May 17, 2008--Once again, the weather played a major role in the annual Davis Double Century.  This time, an unusual high pressure system positioned itself over Northern California, driving temperatures to record highs.  On ride day, temps peaked over 100 degrees (F), prompting the delivery of thousands of pounds of ice to the latter rest stops and forcing dozens, perhaps hundreds of riders to sag in from the hottest parts of the course.  It's been hotter on ride day (we recall pulling into a rest stop on the second half in the early 90s and seeing a thermometer reading of 114 degrees), but this year's heat spell came suddenly, giving no time at all to acclimate to warm weather riding.  (Note: Just a few days after the ride, temperatures were unnaturally low--as we write this seven days after the DC, it's 75 outside--about 25 degrees cooler than a week ago.)

Once again, the Davis Bike Club provided stellar support to the riders. New idea for this year: ice-filled tube socks, which were handed out at the lunch stop in Lower Lake.  These cold, wet socks, worn around the neck, helped many riders make it back to Davis.

The 2008 Davis DC marked a personal milestone for Campy Only: our 25th time around the course.  We first did Davis in 1983 (our very first double century), missed it in 1984, and have finished every DC since then.  Our DC streak is:

1983 | 1985 | 1986 | 1987 | 1988 | 1989
1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1999
2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008

As we have for the past several years, we rode this year's DC on a fixed gear bike (see the photo below).  Despite the heat, we felt great, and finished feeling strong.

And now, the photos.  Email us if you would like a higher res version of any photo or have any additional caption info.  For our tips on taking ride photos (assuming you like some of these) click hereCaptions coming soon!

mini-S7305533.JPG (127405 bytes)
Mojo and Joan (the Ex Team) and Campy Only's Eric Norris at the start, 5 a.m.
mini-S7305534.JPG (147298 bytes)
Mojo and Joan
mini-S7305535.JPG (97264 bytes)
Laurie with our bike
mini-S7305536.JPG (58362 bytes)
First ride shot
mini-S7305537.JPG (71938 bytes)
Sunrise over the Sierras
mini-S7305538.JPG (85479 bytes)
Early morning paceline
mini-S7305539.JPG (82162 bytes) mini-S7305540.JPG (144454 bytes)
Arriving at Rest Stop 1
mini-S7305541.JPG (135546 bytes)
Shadow rider
mini-S7305542.JPG (174893 bytes)
Rest Stop 1
mini-S7305543.JPG (277212 bytes)
Rest Stop 2, at Monticello Dam
mini-S7305544.JPG (231853 bytes)
In the red jerseys are a father-daughter tandem team. She was about 8 years old!
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mini-S7305551.JPG (194432 bytes) mini-S7305552.JPG (220711 bytes) mini-S7305553.JPG (277699 bytes) mini-S7305554.JPG (262321 bytes) mini-S7305555.JPG (226967 bytes) mini-S7305556.JPG (142974 bytes)
mini-S7305557.JPG (150223 bytes) mini-S7305558.JPG (171870 bytes) mini-S7305559.JPG (205007 bytes) mini-S7305560.JPG (112237 bytes) mini-S7305561.JPG (188648 bytes) mini-S7305562.JPG (293418 bytes)
mini-S7305563.JPG (282332 bytes) mini-S7305564.JPG (256010 bytes) mini-S7305565.JPG (274487 bytes) mini-S7305566.JPG (221795 bytes) mini-S7305567.JPG (251039 bytes) mini-S7305568.JPG (240807 bytes)
mini-S7305569.JPG (156542 bytes) mini-S7305570.JPG (166575 bytes) mini-S7305571.JPG (189934 bytes) mini-S7305572.JPG (193846 bytes) mini-S7305573.JPG (180749 bytes) mini-S7305574.JPG (182932 bytes)
mini-S7305575.JPG (240083 bytes) mini-S7305576.JPG (182260 bytes) mini-S7305577.JPG (246860 bytes) mini-S7305578.JPG (189432 bytes) mini-S7305579.JPG (227389 bytes) mini-S7305580.JPG (128139 bytes)
mini-S7305581.JPG (236531 bytes) mini-S7305582.JPG (301386 bytes) mini-S7305583.JPG (279514 bytes) mini-S7305584.JPG (230246 bytes) mini-S7305585.JPG (222852 bytes) mini-S7305586.JPG (215134 bytes)
mini-S7305587.JPG (240343 bytes) mini-S7305588.JPG (202814 bytes) mini-S7305589.JPG (196831 bytes) mini-S7305590.JPG (301116 bytes) mini-S7305591.JPG (183209 bytes) mini-S7305592.JPG (149583 bytes)
mini-S7305593.JPG (221560 bytes) mini-S7305594.JPG (195143 bytes) mini-S7305595.JPG (196685 bytes) mini-S7305596.JPG (181672 bytes) mini-S7305597.JPG (193494 bytes) mini-S7305598.JPG (187207 bytes)
mini-S7305599.JPG (168071 bytes) mini-S7305600.JPG (94858 bytes) mini-S7305601.JPG (99234 bytes)

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