Rex Gephart sends this photos of his beautiful 1961 Masi Special track bike, stored indoors since 1962.  A few specs:
  • 1960-61 MASI SPECIAL PISTA, stamped A.56
  • Won 1962 California State Championship. Stored since 1962 
  • Original mint-condition paint and decals MASI "azzuro" blue with white panels, yellow and gold trim, and mint brass headbadge
  • Columbus tubing with Nervex lugs, Campagnolo drop-outs, and relieved fork crown
  • Original 1962 Campagnolo Group with 1" pitch 25 tooth chainring, 6-9 tooth Campy cogs, and 165mm crank arms
  • All alloy parts have been bright-polished by MASI
  • Cinelli 130mm deep drop stem with mint brass headbadge
  • Cinelli #18 bar with Cinelli plugs and Tressostar 
  • Fiamme Red (oval) Label 36 hole pista rims with Raedelli 15/17 gauge spokes
  • Clement Tipo #1 Seta Extra tires
  • Unica/Nitor adjustable "black rail" plastic saddle (pre Cinelli)
  • Wipperman block chain, Binda straps, Christophe Special toe clips
masi1.jpg (97775 bytes) masi_special-decal.jpg (41141 bytes) masi_bb.jpg (52482 bytes)
masi_front-front.jpg (40776 bytes) masi_front-back.jpg (58465 bytes) masi_front-side.jpg (47068 bytes)


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