will release an electronic Record gruppo in 2005!  Click here for photos of this top-secret gruppo
    (Note: We reported a rumor about an amateur Italian team using electronic shifting on April 18th.)
  • July 29, 2002--Proving that not all Texans ride Shimano, Kevin writes from Austin, TX, "Hi, just wanted to drop a note. My carbon cranks are here! Oh, so sweet and the finish is perfect."
  • July 19, 2002--One additional change to the Campagnolo lineup--the cleats for ProFit pedals have been redesigned to make it easier to release from the pedals (one complaint about ProFits is that there is very little difference between the highest and lowest release settings).  The new design has a more rounded profile at the back of the cleat--and it works.  Reader Frank reports that with the new cleats he had to crank the pedals all the way to the "+" setting to get the same release tension he was accustomed to at the lowest "-" setting with the older version.  (One trick Campagnolo suggests to make release easier for those of us with the current cleats is to push your foot slightly forward as you are rotating outward to release.)
  • Click to see more photos from 2003July 17, 2002--We have photos of new 2003 components!  Thanks to an anonymous source for sending us these photos--click here to see what's coming for next year!  Samples:  Campagnolo will introduce a new lubricant, and a 3x10 Ergobrain.
  • July 16, 2002--A few items from one of our sources:
    >>VeloNews' news about new items for 2003 (see our July 10 rumor, below) is unofficial at this point . . . Campagnolo will neither confirm nor deny whether it is all correct.
    >>The special black-anodized components being used on Giant's bikes in the Tour (see our July 12 rumor, below) is left-over production from a run made for Cannondale's all-black anniversary edition (see our Jan. 2 rumor) and will not be sold to the public as a separate item.
  • ONCE/Eroski Tour BikeJuly 12, 2002--What are the Tour riders using?  Check out Cycling News for a roundup of all the team bikes, including who is using the carbon crankset.  Info and photos online at http://www.cyclingnews.com/tech/?id=2002/features/tourbikes/default 
  • July 10, 2002--Here's the first report we've seen on the 2003 Campagnolo lineupVeloNews reports that Campagnolo will offer only a few changes next year, chief among which is the introduction of an aero-profile all-carbon "Bora" wheelset.  Also on tap:
    >>A new Ergobrain that will work with 3x10 cranksets
    >>10x3 crankset for Centaur
    >>14-28T cogset for Veloce
    >>New long-cage rear derailleur for Chorus
    >>Updated "hiddenset" headset for Record
    >>A new 10-speed chain to replace the PermaLink design (also being introduced is a new chain lube)
    For more info, plus photos:  http://www.velonews.com/tech/report/articles/2626.0.html 
  • July 10, 2002--Reports of carbon crankset sightings are coming in thick and fast.  Here is a photo taken by one of our readers of Erik Zabel at the Tour de Suisse--his Record-equipped bike is equipped with carbon cranks (he won this stage on the cranks).zabel3_800.jpg (96567 bytes)zabel_carbon.jpg (32516 bytes)
  • July 10, 2002--We've been watching the coverage of the Tour de France, trying to see if any of the riders are using the carbon crankset.  It's tough--the cameramen insist on focusing on the riders, not the drivetrain--but there are definitely some black-colored cranks on some of the Record-equipped bikes.  If we get a clear shot, we'll post it here.  Note to French TV--please send some nice shots of Campagnolo drivetrains to the US!
  • July 8, 2002--We're starting to hear rumors of an updated Ergobrain computer to be released later this year.  No details yet, but our guess is that it will be a 3x10-compatible version (current users of the Record Triple 10-speed crankset can't use Ergobrain, since the 10-speed version won't handle a triple setup).
  • July 8, 2002--Trickling up?  In the past, the usual journey for a new component was to start off as a prototype, then move to the pro peloton, and finally to your local bike shop--the pros would test the stuff, which would then trickle down to the rest of us.  The Record carbon crankset has been an exception to this rule, and it has only been fairly recently that any of the scarce carbon cranksets have been spotted on the road in Europe.  Examples:  
    >>Graham Watson's photos from June's Tour de Suisse contain shots of a few riders using the cranks.  One example is here:  http://www.grahamwatson.com/2002/tourdeswiss/image22.html  Tour de Suisse winner Alex Zulle, incidentally, used a standard alloy Record crankset.
    >>Bike maker Giant, which supplies bikes for the ONCE-Eroski team has announced that some of the Giant bikes in the Tour will have carbon cranks.  For more details, see: http://www.cyclingnews.com/tech/?id=2002/news/jul03giant 
    One reason suggested for the relative lack of carbon cranksets in the pro peloton is that they are being produced in one length only (172.5mm).  Many pro riders use 175s or longer--remember 5-time Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain? He used 180mm cranks.
  • June 24, 2002--Your Campy Only webmaster completed the Terrible Two double century this past Saturday, and while we were riding it became clear that the Record Triple setup is becoming very popular (at least on rides like the TT: 200 miles with 16,000 feet of elevation gain).  Riders we spoke with gave the Triple gruppo high marks.
  • June 18, 2002--Campy Only notes with sadness the passing of Shozo Shimano, the former head of Shimano, Inc., who died of heart failure on June 15 at a hospital in Osaka, Japan.  Shimano's many technical advances during Mr. Shimano's tenure (1958-1992) helped push Campagnolo to introduce their own improved equipment, making cycling immeasurably better for us all.  According to www.cyclingnews.com, a private funeral was held today; a memorial service is planned for July.
  • June 17, 2002--Campy Only's own Tim Laflin has announced the long-awaited release of his "how-to" video, "From Box to Bike"  This 80-minute video guides you step-by-step instructions on assembling and tuning a Campagnolo-equipped bicycle, using the Record 10-speed gruppo as an example.  Exclusive source for the videos will be Branford Bike.  To order, go to Branford Bike and order Part No. VI-25-CATL.  Price is $27.88
  • June 17, 2002--Looking for a carbon crankset?  Look no farther than Spokesman Bicycles in Santa Cruz, California.  We stopped in for a visit on June 16 and found a brand-new carbon crankset in the display case--172.5mm arms, 53/39 10-speed rings.  Price?  $899.99  Call them at (831) 429-4034 for more info, or click here for a map to the store.  Be sure to tell them Campy Only sent you . . . BTW, the helpful salesperson said they only received one carbon crankset, so grab this one quick!
  • June 3, 2002--Not a rumor, but a question from a reader: When will Campagnolo offer brakes with sufficient clearance for fenders?  Campagnolo's brakes are great, but you can't use them on a touring bike.  ShimaNO, the reader notes, offers just such a brakeset . . . 
  • June 3, 2002--Sure, Campagnolo stuff costs a lot, but one eBay seller is really trying to win the lottery--he is asking $1,495 for a carbon crankset!  Check out the auction site for details--and see if anybody bids . . . (Thanks to reader Alfredo Alfaro of Costa Rica for pointing this out.)
  • old_paris_roubaix.jpg (29590 bytes)May 30, 2002--How much would a 60-year-old bike with flat tires and no paint on the frame be worth?  If it's equipped with Campagnolo's early Paris Roubaix shifting mechanism, the answer is . . . $1,200.  That's the winning bid for a recently ended item on eBay.  The bike, a vintate L. Guerra, was offered for sale by a seller in Firenze, Italy.  At right is a photo of the bike, or click on this link for the next month or so to read the seller's description of the bike:  eBay Item 1831190389  For more info on Campagnolo's early sihfters, click here
  • Click for a larger versionMay 16, 2002--Black Record cranks?  Here's what they look like!  An anonymous source sent this photo of a set of Record cranks that has been black anodized.  Our source couldn't say much about them, and would not say who anodized them, but said that they were made to test interest in the blacked-out look.  Reports are that they have been a hit with riders who have seen them in person.  Of course, no word on when you could be able to order these at your local bike shop.
  • May 15, 2002--It's not a rumor--we will soon be taking pre-orders on a newly designed Campy Only jersey!  Check back for updates, including the new design.  Pre-ordered jerseys will be offered at a reduced price.  We'll be shipping in mid-August, just in time for your late summer rides and races!
  • May 15, 2002--From an anonymous source comes a rumor that Campagnolo will offer a black-anodized Record crankset for riders who can't get or can't afford the new carbon crankset but want the carbon look.  Campagnolo has offered anodized finishes in the past (see the 1991 catalog for a sample), and currently sells its bottom-end Xenon gruppo with a black finish on some of the parts.
  • May 15, 2002--For a great comparison of Campagnolo and Shimano, may we suggest Totalbike.com's very detailed analysis of everything from chains to shifters:  http://www.totalbike.com/articles/Campy-Shimano.html  (Thanks to the Campy Only reader who pointed us to this link!)
  • May 15, 2002--Other publications are reporting that the Centaur gruppo will offer a 10-speed triple setup for 2002.  This will be a more affordable alternative to the 10-speed Record Triple introduced this year.
  • May 7, 2002--Older Campagnolo bottom brackets were asymmetrical--they were longer on the drive side to help the chainrings clear the frame.  Newer style BBs, however, became symmetrical, meaning that the length of spindle on each side is the same.  They also became narrower--modern Record and Chorus, for instance, use a 102mm bottom bracket.  For 2002, Campagnolo re-introduced an asymmetrical, 111mm bottom bracket for the Record Triple crankset (the only triple in the line-up that uses an asymmetrical BB).  Now we're hearing that Campy will introduce a symmetrical 111mm Record bottom bracket, making a modern BB available to users of some types of cranksets, including the classic C-Record.
  • May 6, 2002--Prices on Camapgnolo clothing are coming down a bit.  Check out Excel Sports' web site, where they have several Campagnolo clothing items on clearance.  They're blowing out Campy bib shorts for $89 . ..  
  • April 18, 2002--What can we look forward to from Campagnolo in the future?  Here's a sample of some potential future products, based on recent filings by Campagnolo at the U.S. Patent Office.  See all of these items (including images) by clicking here:
    --Gear-shift and brake-control assembly for a racing bicycle, with push-button for controlling the operating mode of a display  (interesting, but apparently just a patent on the current Ergo lever system)
    --Electrical control device for a motor-driven derailleur for bicycles  
    --Electronic control and/or power-supply system for a bicycle, fixable in the same anchoring point as the bottle-cage supporting unit
    --Multiprocessor control system for cycles, for example for competition bicycles
    --System for data transfer, for example for cycles such as competition bicycles
    --Process for controlling gear shifting in a cycle, and corresponding system and components
    Is there a pattern here?  We'd guess that Campagnolo is working on an entire system for electronic shifting, including a cool computer interface of the type currently used in auto racing, that would let a cyclist's coach download information after a race about gears used, speed, distance, etc.
    From the US Patent web site:
    image2.jpg (27246 bytes)image1.jpg (16205 bytes)
  • April 18, 2002--Here's a rumor . . . There is reportedly an amateur team in Italy riding with electronically-controlled Campagnolo derailleurs (see our Campy Zap story and our Campy Zap followup).  We'll let you know if we hear more about this.  This rumor came from a reader who heard it from his LBS, who heard it from sources close to Campagnolo . . . 
  • April 18, 2002--A reader sent these kudos for Campagnolo's customer service"Hi just reading your rumors page and I thought I'd give you some feedback/update on my carbon crankset I'm Tony Valenti. on January 15th I reported to you my left crankarm failed/debonded after 56 miles. Campagnolo promptly corrected this (my only) problem. They went above + beyond what I would consider normal warranty service (thanx Campy). I overnighted my l.h.s arm from Hawaii to California, they inspected+confirmed the problem, then had Campy in Italy drop ship a new left arm to my dealer in Honolulu HI. I had it within days. I saw the DHL shipping invoice Campy paid 320.00 shipping to 2nd day it to my dealer (this is with their reg cust dhl discount! retail on the shipping was near 400.00). This shows great effort on behalf of my dealer and Campagnolo" 
  • April 15, 2002--A reader in Germany tells us that his local bike shop is expecting a shipment of brand-new reproduction brake hoods for Nuovo and Super Record brakes--with the original "world" logo molded into them.  The only repro hoods available thus far haven't had the logo on them, making the originals so valuable to collectors.  We'll let you know if rumors of these "new" old-stlye hoods are true (our faithful reader ordered a set).
  • April 12, 2002--News from the hood--brake hoods, that is.  We caught sight of this auction item on eBay this week: a pair of NOS Record brake hoods with the "world" logo.  They were going for $100 when we checked last.  Check your parts bins, folks--there may be a gold mine in them!  Click for a larger screen shotNote: These hoods didn't sell for $100, but there are others currently bidding at $49 . . .
  • April 12, 2002--Yeah, it's expensive but worth it, according to reader and contributor Frank, who sent in this report on Campagnolo clothing: "I've been riding the Campy bib winter tights (XL) for the past four months. These are the best tights I have ever owned. I really like the exta flex material in the knees while mainaining an airfoil smoothness over the whole piece. I also bought the velcro closure headband which while comfortable, has holes over the ears which cause an anoying howl when riding. Also, the material seems to soak up and retain sweat making you actually colder than you would like when wearing a headband. I don't recommend either of Campy's two headbands (the circular smaller headband is too tight for anyone including me (I wear a small/medium Giro helment), but please tell everyone to go for the bib tights. The padding in the tights is also perfect. (But be sure to buy at least one size larger than you would normally as they seem to be sized small, I normally wear a Large not XL) Another experienced fellow cyclist saw them and bought a pair for himself and agrees tht they are the best he's ever owned. If the shorts are as well made they should be great too! I know the retail seems expensive, but it is not any more than equivalent Assos wear."  Campagnolo is adding color to their clothing line this year.  See the official site for more info:  http://www.campagnolo.com/apparel.php?gid=3&cid=all 
  • April 10, 2002--A Campy Only reader in Italy reports that the Record gruppo with the carbon crankset can be purchased at his favorite shop in Naples for US$1,400--about $320 more than the same gruppo with an alloy crankset.  He also reports that this is a bit pricey in comparison with other gruppos:  "We picked up bikes made by a small shop with foco frames, a mix of record and chorus and open pro wheels for about $1500 a piece. So do you the gruppo will sell?????"  (Our prediction:  Campagnolo will sell every single carbon crankset they can make.)
  • April 10, 2002--It occurred to us again today that we have still never seen in person a single article of Campagnolo's clothing line.  We have called it expensive and drab, an opinion apparently shared by many other riders . . . 
  • April 10, 2002--One problem with the carbon crankset that we have confirmed is relatively low supply.  Our sources tell us that retailers recieved just a handful of cranks each, and we are now hearing from potential buyers that the first wave of cranks is almost depleted, and several month's wait will elapse before the next round of shipments.
  • April 10, 2002--Riders of 10-speed gruppos can now use an improved version of the 10s chain that does away with the old Hyperlink design.  The new UD-Link is described on the official Campagnolo site--instructions and specs are online at http://www.campagnolo.com/techdocs.php?did=f
  • April 8, 2002--And still more good news--Bicycling Magazine's May, 2002, issue lists its "Editors' Choice" of the very best cycling products on the market.  Receiving top marks is the Chorus gruppo, lauded for having 90% of Record's performance at a price $400 less.  Bicycling also likes the fact that Chorus can be repaired and rebuilt:  ". . . with Dura-Ace you have to replace the wonr-out component as an assembly--when you can find it." Also check out the full-spread cheesecake photo of the Eddy Merckx machine on pages 56 and 57, equipped with Record carbon.
  • March 25, 2002--More good news about the carbon crankset.  Reader Howard Smith writes, "I got out this weekend for the first ride on my Serotta Ottrott IT (Ti/Carbon frame) with the full Record group set, including the carbon crank.  Not only is the performance outstanding (very stiff crank), it looks awesome on the bike. I repeat my earlier words to the readers of this column who have expressed doubt about this product, "I will be watching you cross the finish line long after I have finished." Let's toast to Campy!" 
  • March 25, 2002--No recall . . . Direct from Italy comes this note from longtime reader Giovani Calcagno"I had a phone conversation with the Campagnolo Factory Customer Service Director ( Mr. Scortegagna) and he firmly denied that there is any recall on Record Carbon Crankset.  He recognized the production is running a bit slowly, but there is no problem regarding the quality and functionality of the crank.  My opinion is that the production will be running at full speed by the next autumn; if you remember it happened the same with the first run of Racing Triple Cranksets in the middle ' 90s: they were presented at the late summer bike shows, but the regular supplies started 10 months later ( and there wasn't any recall in the meantime)."  
  • Click for a larger versionMarch 22, 2002--To prove that the carbon crankset is actually on the road, here is a photo of the drivetrain on Chris Cameron's new De Rosa.  See the Mod Gallery for a shot of the whole bike.
  • March 22, 2002--Most readers of this page are interested in hearing more rumors about carbon cranks.  One reader isn't.  He checked with several sources, including Campagnolo in Italy, who said there is "NO recall."  This was confirmed he said, by "3 very good industry sources not some internet chatroom from a bloke with a fake nameFor the record, Clay Bowler is a real person . . . 
  • March 22, 2002--Readers Jane Hoffman and Bob Marquart write from Italy, "Carbon Crank sets are being marketed and sold in Italy. I saw one two days ago at one of my favorite bike shops (we live in Naples). They are here for those who want them. Jane and Bob"
  • March 21, 2002--Clay Bowler responded to defend his character and he questioned the character of Campagnolo corporate.  For the record, we trust Mr. Bowler's account.  As we said in our earlier post today, the truth is out there . . . for now, we'll keep posting rumors as we receive them.
  • March 21, 2002--Where is Agent Mulder when we really need him?  Reader Clay Bowler (see our March 18 item) hears from one retailer that the carbon crankset is being recalled.  But when our sources checked with every major Campagnolo supplier in the US, they were told that there is no such recall!  We called Clay's retailer (they were upset over being mentioned here, so we have deleted their name and web address).  They said they never told Mr. Bowler that the crankset was being recalled, but would not comment further.  The truth is out there . . . 
  • claybike.jpg (41769 bytes)March 18, 2002--More bad news about the carbon crankset?  Reader Clay Bowler (photo left) sends this item:  "I called [my retailer] to make shipping arrangements of my carbon crankset today.  He told me his distributor called him shortly after I called on Friday to announce that Campy is recalling the carbon crankset.  Apparently, they are having problems with a seam in the carbon, and he has to ship them all back to the distributor."
  • RecordCarbonCranksOnPrince.jpg (148816 bytes)March 11, 2002--Kudos to Campagnolo for good customer service.  They recently airshipped a new carbon crankset to Gregor Brown, whose first crankset had a defective spindle hole (see our March 1, 2002 rumor, below).  Gregor applauds Campagnolo for their speedy service, but wishes the product hadn't been defective in the first place.  Click on the image to see Gregor's new crankset, mounted on his Pinarello Prince.
  • March 6, 2002--Bad news for retro Campy fans looking for small parts and components.  We just checked out the web site of Bicycle Classics ( www.bicycleclassics.com  ) and found that they are going out of business.  Bicycle Classics offered a great stock of retro Campy and other gear--here's wishing them luck in the potential sale of the business and their inventory to a new owner.
  • March 4, 2002--Howard Smith responds to our March 1 posting:  "I just checked my Record carbon crank for the size problem.  Both holes measure the same size and my Record BB fits perfectly into both crank arms.  Left crank number is 00109 (interestingly seems to be made just before the readers) and right crank arm 00076 (one of the early ones).  Quality problem?  Not so for me.  Keep the faith.  It's a good product if you are lucky enough to get one."
  • March 1, 2002--Reader Gregor Brown writes of a not happy experience with the new carbon cranks:  "I am one of the "lucky" ones to get some new Carbon Record cranks.  When putting together my new Pinarello I came across a problem... The left crank arm square hole was not large enough to accommodate the bottom spindle.  I thought...Maybe it's my Phil Wood BB.  But the answer to that is no, after trying it on other BBs.  We are sending them back to the distributor in LA.  Well, I could of filed out the hole but I don't think so after I paid so much. They look really cool though.   Just like what is reported...They are not super glossy and got that seam around the edges."   Click here for photos of Gregor's crankset
  • February 28, 2002--A Canadian reader sent this info:  "From Campy officials : the cranks are made in-house by Campy and the output is 2 per day!! So the supply will be very constrained (200 in the USA) 
  • February 28, 2002--We're still hearing about slow deliveries of the carbon crankset and the new Record Triple.  Sources tell us that US importers ordered 300 carbon cranks, but have seen only 6 so far . . . Aesthetics is a personal issue, but we're also told that experienced retailers who have seen the carbon cranks are disappointed in their appearance--too rough and not up to Campagnolo's usual high standards for their top-of-the-line gruppo.  Waiting for Record Triple?  Keep waiting--these new cranksets are only now starting to trickle into the US.
  • February 22, 2002--Where do carbon cranks come from?  Some have suggested Taiwan, but a perhaps more plausible idea is that they are being made by hand inhouse by Campagnolo.  That would explain the slow production and low availability . . .
  • cycling_weekly_090202.jpg (44956 bytes)February 22, 2002--Looking for a permalink alternative?  Check out this article from the British publication Cycling News 
    Click on the image for a larger version
  • February 19, 2002--A recall for carbon cranks? Not so, according to the latest reports. Availability is still low in the U.S.--we haven't seen a pair yet, either for sale or on the road.
  • February 12, 2002--Not a rumor, but a prediction that Campagnolo will announce a new hub design for 2003. Seems a patent on a design held by that other "S" company is set to expire this year. If past practice holds (witness the new cassette designs introduced by Campagnolo when the other company's patents expired), we'll be riding on hubs that share features with Dura Ace . . .
  • February 12, 2002--We haven't heard much about the carbon crankset lately . . . but our email box today contained a forwarded message from a Campy fan who was hoping to install one of the carbon cranksets. His shipment was delayed. As he explains: "[The online dealer] told me that they were expecting a shipment from Campagnolo next week, but, now they are all being recalled due to a serious defect.  Campagnolo claims they will remedy the problem and [the dealer] will receive their supply by May of this year; they claim."
  • February 10, 2002--Campy Only reaches 500,000 visits! Thanks to all of our loyal readers for helping make us the web's #1 unofficial place for Campagnolo news, information, and . . . rumors!
  • January 29, 2002--Who makes the carbon crankset?  We're hearing rumors that Campagnolo may have subcontracted its production to another company?
  • January 29, 2002--Looking for the nex Xenon gruppo in your local bike shop?  Our sources tell us you're more likely to find it on a complete bike than as a separate gruppo available for purchase. Dealers reportedly don't like it very much, so they're not likely to order it.  
  • January 29, 2002--Check out several close-up photos of the carbon crankset and decide for yourself whether its looks are up to Campagnolo standards.  Click here for photos
  • January 28, 2002--We're still looking for reports about the carbon crankset from people who actually have them--here is the latest, from reader and (unhappy) crankset owner Chris CameronClick here for Chris' comments
    Do you have carbon cranks?  Please
    email us your comments!
  • January 25, 2002--Earlier rumors about trouble between component maker FSA and Campagnolo are not true.  FSA president Doug wrote us to clarify the situation:
    "I'm Doug from Full Speed Ahead and I'm the president of the company. Interesting rumor concerning FSA versus Campagnolo but not true. I am a big Campagnolo fan and have had a long business relationship as well as personal friendships with many of the people at Campagnolo. We don't have any interest in causing them any problems. ...
    Anyway, your readers will be interested to know that we are shipping our Carbon Pro and Team Issue cranks in 10 speed so they can have carbon cranks for their bikes."  
    Check out FSA's lineup at their website: 
  • January 22, 2002--We'll have complete summary of Campagnolo's new additions for 2002, but here's a quick note for buyers of the Record 10-speed TripleDon't buy an Ergobrain.  The current crop of 10-speed ErgoBrain computers won't work with a 3x10 setup--the unit will only handle a 9-speed triple.  Try to set up a Record 10-speed triple, and the unit defaults back to a 9-speed setup.  Campagnolo is reportedly working on an updated 10-speed unit that will recognize a triple crankset--we'll let you know when it's available.
  • January 21, 2002--A reader from Denmark writes that his local dealer, Danish Racing Sports, has stopped taking orders for the carbon crankset due to quality concerns.
  • January 21, 2002--Click to a larger versionReader Frank sent in this scan of a recent Ford ad that looks more like a Campagnolo promotion--at least their ad people know what the best cyclists ride.  (Note: This ad appeared in the December 17, 2001, edition of Newsweek, which makes this older model Veloce derailleur a little out of date . . . maybe the rider ran out of money after buying a new car.)
  • January 17, 2002--Here's a nice item:  Campagnolo topped the list in an online vote at www.cyclingnews.com for the best product of the year 2001.  Campagnolo 10-speed Record took top honors, outpolling 9-speed Dura Ace by about 2-to-1.  The carbon crankset came in fifth, following Ksyrium wheels (3rd place) and the Giro Pneumo helment (4th place).
  • January 16, 2002--We're not alone in reporting problems with the new carbon crankset.  Go to www.cyclingforum.com and read the message threads--and let us know how you like your carbon crankset.
  • January 15, 2002--Our email comment to the Campy Only mailing list that US Campy fans should buy from US suppliers generated
  • January 15, 2002--We asked readers who have received their carbon cranksets to send us their impressions.  The first response thus far was an ominous report from Tony Valenti, who wrote, "I have a record carbon crankset have ridden it two days (56mi)and it has failed. Left side debonded from aluminum insert that bolts it to bottom bracket."   Please let us know about your experiences with the carbon crankset!  Email:  enorris@campyonly.com 
  • January 11, 2002--One reader reported that an online bicycle shop based in England is selling the carbon crankset for about $610US, plus shipping and duty.  When we tried to go to the shop's web site, it didn't work, so we won't post the address here . . . 
  • January 10, 2002--As a followup to yesterday's item, we contacted worldcycling.com and asked them if they have the carbon crankset in stock.  Their reply via email:  "We have received only a small handful!  And all went to previous backorders..  We don't have a "firm" date as to when we will see more.  They will ship as soon as they are available."  Watch your local paceline--somebody somewhere will show up with a carbon crankset soon . . . If you have a carbon crankset, let us know if Campagnolo is sending out special instructions (so they can perhaps avoid the problems that occurred with the carbon seatposts damaged by rides who weren't told not to overtighten the seatpost clamp on the frame . . . )
  • January 9, 2002--At least one web site, www.worldcycling.com , appears to have the Record carbon crankset in stock--at least they will let you add it to a shopping cart online.  Their price? $799  
  • blacklight_02.jpg (33124 bytes)January 2, 2002--Bicycle maker Cannondale is reprising its 1986 all-black "Black Lightning" model, this time with Campagnolo's Record gruppo featuring (of course) lots of black carbon fiber.  For more info:  http://www.cannondale.com/bikes/02/ce/model-2BL.html 
  • January 2, 2002--Still waiting for your carbon crankset?  We're hearing that they will be in stock in the US in February . . . 
  • So you weren't included on Campagnolo's Christmas card list?
    Click here to see their official web site Christmas card.

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