Campy Only's RaysportFebruary 2006--We've added another fixed gear machine to our stable.  Shown below is our Raysport Super Corsa, a road machine that has been converted into a fixed gear.  The story of the Raysport is fairly interesting--it was built in Mexico in 1975 by Ian Alsop, a former British racer, for a bike shop in St. Louis, MO, that was owned by Raymond Florman (hence the "Raysport" name).  You can read more about the history of the Raysport frames here.
DSCN0187_800.jpg (123024 bytes)
Campy Only's Raysport
DSCN0188_800.jpg (113840 bytes) DSCN0189_800.jpg (135370 bytes)
Unusual vertical Campagnolo dropouts
DSCN0190_800.jpg (107123 bytes)
Super Record crankset converted to a single ring; that's an inner ring flipped and mounted on the outboard side
DSCN0191_800.jpg (86080 bytes)
Decals are reflective for better nighttime visibility
DSCN0192_800.jpg (116931 bytes)
Italian saddle atop a Super Record seatpost (27.2mm)
DSCN0193_800.jpg (90020 bytes)
Modolo brake and classic Cinelli-style fork crown
Aboard the Raysport
 Campy Only's Eric Norris aboard the Raysport
DSCN0197_800.jpg (144058 bytes)
Another side view
DSCN0199_800.jpg (108388 bytes)
"R" cutout in the bottom bracket

Notes and specs:

  • Raysport frame--Custom-drawn Reynolds 531 frame and fork; Prugnat lugs; blatant copy of a Cinelli Speciale Corsa; unusual Campagnolo 1060 vertical dropouts; chrome lugs and fork crown
  • Super Record crankset converted to a single chainring; Nuovo Record bottom bracket
  • Super Record seatpost
  • Record Titanium Pro-Fit pedals
  • Modolo "Speedy" front brake; Nuovo Record levers
  • Cinelli bar and stem (donated)
  • Mavic CXP-22 rims laced to house brand (Nashbar) hubs
  • Decals on the frame are reflective--a nice touch. They sit on top of the paint (no clear coat)
  • Chain line came out right without any adjustments. We used a "half link" from Harris Cyclery to get the chain length spot on.

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