How does Joe Bell paint a frame?  Here is a simplified step-by-step illustration of the work involved in producing a multi-color paint job--in this case, for a frame built by Richard Sachs for Eric Norris of Campy Only (click here for a detailed account of the framebuilding process).  With modifications for the specific colors used, most frames painted by JB go through very similar steps.

To read JB's detailed description of the painting process, click here.

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Before any prep or paint work, the frame as it arrives from the builder (in this case, Richard Sachs) Close-up of the head tube of the Campy Only Sachs as it arrived at JB's shop All holes plugged and ready for sandblasting. Sandblasting the frame. Sandblasted and ready for primer Spraying the primer coat. Hand sanding the primer. More hand sanding of the primer Ready to paint the cream colored panels. Cream panels ready to be masked. Panels masked, cut and sanded. Ready for white basecoat. White basecoat completed. First coat of red. Second coat of red. Fork being painted with second coat of red. Third coat of red. Masking tape is pulled, frame is ready for decals. Decals applied, cutouts painted, frame is ready for 1st clear coats. Clear coated frame. Sanding the decals smooth. Dry sanding is complete (using 400 grit sandpaper). Wet sanding the frame after dry sanding (using 1200 grit sandpaper). All clear sanding is finished and wiped clean. Frame is ready for final 3 coats of clear. I always sign and date the fork column upon completion after baking. The finished and inspected frame and fork. Ready for shipping back to R.S. Ready for shipping back to R.S. Joe Bell with his work. UPS picks up the frame for the trip back to Connecticut Carefully(!) loading frame. Oops!
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